p align="justify"The open-late coffee shop the Queen had mentioned had become their regular meeting place, well Jamie met there in the corner booth when she called the Queen to keep Strigoi and other prying ears from listening in. Jamie slid into the booth with her caramel latte, sipping from her cup as she placed her phone on the table. When it rang, Jaime flipped it open and pressed it to her ear while still sipping from her latte./p
p align="justify"The Queen's voice was light, but still business-like. "Jamie, it's wonderful to hear from you early. I hope the circumstances are not dire."/p
p align="justify"Jamie couldn't help but crack a smile. "Maybe I just wanted to talk to you." Ever since the Queen had hidden Jamie away after the incident at the Academy, she'd become like a mother to Jamie./p
p align="justify"Queen Tatiana chuckled, and Jamie could hear the smile in her voice. "You are always welcome to call me at anytime, my dear, but you must've had a reason to call. Our next meeting was supposed to be in two weeks."/p
p align="justify"Jamie's smile disappeared as she remembered her fight with Baxter. "I'm concerned that they might be putting two and two together. One of them, Baxter, has begun to notice the differences."/p
p align="justify"Queen Tatiana's voice was grim. "I see, well we suspected that it would happen sooner or later. I was hoping it wouldn't happen this soon, it's only been two years."/p
p align="justify""It might be time to find another nest." Jamie was hesitant to say it, giving the trouble it had caused just to find the nest in Las Vegas. It was rare to find so many strigoi working together, much less living together./p
p align="justify""I would hate to do that on such a small mishap. Is it serious enough to find another nest?" Jamie could tell the Queen didn't want to do that if she didn't have to./p
p align="justify"Jamie thought for a moment. "I'll keep you informed on the situation. I believe I neutralized the threat for the time being."/p
p align="justify"Jamie could practically see Tatiana nodding along with her words. "Good, good. Jamie, this mission you're on has been in place for twelve years, but please understand that if you ever feel that your life is in danger do not hesitate in telling me, and I will call it off immediately." The Queen's voice was full of open concern and it made Jamie's heart clench./p
p align="justify""I'm okay, really." Jamie blinked the tears out of her eyes./p
p align="justify"Queen Tatiana hesitated for a second before speaking. "Alright, I'll take you at your word, good day Jamie."/p
p align="justify""Good day." The Queen hung up and Jamie had to fight back tears. Good day had always been Jamie and the Queen's term for "I love you". Jamie placed the phone back on the table and realized that her coffee had gone cold. Jamie sighed, getting out of the booth. There was one man attending the counter and he looked up from where he'd been cleaning tools as Jamie approached./p
p align="justify"His green eyes were flecked with hazel, and his shaggy brown hair fell to ears. Jamie glanced at the nametag on his apron that read: Aiden. Aiden smiled at her. "May I help you, miss?"/p
p align="justify"Jamie felt a strange fluttering in her chest at the sound of his voice. For the first time in a long time, Jamie stuttered. "I-uh… yeah. It's cold." Jamie held up her half empty cup./p
p align="justify"Aiden laughed. "I can make you another one, no problem." He reached over the counter as Jamie held it between them. As he began to hold the cup, their hands made the briefest of contact. At the slight touch, lighting zinged up Jamie's arm. She could tell by the shocked expression on Aiden's face that he had felt it too. His green eyes gazed wonderingly at her, as if he were staring into her soul. Jamie's felt a similar expression come over her face./p
p align="justify"Jamie blinked, drawing her hand back from the cup and turning her eyes to the showcase within the counter. In her periphery, Aiden shook himself and turned away to make her drink. After Jamie was sure he wouldn't see her, she looked at him. Even from looking at his back covered by a dull t-shirt, she could tell that Aiden was muscular. Jamie let her eyes sweep downward, slowing as she glanced over his butt. The slightest twitch in his legs made Jamie dart her eyes back up just as Aiden turned. He held the new caramel latte in a cup over the counter to her. Jamie reached out and took it, careful to place her hands where they wouldn't touch./p
p align="justify""Thank you." Jamie mumbled, turning away./p
p align="justify""Wait," Aiden gasped. Jamie heard movement as, she assumed, Aiden walked around the counter to her. She slightly turned to meet him. "I need to know your name." Jamie couldn't breathe. Without knowing what she was really doing she reached her unoccupied hand out to touch Aiden's face. Once again, when their skin touched it felt like her skin was on fire, but it didn't hurt. To Jamie it actually felt quite pleasant. Aiden's hands grabbed her waist and pulled her to him, locking Jamie's lips in a passionate kiss. Jamie melted into him, dropping her latte to wrap her arms around his neck as she deepened the kiss. Time slowed to just the two of them and soon the world around them fell away./p