"Draco, Neville, I'm going to France."

Neville peered up at Hermione, seeing her determined but exhausted gaze. "Your kids?"

Hermione nodded, moving her wand about in her fingers. "I need to see them. I've kind of been thinking in terms of being back in the war, you know? Make sure Harry's okay. And everything that's started… I've never had a moment of peace to really think."

The snow continued to pelt the mansion that they were in. It was a bad winter, having not stopped snowing or raining since December came around. Their group had decided to stay in the Malfoy mansion since they couldn't realistically move out, didn't know where exactly Harry's group was.

It had been a rough few months and Harry had taken to sending letters often, letting them know his thoughts on this new outbreak. Hermione had read inbetween the lines of his letters and seen that Harry did know what had happened but was too busy to do anything about it.

"How are you- Floo?" Draco asked, watching as Scorpius, James and Albus ran about the first floor. Severus and Lucius had not woken up yet, having taken one room on the third floor of the mansion. No one had commented on the two older men's relationship and then Gabrielle had finally broken down and asked. Apparently, the two former Death Eaters had been in a relationship before this whole thing started. "I don't know if we're connected to Fleur's mansion."

"We are," Gabrielle remarked, walking into the sitting room that they were in. "I just got finished charming it. My sister says hi."

Hermione froze then took a deep breath, sighing out in relief. "Thank you."

"We should learn the charms for that," Neville said, gesturing to Gabrielle. "Could come in handy in the future."

"Hermione, do you expect to be gone long?" Draco questioned, his voice steady but Neville could hear the uncertainty in it.

"I don't know, Draco. I could just stay for a few days or visit everyone and then bring my children back here," Hermione answered, shrugging a little and reaching back to tie her hair back. "I'll let you know what my plans are when I arrive in France."

"My two boys are alive!"

"Dad?" Lily woke up, her eyes blinking blearily. Teddy woke up next, peering up at him from where he and Carl were asleep in the corner. Lily had taken to sleeping with Sophia, attaching herself to Sophia's side.

"James and Albus are alive! They're with Draco and Neville, who also are alive!" Harry exclaimed quietly, looking down at the letter again. The growl of a walker outside the barn they were in startled the kids and Sophia, in her sleep, moved closer to Lily. "Your brothers… They're alive."

Lily's eyes widened, her lips twitching up into a fast grin. "James! Albus!"

"Neville also says that Albus inherited parseltongue from me," Harry muttered, placing a hand on Daryl's back, as the other man moved next to him. It looked like the hunter was having a nightmare, one that was causing Daryl to curl into himself. Harry slipped one of his hands into Daryl's, squeezing in reassurance. "Quite something to inherit, all things considered. Well… you inherited my sight though."

Lily nodded, her bright red curls nearly reaching her shoulders now. It had been her birthday just a week ago, his only daughter turning 12. "That's how I could see Carl in his other form."

Harry dipped his head in a nod. "Yes."

He looked towards where Rick was lying down, at the front of the barn, near the big door. They hadn't gotten any opportunity to talk about the kiss yesterday but Harry supposed they would. He knew Lori was having nothing to do with Rick now, leaving their leader alone. The confusion and resentment from Rick not telling them about what the scientist at the CDC had told him had disbanded a little.

But Lori had not lost any of her dislike for her husband, had not forgiven him for letting Carl kill walker-Shane. Something about Carl still being a kid. And kids were not supposed to know how to kill people or walkers.

Lori's stomach was getting bigger with each week, now the size of a basketball. Her morning sickness was getting worse and Harry had spent a few days tweaking the recipe for the potion, at least with what he knew. Now, he could consult Severus or Draco on that.

"Apparently, Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy are alive too," Harry muttered after a few minutes. "I don't know how to feel about that but whatever. They're survivors. As long as Malfoy's father doesn't regress to his Death Eater self, which is unlikely now."

Lily snorted and Daryl shifted next to him, stretching a little but not making a sound.

"What about Death Eaters?" Daryl questioned, slowly waking up beside him, turning his face up to look at Harry.

"The father of one of my friends," Harry replied, shrugging slightly. "He was a Death Eater back during the war and then defected. It seems he's alive and is helping my friends. He's definitely a survivor. My sons are alive too! James and Albus. They're both alive."

Daryl peered down at the letter in Harry's hands. "Hermione?"

"Yes. Then another one from Neville. He's the one that has the other sword," Harry whispered, stretching a little and lying back down, shuffling closer to Daryl. The sun wasn't up yet so they still had an hour or two of sleep, assuming no walkers disturbed them. Daryl froze a little, his breath hitching, before leaning into him.

Harry watched as Lily and Teddy fell back asleep before stretching out to press his lips to Daryl's neck. Daryl shivered, letting out a quiet breath, before turning on his side to face him. Harry waited a minute before reaching out to pull Daryl into a kiss. Daryl groaned into him, as Harry curled a hand around his neck.

"Was I right in letting Rick join us?" Harry questioned quietly, staring into Daryl's eyes as the man stared at him, eyes slightly blown with arousal.

Daryl turned to look over at Rick, where their leader was still asleep, alone in the corner. "Should've invited him to sleep with us."

"That a yes?" Harry's hand moved slowly down, rubbing little distracting circles on Daryl's back, slipping under his shirt. Daryl groaned and bucked into Harry's palm as it moved onto his chest, moving up to thumb one of his nipples. He sucked in a tight breath and saw Harry whisper something under his breath.

A shimmering, quiet blue light wrapped around them, hiding them from view of their group. The magical wall blurred between them and kept their movements hidden. Daryl was too busy staring at the ward when Harry pulled him into a kiss, warm and wanting. His heart sped up as Harry licked his way into his mouth, his hands still moving around Daryl's chest.

Daryl groaned and wrapped an arm around Harry's back, holding on tightly as his cock strained for attention. Sweat dripped down his forehead and got into his eyes, making him blink it back. Pleasure built at the base of his spine as one of Harry's hands moved down to his waist.

He froze, his cheeks heating up, and Harry peered at him, his green eyes intent but hesitant. "Daryl?"

"Never been with a guy before."

"Oh." Harry studied him before pulling back an inch or two. His hand moved back up to Daryl's chest, staying there, stroking soothing circles into his heated skin that were not actually soothing at all. His cock was now hard and ached for a hand, causing him to squirm in place a little. "Is this okay then?"

"Fuck. I don't…"

"We don't have to go all the way now," Harry whispered, reaching down a hand to unbuckle his own jeans. "Take it slow and all that. Just say the word and I'll stop. Though I may just help out myself. Been a while, you know."

Daryl watched as Harry's hand moved down, freeing his own hard cock. His heart sped up at the image of Harry's hand on his cock and he moaned.

"Wait. Fuck. I want you..."

Harry grinned and moved closer to him, reaching over to grasp both of their cocks at the same time. Daryl gasped at the sensation, skin moving against skin and a strangled groan left his throat as Harry stroked up and down, pre-cum smoothing his way. Daryl arched up into Harry's palm and came with a shout, toes curling and pleasure rocketing through his body. His fingers dug into the blanket that he was lying on, his vision dimming to just the man next to him.

He heard Harry come a second later, his hand withdrawing.

When he blinked his eyes open next, it was to a hand running through his hair. Harry had cleaned them both up and was still lying next to him, his green eyes fond.

It was nearly two months later that Harry, Rick and Daryl found the prison.

AN: I know this is short but it's a... transition chapter? Also, I wanted to reassure you guys.