You don't know me. But I know you.

Just kidding, I know nothing about you and I don't want to. You are a reader and that is enough. What I'm about to tell you is the truth. I am ashamed about some of the things I did, but I'm not going to sugar coat it to make me look better. And even if I did, Miley (My Friend) would just correct it anyway. This is the story of my adventure to Middle Earth. The ups, the downs, and the crazies.

But before we get to that, I should probably introduce myself.

Nice to meet you! The name's Mary Sue. To be completely honest, I hate it. I tried going by Mary for a little while, then by Sue. I even tried Suzy but that only lasted about three days. So you can just call me M.

Gilgamesh Feather-destroyer would be fine too, but most people just go with M. And for this story, I am too. M is a lot quicker than Gilgamesh Feather-destroyer anyway. (though Gilgamesh Feather-destroyer sounds cooler)

I don't know why my dad insisted on naming me Mary Sue. I mean it doesn't fit me at all.

But, that's my name. And that's why I call myself M.

I could tell you a bit about my personality now. Because I'm sure that would be interesting. But I think you'll figure it out for yourself as you read, so I won't bore you with a random list of adjectives that could describe practically anyone. The fact that I won't accept the name given to me has probably told volumes about me anyway! Though one must agree that it is a really stupid name. I mean, Mary Sue? Really?

I will say one thing though. I'm a tomboy. You can see on the cover. I'm the one on the right. Yeah. I look like a potato, I know.

I'm 21 as of last June and waiting with baited breathe until next June. Taylor Swift anyone? … Guess not.

Anyway, I'm a junior at the University of Scranton, working hard for my master's degree in Psychology. Well, not working too hard, but their still a whole lot of papers that I have to write, and I really don't like papers! Most people don't…

Yep that's pretty much it.

Aren't you going to say something about your… 'Gift'? It's kind of important, you know.

Oh! Right! That! That was Miley by the way. She'll be co-writing this with me. Though I'll be doing all the real work.

Anyway! Yeah, so… I'm not exactly normal. Well, apart from the fact that I have a suuuuuper dorky name. I discovered when I was younger, that I could… 'fall into' books. Yeah, it started with Treasure Island when I was about fourteen. Now I know why there were no girls in that book. I mean, seriously, those shipmen were dirty minded! (To say the least) But I survived, and come home, all in one piece.(mostly) Quite convenient timing too, cause school had just let out. Dad was furious with me, but after I told him what had happened, he forgave me and started scheduling my therapist sessions. Those were not convenient.

I avoided books for a while after that, but eventually decided I couldn't give them up forever. Maybe, Hunger Games wasn't the best choice… Anyway, I came out of it all right. When I die in the book, I just pop back to real life again. I didn't last five minutes. (Awesomest five minutes of my life though!)

Needless to say, I got quite used to my 'book hopping' as I like to call it. Enjoying little adventures over the years. Disappearing a lot during the summer. Then I told me friend about it… A rather hasty decision.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of "TCEaRCAoMS"... okay, that is way too long. Anyway, This story is dedicated to FormofJane and Jimxi, who sort of acted as my Beta Readers. This is actually a revision of what I had before.

Please review and tell me what you think! I really would love to hear any comments, the good and the bad. I'm here to learn, so any thoughts are helpful. Even if their about how that one part reminded you of your aunt's cat who recently had an accident, and speaking of accidents, did you mention that there was an accident outside your house that caused you to spill the peanut butter, which makes you really sad because you love peanut butter and now you don't have any and will have to go to the store, but you don't like going to the store because the lights are always flickering and...

You get the idea. Comments are helpful! They give me inspiration!

Next chapter, we will be meeting Miley(the friend).