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A/N: This chapter is a special, and is in no way related to the story! This chapter is just a fun Special I wanted to share with you all! This chapter take place in MY Naruto world.

The Rant

I was a normal day in the (Kei-Kei Yuki) cannon world of the Naruto universe, that was until a couple of guest made a surprise visit in a certain Hokage office, scaring her half-way to death, as she quickly got into a battle stance, when she began taking a closer look at the figures.

"Sasuke?. . .Sakura-chan?. . . .Hina-chan? Why are all of you in my office with new hair styles, and who are these kids?" asked the blonde female Hokage, arms folded across her chest. To say her guest were just as surprise to see her, seeing how she bore a strong resemblance to another blonde with ocean blue eyes, and whisker marks.

Just than Shikamaru walked in the office holding a stack of papers in his hands, when he caught sight of the new visitors in the room, calmly he kept an eye on them, walking across the room he sat the stack of papers down on the blonde female Hokage desk, before shooting a look at the male blonde.

"Mind telling me what's going on?" asked the lazy voice of Shikamaru.

"I want to know the same thing!" yelled the blonde male.

"Okay, who are you, and why do you look like me in my Oiroke no Jutsu!? Another thing, why are you in my office?" Naruto pointed a accused finger over at the beautiful blonde, who merely raised an eyebrow up at him, one hand sitting at her waist.

"I have no clue what you are talking about. This is my chair the last time I check, and Hina-chan what are doing here? You weren't suppose to here until tonight from your mission. Sakura you suppose to be busy at the hospital and teme I thought you were busy today?" asked Naruko, before her eyes landed on the blonde eyed child who seem to be glaring at her for no reason.

"Who's the brat?" asked Naruko with a smile when just then the door to her office barged open. Making their way into the room were five children with either dark color hair or blonde hair, all ranging from different ages.

"Kaa-san!" Exclaimed an excited twelve year old boy with black hair, a hand held up high in the air.

"Daisuke-chan!" Naruko happily ran from out of her chair to high five the little boy, followed a by a long series of other stupid things.

"Their signature hand-shake will never get old." Mutter Shikamaru lending up against the wall, watching the mother and son duo.

"W-Wait a sec! W-Why do that little boy look like Sasuke-kun!?" The outburst came from canon Sakura pointing a shaky finger over at the clone version of her 'precious' husband, as her daughter look just as shock.

"Gee, I don't know. Maybe because he's my Tou-san, unfortunately." Daisuke replied sarcastically, muttering that last part more to himself, but was still heard by Naruko who lightly slap him upside the head for his rudeness.

"Tou-san!?" Exclaimed all the figures who came from canon universe, as this got Shikamaru attention. Walking over to stand in front of the group of people.

"By your reactions, I can tell you must not be from here. So explain to us how you got here, and who are you?" Shikamaru asked in serious tone. Hearing this the canon universe characters got to explaining who they were, and about the two children that were standing beside them, when there was a big outburst from a certain Namikaze-Uchiha.

"WHAT?! WHAT TYPE OF BULLSHIT IS THIS!?" Exclaimed the twelve year old, before getting a painful ear pinch from his mother, who took out a large glass jar halfway full with cash, writing on a piece of tap it read-"The Swear Jar".

"What have I told you about swearing, Namikaze-Uchiha Daisuke? Cash! Pay up!" Naruko held out the jar, as the little boy sulked, putting some of his change in the jar, before spinning back around, glaring at the group of people.

"What do you mean Tou-san married Auntie-Sakura, and that person married Auntie Hinata-chan! Not only that, but who the heck are these brats! Who name their child after a burrito, that I had for lunch by the way, and a freaking salad!? Who!? THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!" Screamed the frustrated younger boy, before suddenly their was a dark aura in the room, and no it was not coming from Naruko. Oh no, it was coming from a long dark haired female who could go for a female clone version of Sasuke, looks, clothes, and all.

In a second the beauty of a raven was in front of Salada, bangs shadowing over her left eye, as in a blink of an eye, cold steel was pressed against the girl neck, a superior Uchiha glare pointed at the 'weakling' before her. "There's no way I will allow you to walk around with the proud Uchiha name." Came the girl cold choice of words, that had poor Salada shivering in fear. To say the canon Sasuke was a bit impressed by the young raven, canon Sakura on the other hand wasn't that impress.

"This is not good! Satsuki-nee is gonna kill her! Where is Tou-san when you need him!" Screamed Daisuke in a panic, when speaking of the devil, guess who arrived in the office just in time, a pale hand landing on Satsuki shoulder.

"Satsuki, remove your sword." Replied the serious tone of Sasuke, as in a second Satsuki remove her sword from Salada neck.

"Forgive me Otou-sama, but she does not deserve the honorable Uchiha name." Satsuki glared at Salada, before moving her gaze over at Boruto, who was about to say some smart-ass comment until a triple dose of Satsuki glared shut him right up. "Nor does he deserve the name Uzumaki. Putting her sword back in her sheath, she turn around, only to glared at the two children. "You both are a disgrace." And with that said, Satsuki made her way back over across the room, now glaring at all the figures of the canon universe.

Seeing how canon Sasuke, and the Sasuke of this world was in some type of glaring contest. Daisuke walk over in between the two, giving them both a look. "You know for some odd reason. Our Dad is way more handsome, and younger looking than this guy, for them to be the exact same age. Heck! At least Tou-san smile and joke with us a very few times, but other than that why the heck don't I exist in this cannon world!?" Cried Daisuke standing in the middle of the room.

"Otouto if you haven't notice. None of us exist in this canon world as well." Pointed out another handsome figure that was in the room, looking like a replica of both Itachi and Sasuke, with Naruko striking blue eyes.

Looking over the group of children canon Sakura, and even canon Hinata begin to take in how all the children look like this world female Naruto, and Sasuke, and that's when it hit them.

"W-Wait a sec. . .! Are you telling me all these children are yours!" Sakura pointed a shaky finger over at Naruko who did nothing but gave her a wide cheesy grin, hands place on her hips.

"Yep! Uchiha's are horny men who can't keep their hands off their wives! Don't your Sasuke treat you the same way?" Naruko asked with a sweet innocent smile as all of a sudden the room turn quiet, a very sad quiet that wasn't even funny.

"Wow, now that is very depressing." Called out a sweet voice who was nothing a but cute feminine version of a boy Naruto. Shaking his head sadly.

"Ain't that the truth Naru-chan. Wait I almost forgot to ask the most important question of them all!" Daisuke walk over to the group, serious expression shown on his face that did nothing but made him look even more like Sasuke.

"Does my precious Tamiko exist in your world. That man second child, and only daughter!" Daisuke pointed over at Shikamaru who narrowed his eyes over at young boy, having a faint clue where this was heading.

"Shikamaru only has one kid, and that's Shikadai." Answered canon world Naruto watching how Daisuke was so petrified by the news that he turn into a block of stone, before crumbling to the floor.

"Dai-chan!" Cried out a worried girl with short cute blonde hair that touch her shoulders and bright blue eyes, holding the block of stone that which was her brother in her lap.

"Should have saw this coming." Chirped Naru. The youngest of the Namikaze-Uchiha sibling

"Poor otouto." Kuro, the oldgest of the Namikaze-Uchiha sibling, sighed sadly with a slight shake of his head.

"Hang in their Daisuke." Satsuki stoically gave her brother words of encouragement.

"I saw this coming from a long shot." Shikamaru rubbed a hand down his face.

"MY TAMIKO-CHAN~!" The entire village heard the poor boy heartbroken wails of despair.

"This can't be true!" Cried Daisuke, lying down in his older sister lap, as she ran a comforting soothing hand on his back.

"My poor baby." Naruko heart with out for her little boy, when once again she heard her office door slammed open. Marching in the room was a pale blonde figure, with short hair, resembling Temari in some ways, but with a more tomboyish appearance. Two huge fans attach to her back, eyes lock onto who she was searching for, when she spotted him crying his heart out on the floor.

"Oi, idiot!" Reaching down she pulled him up by only his collar, dangling his pathetic form in the air, until was he facing her. Once his eyes landed on her, his eyes turned into bright hearts returning back to his normal form.

"TAMIKO-CHAN!" He was about to pull the girl into a tight hug, only to have a kick land in his face. A foot crushing down on his face.

"How many times have I told you NOT to do that in public! It's make me look uncool." She mutter that last part a bit bashfully. Foot still pressed down firmly Daisuke face, Tamiko begin to take in the appearance of the other figures that were in the room.

"Who these people?" She asked coolly.

"People you shouldn't concern yourself with, but supposedly from a different universe opposite of our own." Shikamaru answered his daughter, who nodded her head as she was given an answer.

"Hmm, okay. Anyway idiot I just came here to warn you, Sakiko know what you did and is coming here to kick your ass." Tamiko removed her foot from off Daisuke face, a look of pure horror on his face as he scrambled to get himself from up off the ground. Running over to the window about to open it, only to have a mad pink blur rush into the room, tugging harshly on the back collar of his shirt.

"DAISUKE YOU ARE SO DEAD WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!" Yelled the harsh tone of a young pink haired girl, and bright emerald green eyes. Tugging him completely back in the room where he landed clumsily on the ground, backing himself up against the wall, hands out in front of him.

"Now, now Sakiko-chan let's talk about this. . ." The poor boy tried to reason but a angry Sakiko wasn't having none of it.

"How dare you tell Ichiro I have a crush on him! You're dead meat!" With that Daisuke was about to get a beat down of a lifetime, when. . .

"You're Okaa-san married my dad!" This halt all actions. Sakiko blinking her large eyes at Daisuke. Her fist a inch from knocking Daisuke into the next life.

"What are you talking about?" Sakiko asked, confusion written in her large eyes, hands resting down at her side. Daisuke gave sigh of relief glade to be able to live for another day.

"Turn around. In the canon world, my tou-san married your okaa-san, and had a kid! We don't exist in the canon world Sakiko!" Screamed Daisuke, as Sakiko lowered her fist, turning around as she began walking over to the pink haired figure who look just like her dear mother.

"Is this true?" A crestfallen look on her face that almost broke cannon Sakura heart. Luckily our world Sakura made her beautiful entrance just in time, about to talk to her best-friend about things concerning important information with the hospital when she saw her her daigther tearing up, looking utterly heartbroken.

"Sakiko!" In flash Sakura, a move that would Minato to shame, was by her daughter side, holding her close.

"What's wrong? Did something happen!? What have you done with my baby!?" THIS WORLD Sakura asked, standing on her feet, wearing a white doctor's coat, a pair of red frame glasses on her face. Becoming an adult Sakura let her pink hair grow long, as it length reach past her back, but was currently in a high ponytail. Glaring at this impostor, who look like a clone version of herself and who did the unthinkable of making her daughter cry.

"Oh no a upset Auntie Sakura is bad, but if he shows up. Than it would be utterly worse." Muttered Daisuke who should have keep his mouth shut, as just than the person he was talking about walked his way in the room, hair as pink and long as Sakura.

"Oh no. . .It's freaking Yuno Gasai!" Daisuke hekd a look of terror on his face, once again about to jump out of the widow. While some in the room just gave him a blank look.

"Onii-chan! Kaa-san married Dai-baka otou-san! Making us never exist! What about our otou-san! Who love kaa-san, and care for us? Why don'rt our otou-san gets the happy ending his deserve. This isn't right!" Wailed Sakiko to her mother chest, as the boy in question wore a confused look on her face.

"I married who!?" Exclaimed Sakura before looking up at her canon self.

"Are you crazy! I'm loyal to Sasuke and all, but I wouldn't married him. No offense Sasuke-kun." Sakura told this world Sasuke, who was standing by Naruko.

"None taken."

"But it became kinda obvious after an while that he will never return my feelings. So I had to let that young love go, and move on with my life. Look for what make me happy. I will never force myself to stay with someone, even if he didn't have feeling for another, when it was clear that didn't carry me in that same regard. I'll be torturing myself. That't not true love." said the Sakura of THIS world.

"No wonder why you look so sad, and look as if you lost some weight as well. Your skin even look paler! Gosh, I'm so happy I'm married Lee now." Replied a much chirpier Sakura as this came as a even bigger shock to the canon universe.(Minus Sasuke who look as if he could care a lot less).

"You married Lee!?" Screamed canon Sakura, looking highly disgusted from the thought.

"Yep! The best decision I ever made after I got rid of that silly affection on Sasuke-kun. Sweetie I move on with my life. I'm truly happy now with taking over the hospital. Being a happy wife, and mother to two great children, with another on the way! Heck! My life is perfect!" Smiled Sakura with a smile so pure, and sincere, it also made canon Sakura envy of it.

"Yo Yuno!" Daisuke waved at the pink haired boy. The oldest of Sakura two children. Who was still left out the loop of things, annoyed by the name Daisuke liked to called and tease him by. He looked to be around the same age as Daisuke, his pink haired made it obvious who his his parents were.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that!" Yelled the enraged boy.

"Hi Sakumo-kun!" Greeted Haru who the twin to Satsuki, the daughter of both Sasuke and Naruko. Hearing the other greet him a blush made it way to the boy cheeks. Greeting her with a shy wave and a smile.

"Awww, so cute! We ship it!" Squealed Sakura and Naruko.

"Ladies your cool, sexy, and killer looking Ichiro is here~!" Strutting into the room was a blonde haired boy who look just like a male younger version of Ino, his brother walking right behind him.

"Nii-san you're embarrassing yourself again. And please stop with the shojo sparkles." Replied the monotone of his younger brother.

"Ino. That child definitely belong to Ino." Blankly replied cannon world Sakura.

"Yo Ichiro!"

"Whats up Daisuke!" The boys high five each other, before striking a pose.

"Great, now this idiot appeared." Mutter Sakiko, who next found herself, forced out of her mother arms, and dipped low to the ground by Ichiro. Shojo prince sparkling brightly in the fairytale background which was presented behind him.

"How are you, my dear hime." He said in a cool voice.


"Ouch! Damnit Sakiko this handsome face is worth millions!" Cried Ichiro a hand over his bruise nose, while rolling back and forth on the floor.

"What going on in here?" Replied a boyish and cocky voice belonging to a boy who look like a split image of both Hinata and Kiba, a cute mini Hinata walking right beside him, with a older Hinata walking behind them.

"Hi Naru-kun! A-Ano, who are these people?" asked Hinata eyes landed on that clone version of herself, who both stared at each other confusingly. Cannon Hinata took a look at the two children by paralleled world Hinata side, and she was happy for her other self. Hearing this Naruko begin to explain to the rest of the gang about this so call canon world.

"Dude no way?! They got Mac computers?! Even we don't even got that!" Kenta exclaimed. He was this world Hinata and Kiba oldest son.

"Sounds like a whack up version of DBZ if you ask." Mutter Daisuke, before a sly sadist grin was place on his face.

"Yo, Ichiro guess what?" Lending over Daisuke begin to whispered something in the pale blonde boy ear. Ichiro, if you haven't guessed yet was this world Ino and Sai, oldest son. Inojin being their second and youngest son by one year.

"NOOOOOOO! My lovely cherry-blossom Sakiko! My sexy moon princess Satsuki! My happy sunflower Haru! My sweet adorable Hana! NOOOO!" Ichiro wails were heard all throughout the village. His despair was due to this world second generation female members not existing in cannon world.

"Dai-chan that wasn't very nice." Scolded both the youngest son, and oldest daughter sister, of Sasuke and Naruko.

"Hey! If I can't have a happy ending than no one can!" Stated a proud Daisuke, begin to stand on top of Naruko desk. All eyes pointed towards the mini-clone Sasuke.

"All you canon people suck! You two are nothing like my strong, confident, and beautiful aunties who I both fear, admire, and love so deeply. What happen to the proud kunoichi pride and honor!? " Moving a finger from off canon Sakura and Hinata he pointed it over at canon Sasuke.

"You are some reject emo version of Tou-san that I don't accept, and will never accept. Heck! I barely like Tou-sam, but I sure as hell respect him a whole more than I ever will you. Get your act together man, and how dare you marry THIS person who look like Auntie Sakura, suffer and cry all alone! You're the worst! And you. . . .!" Now his finger pointed at the canon older adult Naruto.

"How dare you! How dare you change on me! Even if you are not from this world, you and kaa-san still share the same soul, heart, and beliefts. My kaa-san is the world's BEST kaa-sa to ever exist, and that will never change! I know there are times when she can't spend much time with me or my other siblings, but she sure as hell make time! No matter how tired and beaten she is from work. How dare you act all serious on this brat for painting the Hokage Monument. When I did it, their was a freaking bonding moment between my kaa-sand I. We joke, laugh, and went back painting together! YOU. . .ARE A FRAUD!" Screamed Daisuke at canon older Naruto, who looked bewildered, pissed, and a bit touch.

"And you. . . No offense. I love my Auntie Hinata just much as I love my Auntie Sakura, but you and this bullshit of a former hero and legend ninja wannabe is no where, and I mean NO WHERE near the GREATEST couple out of this entire series, our grandparents! I don't give a crap what any of you people have to say! Auntie Hinata deserve true happiness. This. . .is not how imagined you two together." Once he was finished with Hinata, who begin to think over her own relationship. Next he pointed over at cannon world Sakura.

"And you. . How dare you downgrade all of my Auntie Sakura hard work! She is one of the best medical ninja's around, only to be reduced to what you are today. A puppy who is loyal to a man who DON'T EVEN LOVE YOU! You had a few errors, but you grew in way also, so why did you turn your back and reverted back into your old bad ways! Whyy!" Cried Daisuke, Sakura look as if she just had a change of heart.

"Wow, little brother finally snap. This is better than any drama I could watch." Replied Kuro, receiving odd looks from the other children in the room.

"Dai-chan will have to put a hold lot of money in the swear jar once he finished." Replied Naru, eating on a popsicle. Where he got it from, nobody ask.

"You still recording this?" Satsuki asked the blonde, who had a camera in his hands.

"You know it!"

"I'm confuse at why you two are not together! Yes, I'm pointing to emo and the traitor! Do I look like I would care if it would have become yaoi! NO! Because you can't separate Light and Darkness! Yin to Yang! Hikari to Yami! Heck they are The Moon Embracing the Sun, and even in the show one moon, and one sun had to die. Just so they could be together! They are the freaking ninja version of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask! Yes! I went there! I freaking went there!" Screamed Daisuke, halfway out of breath due to his rant

"Kuro-oniisama, are you okay?" Naru asked sweetilu. A worried expression painted on his face, looking over at his older brother who had an hand over his mouth, trying to hid his laughter that was about ready to escaped. Reaching into his pants pocket, he took out some cash, to place it in the 'Swear Jar" which sat on Naruko desk. "This is for my little brother. Someone had to take a stand." Kuro told Naruko, his mother.

"All of you are nothing but a cruel April Fool's joke, that is not even funny! You were all strong people, but now you all just look sad and PATHETIC! And you, you freaking salad! How dare you awaken the Sharingan in such a stupid way. Satsuki-nii had to witness and endure the hardship of Haru almost die right before her eyes for it to awaken. And what the hell with you and all these super-powerful moves, you freaking burrito! You barely fucking train, unlike the rest of us, who sweat and bleed in the hot heat until exhaustion and scarred. Now, if you would excuse me. I have to go meet someone." Voice hoarse Daisuke jump down from the desk and began to make his way towards the door.

"And where do you think you're going?" asked Tamiko, hands on her hip.

"I'm about to have a long chat with Kishimoto! I want to know what happen to my REAL freaking family. Heck, Menma would have played the perfect me! Justice is about to be serve!"

"Like mother like son." Sasuke wrapped an arm around Naruto's waist.

"Don't they just make you proud!"


Children of Sasuke and Naurko

Boy: Kuro-15

Twin-Girls: Satsuki&Haru-13

Boy: Daisuke-12

Boy: Naru-11

Children of Temari&Shikamaru

Boy: Shikadai-13

Girl: Tamiko-12

Children of Ino&Sai

Boy: Ichiro-13

Boy: Inojin-12

Children of Sakura and Lee



Children of Hinata&Kiba



See you guys next time!