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Chapter Nine

Danny woke slowly. At first he wasn't sure where he was or what had happened to him. It was very quiet so he blinked open his eyes to see if he was alone. The first person he saw was Chin who was asleep in an uncomfortable looking chair, his head at an angle that would hurt when he woke. Hospital then, Danny thought.

If Chin sat with him, then where was Steve? Danny's heart rate increased as his thoughts went back to the ride in Steve's truck. It had crashed, he remembered that, and he also remembered the feeling of flying forward off the seat, Steve holding him tightly and falling with him.

Danny turned his head and was rewarded with the sight of Steve asleep in the bed beside his. Kono was looking steadily back at him from the other side of Steve's bed.

Kono put her finger to her lips, rose from her chair and walked around to stand between the two beds next to Danny. "Steve's just got back to sleep after his last concussion check." Kono spoke quietly.

"Is he alright?" Danny asked equally as quiet.

"Yes. He has a concussion and whiplash to his neck; hence the collar, but he'll be okay." Kono sat on the side of Danny's bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Surprisingly, I feel pretty good." Danny shifted slightly in the bed to get more comfortable. "But I'm really tired."

"Go back to sleep then, Danny. Everything's alright now." Kono ran her hand over Danny's hair as she'd done for Steve earlier. Soon Danny was asleep again.

Chin had woken while Kono and Danny spoke, but he remained quiet until Danny was asleep. "You'd make a good mother, Kono. You managed to keep them both calm and even got them to sleep."

"Maybe some day I will, Chin." Kono got up from Danny's bed and walked around to where Chin sat. "Listen, the rains stopped hitting the window, I think the worst of the storm has passed. We need to go secure the governor's boat and deal with the bodies."

"Yeah, you're right. I'll give Duke a call, get him to swing by and pick us up. He needs to know about Koea and what happened on that boat." Chin stood and walked to the door. "You go tell Doctor Scott we're leaving and to call if anything changes with these two." He indicated the sleeping partners.

"Okay, I'll meet you downstairs at the main doors." The cousins left the room together but separated in the hallway, each going their own way.

Ten minutes later they were riding with Duke on the way back to Waikiki Marina. "You're certain Koea was there to shake down Phula?" Duke questioned once Kono explained what had transpired on the boat.

"Koea was dead when we arrived, but Phula said he had tried to muscle in on his operation. I'm sorry, Duke." Kono replied from the back seat of the blue and white police car.

"His wife just had a baby, and the child is ill." Duke was still in shock from hearing that Koea was on the take. "This will be devastating for them."

"Has there ever been anything else to suggest Koea was bad?" Chin asked.

"No, he always was an honest person. He could be a little intolerant of Haole's, yes, but never anything else." They pulled into the marina lot and parked next to Danny's Camaro.

"Look, Duke." Chin put a restraining hand on Duke's shoulder as the older man turned to exit the car. "Phula could have been lying, we don't know for sure that Koea did anything wrong. I think we should keep this out of any reports." Chin turned to look at Kono. "What do you say, cus?"

"I agree, Chin. Koea's wife has already lost her husband. She doesn't deserve to lose anything else."

"What about Detective Williams?" Duke asked. "He heard the same thing as you, Kono, and what about Commander McGarrett?"

"Danny will be cool with this, and if he agrees to leave it out of the report, then Steve will agree, too." Kono was sure Danny would agree.

"Good," Chin said. "So we're agreed? Koea arrived first and went aboard the boat without backup and Phula killed him."

Kono nodded her agreement, while Duke clasped Chin's hand and said, "Thank you."

Doctor Scott woke Steve for his next concussion check as he wanted to assess him with a view to releasing him in the morning. "I think you'll be okay to go home tomorrow, Commander. Provided you have someone to stay with you for the first twenty-four hours?"

"Chin will probably stay with me, where are Chin and Kono, doc?"

"They left to go back to the marina, now the storm has passed. Something about securing the crime scene I think. I'm not sure if they'll come back this evening, it's already getting late." Doctor Scott moved over to check on Danny as he spoke.

"How is he, doc?" Steve used the bed control to raise himself up to an almost seated position as he watched the doctor check Danny's vitals.

"He's good. No increase in temperature and his blood pressure is back to normal."

"Quit talking about me as if I'm not here." Danny growled.

"I'm sorry, Detective, I didn't realise you were awake." Doctor Scott apologized. "I'll be releasing your partner tomorrow morning, and I think you may be able to go home the morning after that."

"That's good, 'cause I hate hospitals." Danny smiled at Doctor Scott. "Can I have some time alone with my Neanderthal partner over there, doc? He and I need to have a conversation."

"Sure thing, Detective, I'm changing his concussion checks to every four hours for the night, so that'll give you two lots of time to talk." Doctor Scott left the room.

"I thought you trusted in my skill as a detective, Steve?" As he spoke Danny turned slightly onto his right side so he could look at his partner.

"I do, Danny. I'm sorry about this morning, I was wrong." Steve spoke apologetically.

"Yes, you were, but what hurt the most was that you didn't even give me a chance to explain what I'd found on Phula. You just took the governor's word that it couldn't be him." Danny spoke calmly, and quietly.

In all the time he'd known Danny, Steve knew that when he was calm and quiet things were really bad. "I should have put Koea through to you. I should have known when he called me instead of you that something was wrong. If you'd told me you were having trouble with some of the HPD officers, Koea in particular, none of this would have happened."

"Oh, no, you don't, you are not making this my fault. You were an insensitive jerk this morning, the sooner you admit that, the sooner we can get past this."

"Okay, okay, you're right, I was an insensitive jerk." Steve sighed. "Happy now?"

"Yes, yes I am." Danny smiled at Steve. "Thank you for getting me out of that boat, Steve."

"I'll always come to you when you're in trouble, Danny. You know that, don't you?"

"I do know that, Steve, because you and I have a connection. We may not be able to explain it to others, or even to ourselves, but we do have a connection." Danny caught a look that crossed Steve's face. He had a hard time putting a name to it, but if he had to he'd say it was loss. "What, what's that face about?"

"I don't have a face, Danny."

"I beg to differ, you do have a face, and that one was not good." Danny continued to look at Steve, but he received no reply. "Tell me what happened. Something happened to put that look on your face."

Steve sighed, he knew he'd have to tell Danny or he'd never let it go. "Your heart stopped during surgery. I …" He couldn't finish the rest, he couldn't tell Danny he'd felt him die.

"Oh. You felt it?" Steve nodded. "You thought I died?" Steve nodded again. "I'm sorry, Steve." Danny couldn't think of anything else to say right now.

The two partners looked at each other for a few minutes before Danny suddenly said. "Why'd you push me away when you were stuck on the stairs?"

"What?" Danny's words had Steve momentarily at a loss.

"You pushed me away, as if you wanted me to leave you there." Danny persisted.

"I wanted you to be safe, Danny."

"At the expense of losing you? No! You're an idiot Steve." Danny was starting to get worked up now. "I could never have left you stuck there to drown. Where do you get off thinking that I could?"

"I don't know, Danny. Put it down to a lack of oxygen." Steve smiled, he hated a quiet Danny. Now this was more like it.

"I think your brain has a permanent lack of oxygen then, because it's always making stupid decisions like that." Danny was also smiling now. It felt good to argue with his partner. It's what they did.

"Thanks for saving me Danny." Steve's smile was even bigger when his partner replied.

"Didn't what to have to break in a new partner, that's all."

"Love you too, Danno."

Chin and Kono stood on either side of the door to their teammate's hospital room. They'd arrived back just in time to here the conversation between the partner's, and it only took one shared look for them both to stay out of sight, until the conversation reached a conclusion. At Steve's last remark they smiled at each other.

"Good to have them back to normal." Chin whispered.

Kono nodded as the two moved into the room. After everything that had happened today, she was glad that they were all safe and that Steve and Danny would get through this and be back to normal.

The End