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Caroline stared lifelessly at her reflection in front of her. When she was younger, she was so obsessed with her looks; how her blonde locks were styled, how her makeup was done that day, did her nails match her outfit. Looking at herself now, it had all faded away. She had faded away.

A soft knock sounded at the door and her eyes flickered, bringing her back to reality. Looking down, she twisted the taps off and wiped the stray tear from her cheek before turning towards the door. Opening it, she sighed as all eyes rested upon her; from the people she now considered family.

"It's time." Rebekah whispered, looking at Caroline in sorrow. What was about to happen was not how any of them wanted it to be; especially Caroline.

When all of this had started, she was so scared. She found comfort, admittedly after a long time, with the original family and they had made her feel safe and protected. Well, minus the crazy killer grandparents. But now that it was all coming to a close? She was more scared than ever.

"Promise me you'll be safe." She pleaded, looking at Klaus standing by the front door. The silence filled the air as they all nodded in reply. He looked down, his eyes focusing on a crack in the floor as he heard his siblings saying their farewells.

"Next time I see you, you're going to be carrying a beautiful baby girl. I look forward to meeting her." Rebekah smiled, giving Caroline a quick hug before stepping back. Trying to ignore the tears in Caroline's eyes she looked towards Elijah who was waiting for her by the door. He nodded in comfort. He knew Rebekah had come to care for Caroline a lot more than she cared to admit. "Look after her." She ordered, looking at Bonnie.

Caroline's eyes flashed over to Bonnie quickly, before returning and giving Rebekah a weak smile; something which didn't go unnoticed by Klaus who was silently watching her from the corner.

One by one, the Mikaelson family exited the house, all waiting outside for one last run over of the plan. The hour was nearly up, this battle had come around far quicker than any of them had imagined.

Bonnie turned, walking into the kitchen, leaving Caroline and Klaus alone.

"When you've finished with your crazy parents, find me as quickly as possible. I'm going to need you. And whatever happens today, promise me you will look after her." Caroline whispered, her eyes filling with tears as she looked into his eyes, her hand gripping his softly. She saw the questioning in his eyes, but before he could say anything, she stepped backwards.

"You need to go Klaus." Caroline whimpered, turning towards Bonnie, a look of desperation in her eyes as her hand rested upon her stomach. "Go!" She shouted to him and with one last nod, he leaned forward and pecked a kiss on her forehead.

"I will find you." He promised, before his eyes flashed yellow and she knew in that instance that he was now in battle mode.

"You know, when I was a little girl, I imagined how perfect it would be when I would have children. I imagined being happily married with an amazing husband; a big house with a white picket fence and a perfectly pink nursery. I would have had everything set up and ready for her, maybe even had a puppy for her to grow up with. My mum would have been at the hospital with me, with you and Elena. I did not imagine this at all." Caroline opened up as she gripped onto Bonnie's shoulders, their walk through the forest nearly over. Caroline could feel her body weakening with every step, relying more and more on Bonnie to help her walk.

"I remember. You used to talk about it all the time." Bonnie chuckled as she looked at her best friend, her smile suddenly dropping. "But it may not be exactly as you imagined. But when you see her for the first time, none of that will matter because she will be more than worth it. She might have a hybrid father and a vampire family. But she will grow up in a mansion, surrounded by family, with parents who love her. As for the dog part, well, she's part werewolf, she won't need one." Caroline laughed as she looked out at the water in front of them.

"I'm glad you're with me Bonnie." Caroline whispered.

"Me too Care."

As Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah made their way towards the small shop, they monitored the crowd around them. Ever since their fight with their father, no one had heard or seen him; it was almost like he had disappeared. It would only be typical that he ambushes them now.

Arriving at Jodie's shop, the siblings pause, looking at the blacked out windows and the 'closed' sign present on the door. Did anyone even know that Jodie and her sister were dead? Or had they just covered it up and said she had gone away for a while? Her shop was a hit with tourists and now they were outside it, Rebekah remembered how much she had trusted Jodie. Now she was dead, thanks to her family.

"I didn't expect anything less." A voice spoke from the shop, the front door now open as they looked at the women in front of them. "Do, come in."

The siblings looked at each other and anger spread across Klaus' face.

"Let's finish this."

Bonnie bolted the door before turning to look at Caroline who had sat down, rather uncomfortably, on the mattress covering the floor of the hut.

"Well, this isn't exactly what I had in mind for my labour ward either." Caroline chuckled, smiling as she looked up at Bonnie. "What if I can't do it?" She asked suddenly, the fear and sadness etching back onto her face.

Bonnie sighed as she pulled out the crystals from her bag and begun placing them around the mattress in a circle.

"You can do anything." Bonnie reassured her. "It's this part of the plan that I am not so fond of."

Caroline nodded. "I'm not too fond of it either Bon, but we don't have a choice. It's all or nothing at this point."

Bonnie stood up, pulling out one of the notebooks from her bag. Kneeling down on the ground, she felt the hardness of the floorboards pressing into her body. She watched as Caroline winced, lying down on the mattress, her hand protectively flat on her stomach.

Bonnie smiled at her best friend lying before her. The bump of her stomach, her protectively placed hand, the way Caroline was completely at ease trusting Bonnie with her life. Slowly, she began to chant.

Entering the shop, Klaus looked up at his mother standing opposite them, a small smirk on her face. He waited until Rebekah and Elijah were standing comfortably next to him before he looked around at the set up his mother had made.

"Well this looks just like the sacrifices you used to set up when we were children, mother. Not some poor unsuspecting goat I hope." Rebekah spat sarcastically, her eyes grazing the circle of crystals, blankets and knives that were sitting in the centre of the room.

Esther stayed silent as she studied her children standing in front of her. A smile crept over her face as she looked into the eyes of her son.

"Ah, Niklaus! Not long now until you become a father." Esther cheered, turning away from them as she entered into the crystal circle laid out behind her.

Klaus' brow furrowed, although his face remained unchanged, no emotion showing in his eyes. Elijah watched in amazement at what scheme his mother must have set up in order to know that, whilst Rebekah looked away, around at all of the windows of the shop.

"What? You mean you aren't going to entertain me?" Esther asked, turning back around to face her children.

"There is nothing to entertain. We're here to kill you." Klaus growled, stepping forward, although cautiously aware to not step inside the crystal circle. "You aren't getting anywhere near Caroline or our child."

"Please, dear boy. Do you honestly think that I expected Caroline to arrive here, simply allowing me to cleanse her baby and raise it as my own? Of course not! I knew that she wouldn't allow me to willingly be anywhere near her at the birth of your daughter. I bought Bonnie back from the dead. Do you think I did that out of kindness to Caroline?" Esther asked.

"Of course not! I bought her back because the friendship and longing Caroline has towards Bonnie, means that it would be a guarantee she would be present at the birth. I've been present in Bonnie's mind this entire time." Esther continued.

"I can see her visions, her memories, I can hear her conversations. Ultimately not with Caroline, due to the protection spell Bonnie placed on her and the baby. But I can still see her through Bonnie's eyes." As Klaus listened to his mother speaking, realisation hit him. The crystals, the knives, the blankets; she was sacrificing herself.

"I knew that you would come here instead of Caroline, I knew that you wouldn't be able to resist being the heroes and protecting her from me. But it's all been wasted. Bonnie Bennett right this minute is sitting by Caroline's side in that quaint little wooden hut you protected by the water, preparing for the birth of a beautiful baby girl."

The three siblings listened intently.

"I must admit, you're plan is wonderful. Although ultimately a failure; I knew all along exactly how this evening would pan out. In a few moments time, I will be leaving this body. It has served me well, but ultimately, I will end the evening as someone else." Esther explained. Klaus' eyes widened as he figured out her plan. "I will be Bonnie Bennet. I will be performing the spell. I will be cleansing the baby and I will be leaving dear Caroline, for Mikael to finish off himself. After all, I had to give him some sort of prize for leaving the baby untouched."

Just as the siblings went to flash forward, Esther spun around, her eyes rolling to the back of her head before she cried out.

"She's dead! No!"

Klaus reached behind him to grab one of the shelves from the wall. He flew it towards her, but as she dropped to the ground, she reached behind her, grabbing the knife before slitting her throat, her blood bubbling out from the cut and covering the ground below her.

She was gone.

Caroline opened her eyes; she was back in her bedroom in Mystic Falls. Looking around she noticed all of her creature comforts that she had to leave behind; her teddies, her dresses, her photographs. Her entire life was still here in this room; well, at least her childhood life.

"Caroline, what the hell are you doing?" A familiar voice screeched from behind her and Caroline smiled, turning to look at the girl she missed so dearly.

"I need your help." Caroline pleaded, stepping towards the young girl. "Jodie please, you have to help me. Our whole plan is falling to pieces; the loop hole in the spell was never going to work! You knew all along how this was going to pan out. That's why Mikael and Esther wanted you dead. Tell me what it is that you know; tell me how I was going to survive this." Caroline pleaded, stepping forward and grabbing Jodie's hand, squeezing it tightly in hope.

"Caroline, you need to go back! You have seconds before your baby dies along with you." Jodie cried, pulling her wrist away from Caroline. "You don't need any spells Caroline, you're strong enough to get through this without them, without the cleanse."

"What? What are you talking about? You said this baby was going to kill me!" Caroline cried.

"It is killing you Caroline. Your baby is part werewolf, part vampire. She feeds off of your blood all day every day, whilst the venom inside her seeps into your blood stream, ultimately poisoning you and burning you at the same time. But I knew all you had to do was make it to the birth."

"Jodie, what are you talking about?" Caroline begged, her vision starting to become faded.

"Caroline, I put a small dose of Klaus' blood in every single one of your blood bags and told Bonnie and Katherine to do the same thing. Everyday his blood has been taking away small parts of the venom from your blood stream; he's been healing you from the inside out. You don't need the loophole or the cleanse, it's only Esther that does because her life depends on it. Not either of yours." Jodie cried, looking Caroline square in the eyes.

"But Esther took all the blood bags. I don't have his blood in my system anymore." Caroline admitted and Jodie stopped, looking down.

"Caroline listen to me. You are strong enough to give birth to your baby daughter and you are strong enough to hold out until he finds you; which he will! You have been living with her venom inside of you for months whilst she has simultaneously been draining you of your blood, before you have managed to heal yourself again with the help of his blood. Your body will heal; you just need to stay alive long enough for him to get to you."

"What if he doesn't find me in time? I'm going to die and she's going to be left in that room all alone. I can't risk it!" Caroline cried, desperation flooding her as she turned, feeling her heart beat inside of her.

"Caroline, you can do this. Trust me. Trust him, he will find you in time."

Caroline screamed as her heart beat quickened in her chest, her eyes opened wide and she was back in the wooden hut.

Sitting up, Caroline's eyes focused in again on Bonnie. Bonnie had done it; she had managed to successfully stop her heart just long enough for her to speak to Jodie. Caroline looked down at the bed below her, she was covered in fluid and she looked up at Bonnie.

"Did you get it?" Bonnie cried. Desperation and panic in her voice as she searched the eyes of her best friend. Caroline's stomach erupted in pain, blisters seeping through her skin and beginning to bubble. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she shook her head. She sobbed as she saw the tears in Bonnie's eyes. "Thank you." She whispered as she reached down, grabbing a hold of Bonnie's hand and squeezing it one last time.

"Do it Caroline, now!" Bonnie screamed, as her body beginning to vigorously shake. Caroline's breath caught in her throat as she watched her best friend fade away in front of her.

Caroline sobbed, forcing her shaking body to reach behind her. Her hand closed around the sharp object and she squeezed her eyes shut and took a deep breath.

"I love you Bonnie, I am so so sorry." With one last breath she opened her eyes, quickly noticing the change in Bonnie's own. She knew her best friend was gone. As she felt the pain in her stomach she reached up, holding the knife to Bonnie's neck, slicing it open with one quick movement. She heard the chokes coming from her best friend as her blood ran down Caroline's arms, coating her body and hands.

Caroline whimpered, the knife dropping to her side as she lay back on the mattress. She pulled her leg out from underneath Bonnie's body and used her foot to push the lifeless body off of her, her eyes focusing on the ceiling the entire time to avoid looking into her eyes.

As the stabbing sensation worsened, Caroline closed her eyes, her hands gripping the mattress below her. She tried to steady her breathing as she felt the venom flowing through her.

You can do this. Trust me. Trust him.

Caroline scrunched up her face as she held in her cries, her hands letting go of the mattress as she raised her head, looking towards the door. She bawled as the as the pain seared through her body, the pressure building up was incredibly painful. She could feel the venom and lack of blood, she could feel the hunger and she could start to see images in her mind.

The door to the cabin opened and Caroline wasn't sure whether she was hallucinating now or not.

"Katherine?" She begged and she felt a hand sliding into hers.

"I've got you. You can do this." Katherine looked down at Caroline, the sweat dripping off of her skin, the blood covering her body, the blisters bubbling as her body turned into wounds. Katherine turned around and looked at Kol in the doorway.

"They must have known Esther could read Bonnie's minds. They must have known she was going to body swap." Katherine shook her head. She knew Caroline wasn't going to cope well with having killed her best friend. "She needs his blood or she's going to die." Katherine called out and Kol nodded, turning and flashing away.

"Okay. We are going to do this." Katherine reassured her, looking to see Bonnie's lifeless body at the end of the bed. She reached forward, pulling Caroline's dress up slightly and positioning her body. "Oh bloody hell. This is just how I wanted to be spending my evening." Katherine winced.

"Right, come on princess." Katherine urged Caroline and Caroline's eyes met hers.

"Klaus." Caroline wept and Katherine nodded. "I know, he's coming."

Katherine's face winced as she watched Caroline scrunch up her face. She reached forward to grab her hand and looked her in the eyes reassuringly. The agony was evident on her face as she closed her eyes and begun pushing. The whole process fastened due to the fact her body was ripping apart.

Katherine could tell Caroline was starting to fade, but with one last fight, she pushed out her daughter into Katherine's awaiting arms. Cries filled the hut as Caroline sobbed, looking up to see her daughter. She was so tiny and yet the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

"You did it!" Katherine cheered, pulling out the blanket from Caroline's bag and wrapping the baby up before placing her on Caroline's chest. Katherine watched as Caroline looked down into the eyes of her daughter.

"You're okay now." She whispered, before Caroline's hands dropped and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

"Caroline!" Katherine yelled, reaching forward to support Caroline's head. She bit into her wrist and held it to her mouth, watching as the blood trickled into her mouth. She could see the wounds from her lower body starting to heal, but that wasn't what was killing her, it was the venom.

"Don't you dare give up on me now Caroline!" Katherine cried, cradling the baby as she lifted her away from Caroline's chest, ripping the cord off with a single twist. The new-born's cries filling the air as she was ripped away from her mother. Just as Katherine was about to grab Caroline and sit her up, the door slammed open.

"Oh my God!" Rebekah cried, looking at the baby in Katherine's arms, before her eyes rested on Caroline's lifeless body. "He's here. You need to go now. Protect her with every inch of you and get back to the house. We'll meet you there." Rebekah ordered as she flashed over to Caroline, sitting her up as she fed her her blood, it was slightly stronger than Katherine's and would hold off the venom for a little bit longer. Turning around Rebekah groaned.

"Don't worry, I've got her. Go!" Rebekah yelled and Katherine turned, hiding the baby under her coat as she flashed out of the hut.

"Stay with me Caroline, you've got a little girl to protect now." Rebekah encouraged. Reaching down, she picked up her lifeless body and, ignoring the roars from outside the hut, flashed away in the opposite direction.

"Fight like a man, boy!" Mikael boomed, picking up a stake at shooting it through the air in Klaus' direction. Klaus missed it, snapping off part of the fence around the hut and shooting it back.

Klaus growled as he continued to miss his father's hits and blows. Elijah flashed to Klaus' aid, sending Mikael soaring backwards and crumpling to a pile on the ground. The white oak stake flung to the side, the siblings eyes following it before flashing towards it, just as Mikael regained posture.

As Mikael reached for the stake, Kol swung a branch, smashing into Mikael's back to distract him. As Mikael turned, Klaus grabbed the white oak stake and flashed in front of them, ready to finish his father once and for all.

Hearing a child's cries, he turned, looking in the direction of the wooden hut to see Katherine fleeing the scene carrying a bundle in her arms. He heard growls behind him, but just before he turned, he saw Rebekah flashing away with Caroline's lifeless body. Swinging around, he raised the white oak stake and aimed it in Mikael's direction.

"Kill me, or save her. The wolves and vampires are after her now. Her, and your child." Mikael spat, hearing the howls in the distance. Klaus turned back in the direction of the hut, his eyes meeting Elijah's.

Klaus' eyes flickered behind him to a shadow in the background and he smirked as the faces of his familiars came into view.

"Have at him." Klaus growled before handing the stake to Elijah, who plunged it deep into Mikael's heart. Dropping his flaming body, Klaus nodded. "Do you worst, Marcellous."

Elijah and Kol nodded at the New Orleans vampires that had come to their aid. Rebekah had rung Marcel to tell them their father was here and, despite his long hatred of the Mikaelson family, he couldn't risk anything happening to Klaus. He also didn't want anything to happen to Rebekah.

Marcel nodded sharply, watching as the siblings flashed away, before they jumped on Mikael, the crunches of his bones were soon overrun by the sounds of cheers and laughter.

Flashing away into the direction he saw them fleeing, Klaus followed her scent. He could smell the blood on his new-born daughter and the rotting flesh of his love alongside it.

"This way." He ordered, soon arriving to the opening outside their house. Before Bonnie left that morning, she provided Rebekah with a list of all the other witches she could trust. One of whom had placed a protection spell on the home that evening.

"Nearly there Caroline." Rebekah whispered as she flashed into the opening, she could see the signal of the barrier, where the threshold began. She saw Katherine flash in front of her, running as quickly as she could. Rebekah turned her head to the side, seeing moving figures and within seconds she felt a pressure in her side. Growling she was flung to the side, Caroline's body falling to the ground. Caroline whimpered, her eyes opening slightly, desperately trying to cling on.

"Katherine, go!" Rebekah screamed, noticing Katherine stop to turn and help her. Suddenly Caroline's hearing focused. She could hear her daughter. She could hear her cries. Her hands gripped into the ground as she pushed her head up, looking to see Katherine start running. Even through her blurry vision she could see her carrying something.

Caroline's head dropped in exhaustion as she looked behind her at Rebekah; she was flung backwards, her back breaking. Caroline pushed up, she couldn't see, she couldn't feel her own body, all she could hear were the cries of her daughter.

"No!" She whimpered, seeing one of the men running towards Katherine. Desperately she pushed herself up, but felt a pressure on her back.

"Vampires, so weak." She heard a laugh above her; someone was standing on her back.

Growling, she twisted round, grabbing a hold of his leg and snapping it from his body. Her eyes flashed and her fangs dropped. But in seconds, the man was flung away from her and she knew she was safe. She heard cries and yelps around her and she knew he was here. Turning back around she saw Kol ripping off the head of the man chasing Katherine and she smiled, watching as Katherine made it to the house.

Breathing out, her vision begun to fade, her body started to shake and she felt calm. She couldn't feel the pain anymore, she felt at peace.

Rebekah shot up, watching as Klaus ripped apart the man on Caroline. She ran up behind him and picked Caroline up again, running into direction of the home and flashing past the threshold. Turning back, she saw the familiar smile of Marcel, along with the other vampires from the compound and she knew the fight was over.

She lay Caroline down on the sofa, looking up at Katherine who was cradling the baby. Klaus flashed in, followed by Elijah and Kol.

Klaus stopped, looking at the pale skin of his daughter poking out from underneath the blanket, her cries echoing through the room. Katherine nodded at him before looking down at Caroline.

He flashed over to her, pulling her head up and resting it on his legs. He bit into his wrist and held it to Caroline's mouth, watching as his blood trickled onto her lips and her tongue. Very slowly, her body stopped shaking and her breathing began to calm. He listened as her heart beat started to speed up and he sighed, the blisters and bubbles of venom on her body, very slowly started to fade.

Caroline smiled as she watched her daughter giggling as Rebekah bounced her up and down on her knee. Kol was laughing as he flashed around them, presenting her with a brand new toy every few seconds. Elijah and Klaus stood watching, relishing in the fact that for the first time, their family was happy.

Caroline's heart beat fastened as Klaus turned, smiling at her from the garden and she turned, pressing her hands against the photos of both Bonnie and Jodie she had framed in her daughters nursery; the perfect pink nursery she had always wished for. She missed them every day, but would never forget everything they had given her.

A hard knock at the front door caught her attention, that and the attention of the entire family in the garden. They stopped playing and stood up. Caroline's brow furrowed as she turned and walked towards the door.

Opening it slowly she looked down to see a young women.

"Can I help you?" Caroline asked.

"Absolutely. I hear that you hold the miracle child. I'm here to kill it." The young girl growled before flinging Caroline back into the house, she smashed through the windows at the back of the house and growled, jumping to her feet, her fangs protruding. The Mikaelson's flashed by her side in seconds and Klaus looked at her and smirked.

The one thing about being parents to a powerful, impossible, miracle child, was that everyone wanted her dead. The thing was, they had to get through the most powerful, feared family that every existed. The Mikaelson's.

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