by vanhunks

a reworking of "And the muses shall sing" by Grace from Cleveland

a story for Janeway and Chakotay


This story is a reworking of a story that appeared as an "UNABLE TO LOCATE" story on the old J/C Message board and later on the VAMB [Voyagerangel Message Board]. Here is the posting on VAMB for this "Lost Story".

This had been posted and reposted on the JC message board and no one has found it yet.- sooooo here you go -tell us where it is.

"They get home. C/7 not together (never happened). Last night on board J/C make love. He thinks they will be together always. J made Admiral. C made Captain. At reception for all of Voyager, Mark comes. He and J goes to her office to talk. He forces her to have sex with him. C walks in on them and thinks she was willing. He calls her a ***** (and a lot more) and walks out. He takes a demotion to get on another ship right away and takes off on a two or three year mission. However, J is pregnant with his child. The ship that C is on gets overtaken and all are made slaves. Starfleet feels that the only ones that can save them are Voyager and it's old crew. They send J and crew after them."

This search has been ongoing since 2005. After contacting the author through a third person, I was informed that the story would NOT be available on the 'net. I believe the author has since passed on as she was already in her seventies at the time of writing the story.

The original title was "And the muses shall sing", by Grace from Cleveland. In a new reworking of the short blurb I could only use the ideas given in the short description and tried at best to give "life" to the outline. While the outline and "And the muses shall sing" remain the work of Grace, "The winter of our discontent" using the same outline is now a new story by me.

All credit first of all to the author whose story created such a vast and indepth search on the old J/C Message Board and Voyagerangel Message Board [VAMB], mostly because everyone found the premise so intriguing.

The story has not yet been betaread, so all errors and minor typos are mine. It remains largely a work in progress so I welcome all comments and ideas from readers.


September 2014

DISCLAIMER: Characters Janeway, Chakotay, Mark Johnson, Owen Paris, the USS VOYAGER belong to Paramount. New characters created for the story are my own.

RATING: [PG-13] [T]


SUMMARY: Soon after returning home Kathryn's new found happiness with Chakotay is cruelly tested when Mark Johnson interferes.



It is injustice to determine the brutality of an action because of the victim or the criminal."
― M.F. Moonzajer

Alpha Quadrant 2378 - The office of Admiral Janeway

Her mind had been on Chakotay all day. He'd gone to the Yucatan to meet with Senora Mercedes Mendoza, an author who was recording the chronicles of the people of Dorvan. He had been enthusiastic in collaborating on a chapter, but too eager to be back. "I miss being in your arms..." he'd said before he left at 0500. She'd given him a peck on the cheek and virtually chased him away from her apartment. "When I return, Kathryn Janeway" he promised as he departed, "I'm going to marry you!"

Sighing blisfully, chin resting on her hand, Kathryn kept staring at the framed picture of Chakotay on her desk. It was taken when they'd been on New Earth and he'd been open and enthusiastic and persuasive about creating a home for them there. Her eyes softened. When Voyager returned for them, it had been hard to hide her disappointment.

It had been more than a thrilling journey through the Borg's transwarp conduit, for as soon as they were in the Alpha Quadrant and had managed to bring order to a chaotic ship, she'd spontaneously blurted in his quarters, "I love you, Chakotay. I really cannot imagine how I could have made this journey without you."

She'd fought back threatening tears, waiting for a response, fearful he'd not believe her. Her hand had flown to her mouth and she'd closed her eyes. Several heady moments later she felt his hand gently removing hers, to kiss her with such a reverent air that she couldn't prevent scalding tears running down her cheeks.

Somewhere during that night of tangled sheets and intimate discovery he'd whispered, "I have loved you forever, even when you weren't mine to love."

Kathryn lifted the picture and kissed the cool glass, on his tattoo of the Rubber Tree People. She hoped to see him sooner than he'd promised. He'd told her, "And please, don't give that Johnson your time of day!"

They had a reception for the Voyager crew last night, attended by dignitaries and curious other individuals who had probably either gatecrashed or had friends in high places. Mark Johnson was one of them. He'd arrived and had been the picture of cordiality. He'd slipped away from his Mars vacation with his family to attend the reception, "Mainly, of course, to see you, Kathryn." She had greeted him and exchanged some pleasantries, pleased that he and Wanda were blessed with two little boys. Last night she also realised how little she had really loved Mark Johnson, how she had clung to his image on Voyager mainly to protect her betraying heart. Mark remained in her orbit, something that made her frown even though she kept up pleasantries with him, not wanting to offend him by leaving his side abruptly.

She'd noticed Chakotay hovering nearby, a scowl on his face when Mark had stood too close to her. This morning he'd apologised for acting like a boor, stating again how he didn't trust Mark Johnson around her. "Didn't you notice how he looked at you? Like he didn't have a loving wife and kids...?"

She was still deep in thought when her door chimed. Frowning, she placed the picture back on her desk. She wasn't expecting anyone. Chakotay was off to the Yucatan, she had no aide yet who could disturb her. She had the rest of the day off.


The door opened, the tall imposing figure stepped inside, a broad smile on his face.

"Mark! I thought you'd be back on Mars by now! Your family must be missing you!"

"Enjoyed seeing you last night. Thought I'd come by before I left," he responded as he stepped right up against her desk, planting his hands on the gleaming surface. He leaned forward and gazed directly into her eyes.

Kathryn was suddenly glad of the barrier. Mark's smile had gone, replaced by a serious, probing look. She frowned. Was something the matter with him? she wondered. Did he lie to his wife about visiting Earth on some philosophical pretext? Mark had married Wanda Bellamy three years after Voyager went missing in the Badlands. She had received his letter, saddened but not really that surprised by his decision. She'd told Chakotay that Mark had decided to move on with his life. She had shrugged philosophically then, saying that Mark had been a safety net. She realised only now how much of a safety net Mark had been, a feeling that filled her with some regret that she had used him. If she hadn't clung to that idea so rigidly on Voyager, she would have had a harder time holding off a man like Chakotay, infinitely more dangerous, more rugged, and a far, far greater threat to her sensibilities. She realised now how futile it had been anyway. She had given herself to Chakotay heart, body and soul.

Now Mark looked at her as if he had unfinished business.

"Something wrong, Mark?" she ventured.

He gazed at her for long moments, eyes narrowed, lips compressed, discomfort lodging itself in the pit of her stomach. This was not the Mark she'd known for so long - the old friend, the kind-hearted, generous, always considerate man who took care of her dog while she was gone. She experienced a deep flutter inside her, unable to decide whether it was imagining Mark had some terrible calamity happen to him or just plain fear of something unthinkable about to happen.

"Kathryn," he began, the register of his voice so low and hoarse that even that sounded alien to her. He closed his mouth again, appearing almost uncertain about his next words.

"What is it, Mark? You sound strange."

And you're acting weird, she thought.

"You were gone seven years."

"Yes, I was, and so were a hundred and forty of my crew. Yet, here we are," she ventured again, frowning. "Mark, where is this conversation going?"

"I married Wanda three years after Voyager disappeared."

"I understand. You moved on. I accepted that."

By this time Kathryn had risen to her feet, for Mark had moved around the desk, closer to her. If she didn't know him as a kind and generous man, she would have thought his movement like that of a predator. He held her shoulders, pressing closer. She frowned heavily.

"You're in my space, Mark."

She tried to push him forcefully away, to dislodge his grip on her shoulder. He didn't seem penitent that he had overstepped the boundary. In fact, he smiled. It was a different smile this time, a strange energy projecting from him. For a moment Kathryn considered calling security, to hit her commbadge. But he was Mark Johnson, her lifelong friend and sometime lover. She tried pushing him away again, but hs grip tightened. His eyes, she noticed for the first time, were a little bloodshot.

"Let go of me!" she ordered. "You're hurting me!" She was unable to move her hands to reach her commbadge, to call security.

"I could never forget you, Kathryn! You were always there, in my dreams, in all my waking moments, in my sleeping moments, everywhere! I thought I could forget you. I tried hard! But the minute I married Wanda I realised my mistake. It was as if she triggered all the feelings I had for you."

"You can not be serious! You are betraying your wife!"

Mark gripped her, pulling her face closer to his, and he was rolling.

"Even when we made love, your image kept intruding. I thought I could get over you. I loved you and hated you for it! Hated you! My marriage, Kathryn, is ruined, because of you!"

"For God's sake, don't do anything you will regret, please!"

"I have to taste you again, my love, or I shall go mad."

Mark's lips bore down on hers. Something, of an anger, or an outrage, or just plain surprise exploded behind her eyelids as she tried desperately to push him away. She tried again to hit her commbadge, but Mark was too quick for her. He deftly plucked it from her chest and threw it on the floor, banging his boot down hard on it.

"Mark, are you insane!?" Kathryn gasped in outrage.

"No!...yes! I am insane, I am mad, mad about you still. I haven't forgotten the taste of your body!"

He grabbed her shoulders and pinned her over the desk in a movement so sudden that she cried out in surprise, the picture of Chakotay flying and landing with a crash on the floor. Kathryn, too stunned, reacted too late. His nails dug into her neck, cutting off her air supply. She tried to scream, but whatever sound she tried to make could not have alerted anyone in the adjacent offices. They'd think she and Chakotay...

She tried kicking, but already he was tugging away at her pants, one hand over her mouth and the other scoring her skin as he pulled it free. Tears spilled from her as she felt the cold air on her skin. She couldn't scream. Already he was pressing himself between her splayed thighs.

She fought in vain while he plundered her body. All she could think of was one beloved voice, one beloved face, come to deliver her from a terrible ordeal.


That moment her door opened.



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