Hey, did you know that subconscious thought is easy to control?

…Well, easy for me anyways.

"Hah, ahn, K-Koishi, stop…"

"Wow nee-san… you're really wet…"

It was still a bizarre situation, regardless of the fact I was the one behind it. My fingers were deep inside my sister, Satori, feeling out her shape. She was also getting off on it, although that might have been more 'me', than 'her'.

"Noo, awwu~" Satori moaned cutely with a confused expression. She probably didn't understand why she was enjoying this incestuous act so much. I most certainly did, however.

Such a lewd situation… How does it all start, you ask? Well…


Everyone's entire life was ruled by thought. They were the weird ones… They can't be free like this.

Just do whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like it, I always said.

Then, I met a certain shrine maiden and new feelings welled up inside me.

What is she thinking? She's very interesting. I want to know more about her…

For the first time in a long time… I felt 'thought', even if it was the slightest moment. That's when I realized 'I' was the weird one. No one on this planet was like me and it wasn't necessarily 'wrong' to think. I finally understood that.

But the feeling only lasted for a moment, and it was gone. My curiosity unwavering, I decided to trigger that feeling again, to understand it. It wasn't even something I 'thought' about, I just wanted to know what it felt like.

Visiting the shrine maiden was no help… I never felt the same thing whenever I visited her. So I tried doing lots of things, seemingly random, to solve my 'problem'.

And finally, during my endless quest for 'thought', I found a book. It was hidden way back inside a certain well known library I "snuck" into, snuck meaning I literally walked past the residents.

The book had a cherry-colored cover, and wear and tear amongst the edges, implying it had been used very often. A wonder since it was hidden all the way in the back. The title read, "Expressing Your Love Without Words".

I flipped open the book, and from that point onward, a new world was opened up to me… A world of 'love'…

My 'thoughts' were coming back, although more like a dull buzzing type of thing than a natural happening thing… if that makes any sense.

Sex seemed amazing… there were so many things I never knew about. I didn't know that simply touching yourself could feel so good, not to mention relieve stress (the book went over that as one of the many benefits of sex). It made me wonder, why would nee-san not teach about such things?

Then I thought (another sign of my conscious thought returning) that perhaps she herself didn't know either.

It seemed likely, she never really seemed at peace before… Never really relaxed. She always seemed stressed out, whether it was with the constant thoughts she didn't want to hear, or the fact that the pets were making a mess again (or plotting world domination).

The book said, '…sex can deepen your relationships with the person whom you love…' as well. I loved nee-san; she was family and all families love each other. That must mean… that sex was a normal thing among family members, right?

While I would later find out this was not the case, at the time, I didn't really find anything wrong with it. Nee-san was stressed and I wanted to get closer to her, so…

"Ahn, no, w-we shouldn't- ahh~" Satori's moans were echoing throughout the room, as was the wet friction that came from my fingers rubbing her wet pussy.

"Why not, don't you feel good?" I said, not bound by the common sense that restricted others.

Satori gasped as I lightly pinched her erect clitoris, her eyes widening, shocked at how much of an effect my touch was having on her body. I 'was' helping her get into it more by messing with her subconscious thought, but it was all for her sake.

The book I read commented on a many great things, hypnosis being one of them. The concept was nice, but unlike hypnosis, I Actually had control over subconscious thought. I didn't need a pendant, I didn't need to talk them into it, I just controlled it. Thanks to that, I can let nee-san enjoy this sex without any inhibitions… subconscious-wise anyways.

"Y-you're finger i-is… Ohh~" Satori started to lose her resistance to the absurdly erotic situation happening to her.

I could see her purple hair shake slightly with her trembles of pleasure, her eyes were staring down at what transpired between her legs. I could see her lips curl up into an erotic grin, subconsciously, but it turned me on… for some reason. I guess seeing her get aroused made me the same way? Either way, I was starting to get excited as well, so I proceeded to more than simple fingering.

I used my free hand to pull nee-san's head closer to mine and gave her a deep kiss. Her body moved with a sudden urgency to escape, but the futile resistance only lasted a moment as she not only let me continue, but kissed me back. My tongue tangled around nee-san's as I sucked on the sensitive buds, eliciting a moan that came from the back of her throat. She sucked as well, although it was much weaker in comparison, her actions dulled by the overwhelming sensations invading her nerves.

Her eyelids were drooping over the endless sea of purple her eyes created, shimmering and full of lust. My heart seemed to skip a beat when I saw it. She never had that look in her eyes before, but it was adorable… Something precious I never wanted to let go. My feelings and passion for 'love' became greater and I broke off the kiss, lowering my head almost instinctively towards nee-san's lower area. She didn't react, she just waited for what came next.

I read about this… cunnilingus, was it called? Whatever it was called didn't matter however. What mattered is this feeling… this warm, electric feeling that buzzed at the back of my skull, making me move my lips without hesitation towards nee-san's soaked folds.


Satori's sweet moans continued to echo throughout the room, each one urging me to come onto her stronger. I wanted to hear her moan even louder… and cuter, if it wasn't too much to ask. I slide my tongue across her erect clitoris, swollen and soaked in the honey of her lust.

Her taste… calling it sweet would be going too far, but it didn't need to be. It tasted like how she smelled… if that made sense. A familiar taste, as though I knew it my entire life, yet I could not describe it as anything other than familiar. If one were to ask me how it tasted, I would use vague words like, 'inviting' and 'flowery', although I'm sure no one but me would describe it that way.

There was one thing that I could say for certain, however; My arousal reached new heights when I came in contact with her honey. This scent, this taste, this warmth… All of this was her sex. Pure, concentrated feelings overflowing from her heart and straight to her… Well, no matter how I described it, she just wanted to be licked dry at this point, which I was happily doing.

"Kah, K-koishiii, y-y-your tounge o-onnn pussy, so good!~"

Her delirious panting caused heated air to brush along the spine of my back (did I mention we were naked?) as I sucked lovingly on her most-sensitive area. Mine was just as wet by this point, but all I cared about was making nee-san feel good. With every kiss, every lick, I tried to stimulate her even stronger than the last time. I was always rewarded with a louder moan, a wetter mouth, and a convulsion.

"M-more… P-please kiss me more!~"

As she demanded to feel better, Nee-san grabbed my head and pushed it towards herself in an attempt to greedily gain more pleasure. With her warm scent engulfing my senses, I continued to move without thought; lapping up her juices and stimulating her throbbing clit with my tongue. It was a wet, warm, arousing experience that made me sink further into my newfound addiction; sex.

There wasn't anything that could stop me from licking nee-san. The moans only made me more excited and I didn't have a reason to stop until we were both satisfied. The pets could have interfered, but they would be sub-consciously feeling themselves up should they try to get in the way. I won't let anything stop this, except for climax.

I could feel nee-san's pussy starting to thrust… no, it was moving slightly before that; How could she not move in this erotic situation? At any rate, she moved much more aggressively and I could hear the pitch in her tone reach heights I never knew she could reach. I could feel something warm dripping onto my back in rhythm with her panting… her drool?

…I was happy. There wasn't a single sign that nee-san wasn't enjoying this. She was even enjoying it to the point where she drooled absentmindedly. How could I not be happy with these results?

It wasn't over, however. I knew in her sudden movement, her change in tone, her hands grasping my head tightly… she was about to orgasm.

…Then I was unhappy, ironically enough. I was really wet too, and yet…

No, that's not what I should be focusing on. I can't let my selfishness ruin nee-san's experience. T-that being said, I can still take my hand from her butt and slide it into…

…My soaking wet pussy… the moment I touched it, I was gone. I don't even really remember what I was doing, but my finger and tongue wouldn't stop moving. Both me and my sister went to the edge of pleasure and beyond in a matter of seconds.


I could hear nee-san's cry of pleasure as I began to drown in a sea of pleasure, literally. I orgasmed as well, and my moans were choked off by the spasming juices that escaped nee-san's womanhood. Breaking free from her grasp, I coughed exhaustedly, clearing my throat of any hazards.

Nee-san slumped onto the floor soon after, the stimulus of her first orgasm overwhelming her completely. I could finally see her face; Her panting, drooling, exhausted face… and I couldn't help but snuggle up to her after seeing it. I doubt anyone could help themselves if they saw that face.

I was thinking about kissing her again when my energy suddenly disappeared, the adrenaline of sex I once had running out. But, then again, falling asleep next to nee-san's warmth was more than enough to keep me happy.

I thought that as my eyelids could no longer stay open.