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Summary: Sometimes Steve could be so dense, for such a smart man, and that gets his partner into trouble.

Chapter One

"What the hell's the matter with you?" Danny yelled as he stormed into Steve's office. "Are you deliberately trying to undermine my credibility with HPD?" Sometimes, his I know everything, partner was unbelievable.

"What? Calm down Danny." Steve stood up from behind his desk and raised his hands in a placating gesture, hoping to calm the Jersey Devil now standing in front of him. He had no idea what had set Danny off.

"Calm down? Calm down? I'm not going to calm down, you moron." Danny now paced back and forth in front of Steve's desk. Behind Danny, in the main room, Steve could see Chin and Kono watching with concern.

"So tell me what I've done now, huh?" Steve was at a loss, he didn't know why Danny was so angry. They hadn't had any run-ins with HPD lately, not that he could remember anyway.

"Did you, or did you not talk to Officer Koea a few minutes ago?" Danny was trying very hard to stay calm and not to yell.

"Yes, I did. He called me about a file you requested." Oh. Oh. Steve thought. He'd obviously said something he shouldn't have, but for the life of him he couldn't think what.

"And you couldn't just put him through to me?" Danny asked in a mildly deceptive voice.

"Well no. He called me, not you. And I simply told Officer Koea that it was a mistake and we no longer required the information on Alan Phula." Steve walked slowly around his desk, but stopped well out of Danny's reach.

"A mistake, you told him it was a mistake? No wonder he snickered when I called him to find out why I hadn't received the information I, and I repeat, I requested." Danny paused and looked at Steve curiously for a moment. "Just why do you deem this to be a mistake, may I ask, oh magnanimous leader?" He'd been going over the evidence all morning and Phula was the only viable suspect. Steve didn't even know what he'd found, so how could he tell Koea it was a mistake.

"Because the governor vouched for him, Danny," Steve spoke simply figuring that would calm Danny down, but his words seemed to have the opposite effect.

"Oh, I see. The governor vouching for this guy immediately means that I'm wrong? That all the work I did, and my years of experience mean nothing?" Danny was back to pacing, his voice level rising again.

"Danny that's not what I meant and you know it." Steve was beginning to realise he'd made a big blunder with Koea.

"Do I? Do I, Steven?" Danny now walked directly into Steve personal space and pointed a finger in his chest. "Since when does someone vouching for a suspect mean we stop looking into that person, huh? You don't even know what I found, why I requested more information from HPD."

"Back off, Danny," But it was Steve who stepped back at the look in Danny's eyes. "The guy works for the governor and that's the end of it. I suggest you go cool off then we can get back to looking for viable suspects." The words were out before he even thought about them. The look on Danny's face made him wish he could take them back.

Danny had been about to say something else but he stopped, his mouth open slightly. He stared at Steve for a few seconds; he then turned and exited Steve's office, marching across to his own where he picked up his car keys. With one last look at Steve, then Chin and Kono, Danny left the Five-0 offices without another word.

Steve stared after his partner unsure why Danny had reacted so strongly. Yes, he'd made things worse with his ill timed comments, but what had caused Danny to be so annoyed in the first place? He wiped a hand down his face and sighed deeply. Danny would come around when he'd cooled off. So Officer Koea had laughed, maybe he'd go have a word with him.

Chin and Kono were still watching him, so Steve walked out into the main room and up to the smart table. "I guess you saw and heard all that?

"Yeah, boss." Kono answered.

"You couldn't just take the information?" Chin asked.

"What? Why? We didn't need it. The governor vouched for him." Steve answered puzzled, but Chin was right, he should have just taken what Koea had.

"Maybe so, Steve, but think how that makes Danny look to Officer Koea, especially if you said it was a mistake." Chin approached Steve and put his hand on Steve's arm. Sometimes Steve could be so dense, for such a smart man. "A couple of HPD officers still don't like Danny because he's a Haole. Officer Koea is one of them, and that's why he called you, not Danny. He was trying to go over Danny's head."

"Yeah, I've heard him talking about Danny behind his back." Kono stated. "I put him straight the last time, but I'm not sure it helped."

"Probably not cus, you could even have made it worse, knowing Koea. He'll have resented you, a woman, telling him off."

"I thought everything was good between HPD and Five-0?" Steve asked. He still didn't get what the problem was.

"For the most part, yes it is. Duke runs a tight ship, but there are still people, like Koea, out to get Danny because he's a Haole, and because you pulled him into Five-0." Chin patiently explained.

"Why didn't Danny tell me? Maybe I could have done something." Steve was now genuinely concerned. Danny should have told him if he was having trouble with someone at HPD.

"Usually Danny handles their animosity by ignoring it and that works well. But you just gave Koea what he needs to bad mouth Danny, and believe me; he will be doing just that, right now." Chin explained.

"I'll go have a word with Koea." Steve said as he turned to leave.

"Steve, stop." Chin commanded. "If you go talk to Koea now you'll just make it worse. Let Danny cool off, then make it right with him, forget about Koea."

"Chin's right, Steve," Kono chimed in. "And in the meantime we need to solve this diamond smuggling case the governor wanted solved, yesterday."

Steve looked at the main entrance to Five-0 Headquarters for a few seconds more, willing Danny to come back, then he turned and joined Chin and Kono at the smart table. "Okay, what do we have?"

Danny left Five-0 Headquarters and stormed out to his car. He slid into the driver's seat and cursed under his breath when he had to adjust the seat forward so he could reach the pedals. "Damn Neanderthal control freak." He growled.

Right now he was so mad at Steve he'd had to remove himself from headquarters or he'd say, or do, something that could damage their friendship. As much as Danny was mad, right now, he still valued his friendship with Steve. In hindsight, maybe he should have made Steve aware that certain HPD officers didn't exactly like him. No, he didn't need Steve to fight his battles for him, he was, and could, handle this himself.

Driving at a speed he'd normally tell Steve off for, it didn't take him long to reach HPD where he went looking for Officer Koea. Danny didn't want a confrontation with the officer, and was happy when Koea wasn't at his desk. As he looked around he spotted the file he'd requested sitting in the out tray. He picked it up and walked over to Duke Lukela, "Hey Duke, I'm just taking this file Koea compiled for me as he's not at his desk right now."

"Okay, Danny. But I thought I heard Koea say something about Commander McGarrett not needing the file, that the request was a mistake?" Duke questioned.

"Yeah, well, Commander McGarrett may not think he needs this file, but he's incorrect, we still need it." Danny turned to leave. "Thanks Duke." He said over his shoulder. Apparently Koea was already badmouthing him to anyone who'd listen

"Anytime, Danny," Duke called back as Danny rushed out of the door. Duke frowned, he knew Koea had some kind of an issue with Detective Williams, maybe it was time he had a word with him.

Instead of returning to headquarters, Danny drove to the beach where Kamekona's shrimp truck was parked. He knew he needed time to cool off and it was almost lunchtime. Besides he could read the file while he ate.

The big guy wasn't there, but his cousin, Flippa, was. "Howsit, Danny. You want a shrimp plate to go?"

"Yeah, but I'll eat it here. Give me coconut water too, please." Danny handed Flippa the money for his order, then took the file he had tucked under his arm over to a picnic table. He settled down and started to read while he waited for his food.