You don't know me. But I know you. You are a reader. A dreamer. An observer. You live through other's imaginations. You live through drama created by others, plots constructed by another's design. You read along with the script, as if acting out the role assigned. You escape by living the lives of others. You feel like you have no control.
Because you are a character.
But I know you. You are not just any old character. You are an extraordinary character. A strong character. And if you're strong, and try very hard, you can control you own story. You just have to try.

Miley finished typing the words onto the page. They were Nimm's words, although she would never admit it in a million years. But they were hers all the same.
Wise thoughts, shared on the night of Ori and Rina's wedding, after most of Erebor had fallen asleep into a drunken stupor. Miley was the exception, due to her still unborn child. She had found Nimm siting on the ramparts, overlooking the expanse between Erebor and Dale. An empty flask of wine hung loosely in her hand and her face was flushed, despite the brisk breeze. An effect from the beverage no doubt.
Miley met to bring her in, away from the edge of the wall to a safer, more level seat. But Nimm started talking before Miley had even said a word.
Those words she said, to the breeze, as if speaking them to some invisible audience. But there was no one to hear but Miley.

The days after Nimm's reawakening were pleasantly eventful. Dwarves from across the land were coming to help rebuild the great kingdom. Ori and Rina had their wedding. Miley prepared for, and then gave birth to, the half-orc baby. It was by no means a healthy looking thing, and their was a clear tension in the room whenever anyone mentioned it. But the little half orc girl still had that same infant smell that puts one at ease when all is quiet and still. After it was a month or two old, Miley was able to make day trips back to earth to visit her family, make excuses for her absences, and all of those things. Rina was more than happy to look after Chloe while Miley did this. Nimm was more than a little skeptical of the name, but Miley was adamant, claiming that it meant 'green shoot' in greek.
Nimm and Kili got married that spring, once the frost melted and flowers began returning to the land. There's really not much to say about it. It happened. Everyone got drunk. Pretty usual for a dwarven wedding.
They lived a happy life at Erebor. And everyone was happy. Lots of babies were made, the next generation of heroes and heroines, the story of how the mountain was reclaimed past into history.
That what is wanted, isn't it? A satisfying ending. Everything happy and peaceful. No more struggles, no more pain, no more worry.
Sounds more like death to me.
Let me offer an alternate 'ending'.
It was a long winter. One that defeated even the high spirits of the happy dwarves. It delayed the arrival of many dwarves. Those that had made it were confined within the walls of Erebor. Things went stir crazy. People got irritable. Fear of the mind spread deep and the poisoned dragon gold corrupted the minds of all those dwelling within the mountain. It was inevitable. As things got worse, Nimm got out. Taking Chloe with her since Miley was away when things reached their breaking point. Kili caught up with her later that night, finding her walking along the road headed east.
And they walked.
Miley found them weeks later in some uncharted region. They were surviving well enough. She told them how Thorin and Dwalin were the only members of the company to remain in Erebor, trying to govern a mad people while they went mad themselves. Balin, Ori, and Rina had gone with a few others down to the Mines of Moria, where recolonization looked hopeful.
Fili had gone with his mother back to the Blue Mountains. Bilbo remained in Hobbiton, where Miley often visited him. He eventually took on his nephew after an unfortunate accident. That took up a lot of his free time, the rest of it was spent writing about all his many adventures.
In the end, Miley took Chloe to live in the Blue Mountains where sickness of the mind did not thrive.
Nimm and Kili? Well, they took off into the east. No one has seen them since.
Perhaps they found a nice place to settle down. Or maybe they're lying dead in the desert, their corpses nothing but a quick meal for the wildlife nearby.
But something tells me that they are off on a marvelous adventure. We will never know what it is. But one can be sure, that they are having a grand time.
And that, after all, is what life is about.

The End

And that's all she wrote XD Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear you thoughts. Even 30 years from now if the internet still exists by that point, feel free to review. I'm always coming back to see if anybody's left me some comment or inspiration.

Its time to rewrite my own story and finally do something with my life. Bye!

-the BugSlayer