Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Actually Important AN: Ok, so there are a few things I feel I need to say and you need to know before I send this new fic out into the great undefinable unknown that is the internet... So for the Teen Wolf fans this starts out post 3A. I will not be ignoring the major events of Season 3B or 4 I just want to add my own spin. For the Arrow fans this starts out fifteen minutes into S2 E1, right after Felicity, Oliver and Diggle get back from Lian Yu. I will not be ignoring the major events of Season 2 of Arrow, but I will be jumping to the space in between episodes for the first few chapters. Since this is a crossover, people will in fact be crossing over as in people from Starling City will go to Beacon Hills and people from Beacon Hills will go to Starling City and both groups of characters will interact with each other, and while that information is probably redundant, I felt it needed to be said. At one point I will also probably bring in characters and events from The Flash, so be prepared. This has also been slightly revamped since its initial publishing!

I DO NOT OWN EITHER OF THESE SHOWS OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS! This is my way of coping and it is being uploaded onto the internet strictly for entertainment purposes. All mistakes are mine, and if you find any feel free to let me know, I would appreciate it.

I don't think I have anything else to add... so... yeah...

Felicity Smoak woke up in the middle of the night with an excruciating amount of pain agonizingly moving up her left arm towards her chest. Her first thought was that she was having a heart attack, but after discovering the pain continued to spread to her other extremities before circling back to her chest again, she had ruled out the possibility of a heart issue. Had she been able to see more clearly in the dark during those moments she would have realized that something black had been creeping through her veins, and as the pain began to disappear, so did the residual darkness. When the pain had completely subsided there was a blinding flash of light, followed by a much more intense pain, characterized by what felt like her head was exploding outwards, before blacking out.

When she awoke the next she swore bombs were being dropped on the city. There was a constant crashing noise that was deafening, and with every bomb that landed her head pulsed and ears rang, so that each new sound created a type of overwhelming buzz, consuming all of her, or at least that's what it felt like. She hadn't even tried opening her eyes yet and she could already feel even more pain, this time emanating from the intense white light she was most likely staring at, if that made any sense to her addled mind at all.

She went through the list of possibilities of what could have happened in her head. She hadn't been drinking, so a hangover was out of the question. She had gone to sleep relatively early, so she doubted it was sleep deprivation. She thought about the possibility of being drugged, but the only thing she had consumed the night before was a plate of spaghetti she had cooked herself and a previously unopened bottle of water. The next logical possibility was kidnapping. That was it; she had been kidnapped in the middle of the night and was no longer in Starling City.

She then decided that if she had been kidnapped she wasn't going to make it easy on her kidnappers and needed to do whatever she could to buy time until Oliver and Diggle came to rescue her. Because her absence would most definitely be noticed when she didn't show up at Verdant for her regularly scheduled systems check at 10am, like she did every Saturday. However when she opened her eyes and they had taken a few seconds to adjust to the glaring light, she realized she was in fact in her bed, in her room, in her home. It was 7am, which was the same time she normally woke up every morning, and her alarm hadn't gone off, which meant it was Saturday and everything was relatively normal.

The pain in her head had lessened a small amount, and everything around her seemed to glow with a new energy and life she had never noticed before. It was then she heard a new noise, a crackling noise accompanied by the most delightful smell in the world, granted she couldn't identify it at that exact moment, but the rumbling in her stomach assured her that whatever the scent was it was absolutely and elegantly edible.

In her excitement to get down the stairs and promptly dive head first into what was no doubt the best breakfast she had ever eaten, she hadn't realized her mistake. And when she saw a strange man cooking in her kitchen it suddenly hit her, like running into a brick wall, she lived alone. She quickly surveyed her surroundings and noted that her home had not been ransacked, nothing appeared to be missing and the front door did not appear to have had the locks broken, or the doorway smashed, which was strange considering she specifically remembered locking the all of the doors and windows before she had gone to bed the previous night.

"Good morning Ms. Smoak," the man said politely. "I hope you don't mind but I let myself in and decided to make myself useful. The pain and confusion your are no doubt experiencing right now will subside, for the most part. And everything will be explained over breakfast."

"How did you get in my house?" Felicity asked.

"I found the spare key, under the plastic rock on your front porch. I understand completely if you wish to notify the police of my presence, however since I am technically your lawyer, it might get a bit awkward."

"I don't have a lawyer," Felicity said.

"Every Hale has access to my legal services, even you, Ms. Smoak. Your mother made sure of that before she died," he told her.

"How did you know-"

"Your mother?" he finished for her. He had yet to turn away from the stove, the mystery lawyer. "I was the one who arranged for your adoption with your father's relatives. I kept tabs on you for your mother, as it was an open adoption, and when she died I had your juvenile records sealed, so that her enemies wouldn't become your enemies. Had she not been killed you would've been given the option of seeing her when you turned 18, and you should have already been given access to your trust fund, as you have been twenty-five now for quite some time. Had the circumstances not drastically changed within the last month, I would have continued to keep tabs on you and you would have been none the wiser, however it appears I was correct in assuming you would be the next choice in the line of succession."

"What's that mean? What line of succession? Who are you and what are you talking about?" Felicity asked.

"Can you see ok, everything seems clear to you? Nothing blurry, or undefined?" he asked.

"What does-? Clearly I can see you, strange lawyer man, you're cooking a rather appetizing breakfast on my stove, and you managed to set my table? And I am now sufficiently creeped out." Felicity voiced.

"I was just wondering since you were not wearing your glasses," he noted. "Strange, isn't it, how you didn't immediately put them on when you got up a few moments ago."

"What are you talking about of course-" She reached up to her face to grab and fix her glasses slightly, when she realized she had never put them on. She had needed her glasses every single day of her life since she had turned eight. The optometrist had nearly declared her legally blind when he looked up her prescription a few months ago. It was so bad she could hardly see with contacts in at all. "What did you do to me?"

"I did nothing Ms. Smoak," He replied. He grabbed the pan from the stove and set it down on top of a pot holder he had placed on the kitchen table. There was a large spread of eggs, bacon, and sausage on the large frying pan, and after he set it down he looked up at her and for the first time Felicity could see his face.

He wasn't unattractive, from an objective viewpoint, but something about him tickled her spine. It wasn't a bad feeling, it was just unfamiliar. He was wearing a blue buttoned up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and he also had a pair of red tinted glasses hanging out of the front pocket. She could tell he probably hadn't shaved in the last twenty four hours, but what stood out most were his eyes. His eyes weren't one color, like most peoples, if anything it was a mixture of several different colors, almost like a newborn's. The strangest thing about his presence was the fact she did not feel at all threatened by him. If she had to describe how she was feeling when he looked at her she would have to say safe. He wasn't assuming, or judgmental, or even analyzing her, he was just there, letting her adjust to his presence. And while it should have sufficiently sent off alarm bells in her head, for some reason she still felt safe.

"Who are you?" Felicity asked again, only this time with more awe and less suspicion.

"My name, Ms. Smoak, is Deucalion, and I do believe we have much to talk about."