::The Last Avatar::


The Dreaded Loading Screen

The last thing she remembered thinking as the cement truck came barrelling towards her was: 'well fuck'.

Now however, she believed that thought to be an understatement as she looked at the small, floating, box of text before her that said the words every gamer hated to see on their screens: 'Game Over'. Seeing those words before her now, in the strange floating text box, Rue wasn't entirely sure what to think. 'Well fuck' just didn't quite cover it. I mean, had she died? Was this the afterlife? It wasn't very interesting to look at.

Apprehensive teal coloured eyes glanced around the dark expanse around her to see if anyone else was around, nope, nadda. Looking back to the floating box of doom Rue reached out and poked the box to make sure it was indeed actually there. When her finger came in contact with it she heard a small chime and the box vanished, only to be replaced a moment later with another, slightly more confusing, text box popping up in front of her face.

New Game


Rue frowned at the words more than a little perplexed. Perhaps she was hanging on by a thread and the paramedics were trying to revive her and all this was her gamer driven mind trying to convey that? Shrugging to herself and having another glance around Rue figured she'd play along as it were.

"Um, continue?" she answered somewhat awkwardly.

The text was immediately replaced with the dreaded loading bar for a moment.



"No!" Rue's heart stopped at the sight of the last message. The gods only knew what that meant for her.


New Game Start_

New Save File Created_

New Game Configuration

Sound - Normal

Video - Normal

Tutorial - ON/OFF

Auto Save - ON/OFF


Rue's right eye was twitching as the words appeared before her, she hated not knowing what was going on and right now, as far as she knew, she was dead or dying and now her brain was screwing with her in this mind fuck of a dream. A corrupted save file could mean that she'd had some brain damage she tried to rationalise, starting a new game could mean either a second chance with no memories or, she winced at the thought, reincarnation as someone completely different and ending up as a baby. Neither were attractive options really, but they were the more realistic.

Glaring at the confirm request Rue wondered briefly if she could just refuse to answer, turning away from the text box she started to walk in the opposite direction to see if she could escape the dark area and find some light or someone at the very least. Unfortunately that did not happen, Rue took a maximum of three steps before the text box popped into existence before her once again. Huffing in annoyance while glancing around for the third time Rue acquiesced as requested; "Confirm."

Configuration Confirmed_


Save File 1 Set_

Transferring Achievements_

The last words caught Rue's eye and she frowned, she had achievements? Since when? Why hadn't anyone told her that when she was alive? Honestly. Though, as she glanced at the list, she wasn't sure she would have called them achievements herself. More like, random events in her life someone else had thought were interesting, or just amusing. Admittedly they weren't that impressive at all really, and a bit embarrassing. On the other hand, they were hers and that was something.

Tassie Apples - Born and raised in Tasmania

Crazy 80's - 80's baby

Two homes, Twice the Presents - Parents Split up

Interstate Visits - Visited family interstate annually for Ten Years running

Wedding in the House - Parent got married

Gypsy Girl - Moved homes more than five times before you turned ten

New Girl - Started at a new school

New Girl+ - Went to five different schools before your sixteenth birthday

In the Money - Monetary Windfall during your childhood

I've Been Everywhere, Man - Travelled and explored your home state extensively before your sixteenth birthday

The Flying Festiva - Was in the car when your mother made her Ford Festiva fly. Literally.

Anime Girl - Discovered love of Anime

You're Outta Here - Parent gets divorced

Gamer Girl - Discovered love of Gaming

The Artist in Me - Discovered love of Drawing

Mini-Moony - Wore your Sailor Moon costume at School because you could
Familial Breakdown - Had a falling out with one of your parents

Cattapalosa- Had five cats or more at any one time in the same household

My Mother, My Teacher - Home-Schooled for one year

School days - Entered High School

Uncertain Friendships - Had trouble connecting to the peers in your class

Gone but not Forgotten - Lost a beloved lifelong family pet

Cat-Thing - Befriended Holly

Kaiba-Freak - Befriended Nicki

The Dense One - Befriended Chloe

The Writer in Me - Discovered love of Writing

My Gym Teacher Followed Me - Had the same gym teacher in more than two schools

A Boyfriend? Really? - Started Dating (Awkwardly)

Jackass on the Internet - Dated someone online for a while and your friends didn't like him

To Days Gone By - Graduated High School

Three Years, Not Two - Did three years of college instead of the usual two

Backstabbed - Befriended and Betrayed by a new friend

The Dressmaker in Me - Discovered love of Sewing

Going Digital - Began preferring a digital medium when drawing

A falling Out - Lost a Best Friend

The Fellow Writer - Befriended Josie

Artistic Mentor - Befriended Thalia

Dropping like Flies - Lost four family pets in less than a year

Is it Over Yet? - Finished College

Tafe attempt - Attempted a Tafe sewing course, it didn't go well, particularly for your back

Uni Attempt - Attempted a bachelor, this didn't go well either

Got the Glandular - Contracted Glandular Fever three months into Uni Degree

Lets try Online - Did a few courses online

Left the Nest and Then Some - Moved interstate right out of home before turning 23

Animators Attempt - Lets be honest here, higher education obviously isn't for you

Oh my Aching Head - Constant Migraine for two and a half years

I moved here Because its Cheap - Moved to a slightly more sequestered area because of the cheap rent

Tiger in the House - Got a cat

There's how Many?! - Have over 200 original characters, knowing all their names and where they come from all in your head

What a Lousy Day - Spent 25th birthday alone at home

There's Cement on your Head - Hit and Killed by a Cement Truck! Oh my!

Total Achievements: 50

Additional Achievement

Destiny Calls - Destiny called and now, here you are


Rue couldn't help but smile at the bitter-sweet memories brought forth by the words scrolling before her, it was strange that her life had been narrowed down to 50 small moments in her 25 years on Earth. Her poor cat was likely waiting for her at home, her mother waiting for her to call and friends maybe sparing her a thought once in a while. She couldn't help but wonder about that 'Additional Achievement' at the end, 'Destiny Calls huh?' Rue thought to herself. That was a joke. Had to be.

"Continue, I guess," she allowed.

Congratulations you have unlocked a New Character Class!

Discovered New Weapon Sets! Unlocked New Weapon Sets!

Discovered New Costumes! Unlocked New Costumes!


Class Selection


Weapon Set Selection

Unlocked Sets

Short Bow

Long Bow

Broad Sword



Discovered Weapon Sets








Select Avatar_?

Select Short Bow_?

Upon seeing the word 'Avatar' appear Rue's eyebrows had risen to threaten a disappearance into her hairline, if it meant what she thought it meant someone had some serious explaining to do. She was no Avatar, and certainly no hero for that matter. However it seemed no other 'classes' were available to her, only weapon sets.

"Avatar…?" she mumbled to herself uncertainly not sure of herself. She blinked when a mirror expanded before her to reveal a slightly younger version of herself with glowing white eyes and a determined frown on her face. A window popped up to her right explaining the class type.


Shortly after The Calamity from the Sky was sealed away by the remaining Centra the Avatar Spirit was banished from the world for not being able to stop it before the damage to the Planet became too much. Unfortunately The Calamity was able to infect the Spirit World and Lifestream just enough for the Planet and the Spirits within it to believe that removing the Avatar was a good idea.

Until now the Avatar Spirit has remained dormant in a Parallel Universe during its incarnations for the last two thousand years as a safety measure, now, as The Calamity stirs within its prison the Last Avatar has been called forth in hopes of stopping the carnage to come.

As the Master of All Four Elements the Avatar is more powerful than most Centra and has a far deeper connection to nature than even the most adept, at least, that was how it used to be. The last Avatar has her work cut out for her in this regard as there are very few people left to train her in Bending.

Please note:
Avatar Class comes with Animal Guide Perk
The animal you are closest to will automatically be transferred.

Rue almost choked on her own spit at the words, 'Calamity from the Sky', 'Centra' and 'Lifestream'. There was no freaking way this shit was going down now, not if she was going to get thrown into an actual video game that she was intimately familiar with. She was not dealing with a homicidal General with a sword longer than she was tall or a walking Emo-Chocobo going through an identity crisis for that matter.

On the other hand, Rue also knew that the screen wouldn't go away until she selected some shit from, what she assumed was, this twisted player select screen-world-thing. Fun times. Taking a deep breath the young woman pursed her lips as she considered her options upon arrival on what she assumed, given her information thus far, was Gaia. Maybe she could just, help from the sidelines? Stay the fuck away from all the danger? Rue snorted at that thought, she doubted it would be that easy and frankly she was far more likely to meddle in the story as much as possible so as to stop the stupid dangerous shit from happening. Yeah, she was insane alright.

"Select Avatar," she sighed in defeat. Fairly certain she was not, in any way, a bender. Although by the sound of it maybe her trusty cat would be with her at least.

Class Selection Confirmed

Avatar Class Confirmed…

Select Short Bow_?

Rue looked back at the weapons available to her and considered her own comfort levels and previous thoughts during her gaming sessions, she'd recently come to realise she preferred to be an archer/thief when possible. She wasn't built to wield heavy ass swords, and she wasn't fond of the idea of being up close to anything she happened to be killing or injuring. Unless you counted Assassins Creed. But who wouldn't have a decent amount of satisfaction when successfully murdering someone you'd been trying to kill for thirty minutes?

Pushing thoughts of stabbing people in the face with a hidden blade out of her mind, Rue focused once again on the list. "Bowsword?" she enquired curiously. She'd only seen one, that was Serah's and it was quite cool.


Bowsword is not available to starting characters_

To obtain this weapon the character must pass a Dexterity and Strength checkpoint as well as a Social checkpoint with the possessor of the weapon.

Please select another weapon_

Rue groaned at the sight of the words before her, Social Checkpoints meant bad things from her perspective, it meant you had to get people to like you. She would also have to find the person that owned the damned thing in the first place. A sigh escaped her, at least it was a kind of goal: find and obtain a Bowsword, even if she had no idea how to use one. Glancing at the list once more Rue frowned, "alright then," she muttered and decided to be slightly practical and slightly adventurous. "Select Long Bow,"

Long Bow Selected_


Avatar Class Selected_

Long Bow Selected_


"Confirm," Rue agreed as she wondered what would be required of her next.

Class and Weapon Set Confirmed_


Costume Selection

Unlocked Sets

Festival Rue

Water Tribe Rue (North)

Water Tribe Rue (South)

Fire Nation Rue

Earth Kingdom Rue

Air Nomad Rue

Casual Rue

Discovered Costume Sets

Thief Rue

Ninja Rue

Soldier-Girl Rue

Fancy Rue

Summoner Rue

Mechanic Rue

Turk Rue

Select Casual Rue_?

Looking at the new list presented her, Rue couldn't help but feel a slight pull of disappointment at the knowledge she couldn't be a Thief or Ninja right off the bat, though perhaps that was a good thing? She'd be less tempted to try something immensely stupid if she weren't wearing something that alluded she knew what she was doing. Generally when she didn't. Tilting her head the young woman thought about her options, "Water tribe, south," she requested. The mirror came back into view before her and Rue was gifted a look at a much younger version of herself in southern water tribe garb similar in fashion to what Avatar Korra wore. She frowned, not exactly pleased with the sight of her teenagery self, Rue had finished puberty already and wasn't looking for a do-over in that department. Pursing her lips as she thought over the outfit being shown, she didn't really care all that much on the clothing front, it was the age being shown that she was sulking over. Rue doubted she had any say in that though. Another sigh, she was going to be a twenty five year old in a, what, sixteen year olds body? Craptastic. Hormone city here she came. "Select water tribe, south," she told the game-player-select-world-thing she was trapped in.

Water Tribe Rue (South) Selected_


"Confirm," the annoyance in her tone was all that showed of her aggravation that she was being thrown into the deep end, no matter how anyone looked at it, with little to no actual explanation on the most pressing question: Why?

Costume Confirmed_


Pre-game Set up Complete_

Preparing for Transport_

Loading NPC's_

Writing Quests_

Settling the Chocobos_

Prepping Achievements_

Loading Complete_

Please enjoy your new life Avatar Rue_

A/N: Personally I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm really going with this, as it's mostly writing itself.