"How stupid… Why must they act like idiots?"

Those words still ring in my head. I knew I wasn't normal but I never thought to question Misshistsu. She always acted normal. But she wasn't. We wouldn't be trapped here if she was normal.

It started as a normal night of watching old horror movies with my friends. The seven of us always got a laugh out of how cliché the movies were. I never really noticed it until Miki mentioned that. The only words she spoke that night still haunt me.

"How stupid… Why must they act like idiots?"

She was right. They always made the dumbest choices. Choosing what would lead to the demise of oneself. I feel like we are trapped in one of those movies. Or one of those horror animes.

Stupid me for agreeing to the game. Stupid Misshitsu for suggesting it.

My name is Jitka. To anyone that reads this. Please help…


Credit where credit is due.


One of the chapters for Secret Notes of Sacrifice this one introducing Jitka's scenario for the story. Each character has a different story that consist of different events. Basically a different timeline.

This story does not come from the same storyverse as Sadistic Secrets of Bloody Sacrifice.