So after my last Olicity fanfic I got this AU story in my head, it's loosely based on my original story but it is also a mix of lots of things :P. So I have wrote Chapter 1 and I'm putting it up here after putting it on tumblr, and it getting a positive reception. Hopefully this will give me the incentive to keep writing :P...
This has no Island and no Arrow, it is completely AU in those respects but hopefully the characters aren't OOC... This is another multi-chapter but I don't know how long yet and also unlike my last story I can not update every few days as I haven't got this story written...
But anyway I hope you enjoy let me know what you think :) seriously any comments welcome... Also currently rated T may change...

Synopsis: Felicity Smoak is an ordinary girl who's trying to figure out her place in the world, but life has a funny way of diverting peoples plans.
After 4 years of not speaking, Oliver Queen reappears in her life, but he isn't the man she once remembered after his "accident". Can she still find her place in the world, when being in Olivers life causes more mystery, more drama and maybe even danger? And can Oliver figure out what really happened surrounding his "accident" as well as getting back to health, and keeping his life a "secret"?
Can love blossom even in the hardest of circumstances or will it wilt before it has a chance? Only time will tell…

"Have you seen the news?" Felicity sighed to herself as she closed the door to the apartment, not ready to hear about the latest 'celebrity couples'. She'd had a hard day at work and was ready for some take-out, not to gossip "Fliss seriously, have you seen the news?" Her friends tone took her by surprise

"Nope, why? Which celebrities are splitting up now?" She said placing her keys in the bowl by the door. She actually looked at Chloe then, her short blonde hair damp, wearing a t-shirt and shorts with her boyfriend Ray sat beside her. Both with slight confused expressions and nervous looks "what's happened?" Felicity said now feeling the seriousness wash over her as she pulled her coat off

"There's been a plane accident" Ray said his arm around Chloes waist tightening a little

"What kind of accident?" She frowned still unsure where this conversation was going

"Just listen to the TV okay?" She nervously made her way to perch on the sofa arm, as Ray turned the volume up

We are now hearing that the plane accident from earlier, is no longer being classed as accidental but suspicious
"What does that mean Dave?"
"Well Sue... It basically means someone deliberately tried to take Mr Queens life"

Felicity looked at Chloe eyes wide hand covering her mouth in shock

"Now, which Queen it was meant for is the biggest question"
"Indeed, have we heard anymore from officials about his condition?"

The people on screen seemed to be moving on but Felicity turned to Chloe

"Which one?" She asked unsure why it really mattered

"Oliver" Ray replied for her, watching as her eyes went wide. She might not be Olivers biggest fan but she would never wish someone to make an attempt on his life. Yes she might have wished him dead after what happened all those years ago, but god not now, she was passed it "How bad is it?" She said in a whisper

"We don't know, he was rushed to hospital but they're waiting on an update" she nodded unsure what to think. Just then a man appeared on screen

"I'm here to issue a statement on behalf of the Queen family. Firstly they would like to thank everyone for all the well wishes and kind words for Oliver and to personally thank all the people that helped during today. Which includes policemen, firemen, and of course the hospital staff.
Now Mr Queen is out of surgery however his condition is still critical and he is in the intensive care unit. His injuries are life altering and on behalf of the entire family I would like to ask you all to please respect their privacy at this time. Thank you"

With that the man disappeared with reporters shouting after him

"Well they clearly don't know the term privacy do they" Ray said shaking his head. Felicity rolled off the arm, slouching into the sofa as she fought back tears. She turned to see Chloes expression matching her own. They might not have liked Oliver Queen but he was once there friend

"I can't believe it" Chloe managed to get out "he... He might have been a douche during university but nothing prompting murder" she shook her head in disbelief

"We all know it's not always the person it's the name" Ray said

"But a person's name shouldn't warrant death" Felicity stuttered out

"I know that but that's why I got out of my city because I was there celebrity like Oliver is here, I was a target for being a Palmer" he sound so sad, Chloe snuggled in closer to his side

"Hey, you know all that doesn't change how I feel right?" He nodded with a slight smile "I love you" she whispered

"I love you too" he smiled back his eyes sparkling. Felicity felt like she was intruding on a private moment between the pair. She felt a pang of longing in her chest, of wanting to be looked at like her friends looked at each other. She sighed and both span to look at her

"Sorry I should leave you two-"

"Don't be silly" Chloe interrupted smiling

"No this is your apartment after all" Ray smiled wide, Felicity nodded "anyway I've never actually heard the story of how you guys met Oliver Queen?"

"It's nothing interesting really" Felicity said fidgeting slightly

"Well I know most stuff that happened" Ray said looking at Chloe "and that's all in the past, but I've never actually heard how you came to meet him" Chloe turned to Felicity with a playful grin

"You might as well tell him, he doesn't give up till he finds out" she winked and Ray chuckled lightly

"She's right" he smirked

"Honestly it's nothing special"

"Doesn't matter, I'm just intrigued"

"Well it all started 5 years ago…"

5 years ago

"I can't believe we made it Fliss"

"Me either Chlo"

"Who'd have thought it, two friends from a small town making it out together"

"I know and thank you Chloe for believing in me to get out"

"Hey you did the same for me" she said pulling her into a hug "now we're officially university students let's go find our room"

"Yes of course" Both girls had rucksacks on their backs and a suitcase in hand, as they made their way around campus searching for their new home

"I swear Chloe the halls are that way" Felicity pointed

"Okay then lead the way" Felicity stepped forward without looking colliding with something, no someone. She felt herself falling when an arm grabbed her elbow steadying her

"You might want to watch where you're going" the man was taller than her, dark blond hair and charming smile on his face. He had a chiselled jaw, and Felicity could feel the blush rising up her face. He seemed too relaxed to be a freshman and looked slightly older

"I... Uh sorry, I was trying to find my room and I was totally too busy looking at the map. Sorry again though I mean I can't have hurt you, your chest is so hard" Chloe started chuckling and so did the friend of the guy, he was slightly smaller with dark hair but just as charming "I mean clearly you work out and a little thing like me couldn't hurt you from just banging-" all of them laughed "okay I'm going to stop embarrassing myself right now" the blush had turned crimson

"You're cute" his friend said grinning

"Oh she totally is" Chloe said winking "my best friend here comes out with some great things"

"I have no brain to mouth filter sorry"

"I think it's endearing" the man said winking and squeezing her elbow lightly, he leaned in close as his friend and Chloe chatted. He whispered in her ear "maybe you're mouth is good at other things too" he pulled back slowly giving her a charming smile. Felicity was frozen unsure as to why a guy like him was talking to her but she pushed that thought away, new place new start. Why couldn't she try something new? She leant forward herself placing her hands on his chest and standing on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear

"Oh wouldn't you like to know" she said her voice lower than normal, she pulled back and winked. She saw his eyes widen a little in shock, clearly he wasn't expecting her to say something back. They stood a moment just staring at each other, till they both realised there friends weren't talking anymore

"So yeh we should be going to our rooms" Chloe said staring at the pair, who were still to break eye contact

"Yes and dude we have got to be somewhere" Tommy added

"Yes" they said in unison. Both shaking their heads

"Right well it was nice meeting you two" Oliver said again pulling out his charming smile, Felicity didn't speak

"Same to you too" Chloe said grabbing Felicity arm and pulling her away slightly

"Hopefully see you around" he said suggestively

"Oh I'm sure you will" Chloe added before Felicity could even open her mouth, both guys laughed heading off in the opposite direction, as the girls made their way to halls "well that was certainly something new Fliss, I mean I've never seen you that forward before"

"Well new place new start remember" she smiled softly

"Exactly!" Chloe linked arms with her "and with that piece of eye candy too, honestly you go girl!" Felicity laughed to herself "though I still think you should try dying your hair, I mean your hairs awesome and all that but maybe a change?"

"Just because you dyed your blonde hair red does not mean I want to get rid of my dark hair" she said still smiling, tucking a strand of her dark brown, almost black, hair behind her ear

"Hey I bet you'll change your mind… eventually" she winked pulling her into halls.

The girls spent a couple of hours unpacking. There new living arrangements were good, they had individual rooms, but shared a kitchen and living-room, and bathroom with two other people they had yet to meet.
As they unpacked there basic "joint" cooking utensils the door opened, in walked two other ladies roughly the same height. The first was a brunette; she looked slightly older and seemed to be carrying law books. The second was blonde and seemed to be wearing a lot of leather, both stopped when they saw the girls

"Hi I'm Sara" the blonde one said stepping forward, her hand outstretched "Sara Lance and this is my older sister Laurel"

"Hey I'm Chloe Jones"

"And I'm Felicity Smoak" all the girls exchanged handshakes, as Laurel dumped her books on the kitchen table

"So what are you guys studying?" Laurel enquired

"Oh well I'm the crazy art student" Chloe said placing things away in cupboards

"Oh art! So you want to be an artist?" Sara asked smiling

"I'm not sure, I just enjoy art so I thought I'd see where that went"

"Well cool I'd love to see some of your work"

"Sure, it's all in my room, I can get it out later" Chloe smiled and so did Sara "so what are you studying? I mean clearly it's law for you Laurel..."

"Yes, always had a thing for helping people in need and this just seemed to fit" she smiled "plus all the hard works nearly paid off it's my final year here, guessing you guys it's your first, like Saras" they both nodded

"I'm well I'm studying psychology..."

"Oh so you want to be a psychologist?" Felicity smiled

"Oh well I don't know" she said avoiding Laurels eyes

"My little sister here has changed her mind about a career nearly every year since she could talk... She can't seem to stick to one thing"

"Hey! We aren't all certain about what we want to do, plus I want to have fun first..."

"Okay" Laurel threw her arms up in defeat "I'm sick of having the same arguments over and over again, it's your life so enjoy it"

"Thank you" Sara grinned "what about you Felicity?"

"Oh I... I'm studying computer science"

"Computer science?" Laurel said with confusion "what does that involve?"

"It basically means she can fix computers, and run programmes" Chloe added, giving her a knowing look. One that said I know you'll talk for ages and completely flummox them so I'll keep it simple

"Yes like she said, I can do a lot of computer based... things" she could still see Chloe's look, so she trailed off

"So you're uber smart then?" Sara asked smiling

"Well I just say smart"

"She's being modest; she was top of the class in our school. She got the best grades and got a scholarship to pay for all this, she is really smart" Chloe said placing an arm around her

"You don't need to hide your intelligence" Laurel smiled "it's good to see a girl who's clever and knows what she wants"

"Thank you" Felicity replied. Just then the doorbell rang

"I'll get it" Sara said making her way out the living room door, to answer the main one "oh hey Ollie, hey Tommy I should have guessed" Chloe and Felicity looked at each other shrugging as Laurel grinned

"My boyfriend and his best friend" Laurel added

"Oh" both girl said as the living room door opened Sara entered first, then there they were, the two guys from earlier. The blonde one headed straight for Laurel planting a passionate kiss on her lips. The other guy walked over instantly recognising the pair, a playful glint in his eyes and a grin on his face

"Tommy Merlyn" he said sticking his hand out, both girls shook his hand till finally Oliver released Laurel

"Oliver Queen" he said turning round, as soon as his eyes landed on Felicity they widened a little but were quickly replaced with a stoic expression. He put his hand in Chloe's direction

"Chloe Jones" she smiled raising an eyebrow. Then he turned to Felicity he could see the glare in her eyes even behind her big framed glasses

"Felicity Smoak" she said shaking his hand hard in anger. How dare this guy make a fool out of her like that! He was taken and by her flat mate

"Well it's nice to meet you girls" Oliver smiled. Felicity glanced at Chloe whose expression was blank; much like hers "We should be going" Oliver said picking Laurels books up and walking off. Tommy and Laurel followed close behind, with Sara heading to her room too

"Well seems like your eye candy isn't yours" Chloe said shaking her head

"I can't believe the cheek of him!" Felicity spat out "I am totally adding him to the no fly list!"

"Wow he really came onto you when he had Laurel?" Ray asked

"Yep" Felicity said letting the p pop "and I did add him to the no fly list but it wasn't for too long, I mean we did become friends"

"So the whole womanising, playboy, billionaire thing was really true then?"

"Well yeh, I thought Chloe would have put you in the picture with that one" she winked teasingly

"HEY!" Chloe said sitting up a little "I may have been one of those women, but I knew what I was getting in to and he wasn't in a relationship then" Both laughed at her outburst

"You don't need to justify it to me sweetheart" Ray said leaning closer "because you chose me in the end"

"and I always will" she leant forward capturing his lips. Felicity sighed pulling herself from the sofa

"When you guys have done will you order food, you know what I like. I'm going to have a shower" she didn't wait for a response before walking down the hall to her bedroom, finding her mind wandering to Oliver Queen and what life altering injuries actually meant in his case

"If you guys were friends, why does Fliss never talk about him?" Ray asked when he heard her door close, and the pair had pulled apart

"That is a long story, which I don't like to share" she said sighing "sorry"

"Hey don't apologising for being a good friend, but I'm guessing it was bad then"

"Yes, really bad…" she said sighing "I'm not 100% sure she ever got over it, and I'm hoping him being all over the news doesn't bring back old wounds. Not that I don't want him to recover, I just-" Ray wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tight stopping her mid-sentence. Felicity let the tear roll down her cheek at hearing her friends' words, and quietly closed her bedroom door, thinking about how one day can change so much.