Oi. Yes, I wrote another one. I decided NOT to post this as a second chapter to "Of Knives and Lovers" but I made it the FIRST in what might be a little thing for Thanksgiving. I'm not sure yet. I like this one a lot more than the last...and I wrote this during Math class and lunch and... everybody who read it reacted just the way I was hoping. n.n THERE IS NO POINT TO THIS LITTLE FIC.

General disclaimers apply. You know what they are, as do I.

Here we go...


"Harder!" Shuichi panted as beads of sweat visible on his forehead were whiped away with the swift movement of his right hand. Violet hues half- lidded, he grasped the shoulders of his lover and peered over, slender digits confronting the older mans neck with soft strokes and pokes before he placed a kiss on the beautiful flesh.

Yuki groaned and rolled his eyes, his own fingers fumbling with the softness beneath them. So warm... and it molded - stretching, conforming to his will. Pushing into it a little more, he grinned as he heard the soft coo escape the lips of the pink-haired boy.

"Mm... yeah, just... like that, Yuki..." Shuichi cooed, tightening his grip on the writers shoulers even more. This was their first time doing this and it was going far better than what he had thought it would go. "Yuki, Yuki, you're doing... so well!"

"Shut up. How would you know? You've never been in the position I'm in! I... could do better." And his hand slipped, fingers failing to stay in their places and collided with the hardness of something else. He blinked, a slender brow raising as he heard his lovers cry. Groaning again, he glanced down at his hand and the now reddened fingers of it. His fingers were cloaked in red liquid.

"Yuki! That's bad!" Shuichi protested, whining in dismay before he felt the red fingers thrust into his more than half-opened mouth. Eyes already large from a few seconds before, they grew even larger before he cautiously began to suckle on the fingers... violet pools once again falling half-lidded. He purred.

"See? Is that so bad, Shuichi?" Yuki asked curiously as he pulled his fingers from the boys mouth, sticking his tongue out as the singer whined for more. A slight shake to his head, he grabbed for a nearby towel. "We're finished."

"But... Yuki..."

"I'll clean up."

"Are you sure? I mean, cherry juice is sticky and..."

"Just put the pies in the oven -- I'll finish this dough after I clean up cherries.

Shuichi nodded and did as told, shoving the pies into the oven with a great big smile on his face and then he sighed as he turned to face Yuki, "we should do this again sometime. Bake, I mean."

"Yeah. And I'll teach you how to make a pie so you aren't stuck watching me all the time." And he set back to work on the dough again, pounding it with fists and molding it, stretching it and adding flour until it was perfect enough to bake. Ah, how he loved the softness of it... and how fun this had been.