Telling Her

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Abby Griffin was looking over the remaining medical supplies from the Ark, having Clarke write everything down as they went. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Abby sent Clarke to see who it was.

"Mom! It's Kane." Clarke called back to her.

"Let him in, Clarke." Abby called back.

Clarke smirked at Kane and sent him to the back where Abby was located. Clarke could tell by his determined yet scared look as to what he was planning to do. Although realizing Kane's feelings for her mother weren't really a shock, she accepted it quickly and wished him the best of luck.

Clarke decided that privacy was overrated, grabbing a surviving video camera from the Ark and sneaking outside the door that Kane left open. Turning on her camera she was content to sit back and watch everything unfold.

"Abby?" Kane said, knocking on the door gently.

"Marcus, what can I do for you?" Abby replied, finishing what she was doing before turning to give Kane her full attention.

Taking a few steps towards her, Kane stumbled over his words as they all tried to leave his mouth at once. "A-Abby, I wanted tell you...t-that."

"Yes?" Abby looked at him concerned. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong." Kane answered, "I just needed to tell you that..."

"Tell me what, Marcus." Abby was starting to get irritated with Kane unusual stuttering.

Kane looked momentarily frustrated, "You know what. It's just easier to show you. Although I understand if you hate me after this."

Abby's confusion was clear as Kane quickly walked towards her, cupped her face and kissed her. Abby froze in place. Kane put as much emotion into this single kiss as he could. Kane pulled back slowly, savouring the feeling of her lips on his. At the same time, Kane braced himself for the incoming slap.

Instead, he was caught off guard when Abby grabbed his face and placed a passionate kiss on his lips. Momentarily frozen from the shock of not getting slapped, Kane quickly snapped out of it and returned Abby's kiss. His hands drifted from Abby's face to her waist; clutching to her like a life line. He pulled her closer to him till it was almost impossible to tell where one stopped and the other began.

Clarke covered her mouth to stop any laughter from disrupting the new couple. Turning off the camera, she snuck out the main door and left to find Bellamy, Octavia, Finn and Jasper. She was truly happy for them. But even so, she really didn't want to know how things went down after she left.