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"Means someone talking

'Means someone thinking

The day started out as normal Serena was late to school had a fight with the most gorgeous man alive… I mean the big jerk and got detention our story now starts with her sitting in her Advanced Music Class a secret that no one but her parents and Molly know about.

"Right class for your assignment I want you to write a song or a piece of music that relates to you but has some fantasy quality to it and please do remember that this counts as half of your grade. You will be performing this assignment instead of in front of the class as usual but in front of a certain college class and your fellow students from here at cross roads, the Shiba Kōen school and the T*A Private Girls School. Alright begin." Just hearing the schools made Serena pail as that meant that she'd have to perform in front of her friends Ami, Raye, Lita and Mina who didn't know that she had musical talent.

Serena decided to think about that later and got stick into trying to decide what to write 'let's see it has to relate to me but have some fantasy to it hmmm oh I know the fight with beryl and my friends' an hour passed and the next think Serena knew was the bell was ringing for the end of school the teacher looked up from helping a student and dismissed the class "Miss Tuskino stay behind please?" Serena stopped where she was about to leave the class room "Yes mam what is it?" she replied looking worried " don't look so worried Serena I just wanted to inform you that Mrs Haruna went home ill so your detention will have to wait till she returns to school" the teacher replied