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The Universal Codex:

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++The names in this file presented to your eyes are all the major governments/powers that we have encountered in this galaxy so far since we first ascended to the stars++

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The IH is a short abbreviation of the Imperium of Humanity, the government body of humanity. It's one of the most powerful factions presently in the galaxy.

Imperial Government-

The Imperium of Humanity stands as the successor state of the now defunct Penarian Federation, its predecessor. The government stands as an Oligarchy and Monarchy with underlining ideologies of meritocracy and authoritarian. Led by the God-Emperor and the Council of High Lords, they are the ones who make the big decisions that affect the overall people of the nation.

Capitol: Throneworld Terra


The species Homo sapiens, or simply referred as Humanity stands as the sole member of the Imperium of Humanity. Thanks to its status as an old race in the galaxy, generations of gene tailoring, and having settled in thousands of worlds of different biomes for countless millennia, this had led to a heavy, rich diversity of genetics within the species thanks to the superior adaptive genome. This had led to the rise of many Homo sub-species throughout the empire.

Homeworld: Throneworld Terra

The God-Emperor:

The eternal Emperor of the Imperium and representative of Humanity, the God-Emperor is considered on of the oldest known humans in at over thirty-thousand years old and stands as one of the most powerful human pyskers in existence. Much of his past is well known by his people thanks to countless legends and documents written about him not too mention the many interviews he held. He stands as the author of the Imperial Truth philosophy.

The Council of High Lords:

The Council of High Lords is individuals that represent every aspect of our society and have worked their way up the ranks of their respective organizations, accumulating centuries of experience and knowledge. The council consists of:

-The Maestro of the Administrate: The Administrate is responsible for ensuring that things run smoothly in the Imperium, they're the bureaucracy of the government.

-The Directorate of the Officio Agente: The intelligent/security arm, they have the job of rooting out rebels that threaten the peace and look out for foreign threats. Field agents have the power to request help from the military and civilian (depending on what Sectium they're part of).

-Sectium Malleus (looking for signs of chaos corruption)

-Sectium Xenos

-Sectium Traitor (stopping rebels, etc.)

-Sectium Intelligentium (the intelligence)

-The Grand-Fabricator of the Mechanicus: The Mechanicus are the scientific/engineer branch of the society. It is them that truly handle the technology and do the research.

-The Grand Provost of the Arbites: The Arbites are the police of the Imperium; it's their job to ensure that laws are followed respectfully and there's no unrest.

-The Paternal Envoy of the Navigators: The Navigators are pyskers with special genes that allow them to see through the warp and perceive its currents. Given the responsibility of guiding ships in slipspace.

-The Representative of the Imperial military: The representative is usually the highest-ranking member in the military.

-The Grand-Governor of the Colonial Order: Every world is ruled by a governor who answers to a higher-ranking governor and so on along the chain of rank. They make sure each world is happy and seeing all the problems of the citizens is dealt with.

-Planetary Governor/System Governor

-Sub-sector Governor (lords over the systems)

-Sector Governor (lords over the sub-sectors)

-Regional Governor (lords over the sectors)

-Segmentum Governor (lords of the sectors)

-Grand-Governor of the Imperium

Imperial Military:

The military of the Imperium of Humanity, the entire organization answers to the Imperial High Command (HIGHCOM) and is divided into 3 separate branches:

The Imperial Navy (IN)

The Imperial Ground Forces (IGF)

The Imperial Special Forces (ISF)

Each one is responsible for protecting the Imperium of Humanity from its enemies with all their manpower they have. The military control Fortress worlds throughout human-controlled space with a Stratocracy system.


The Imperial Navy is the second largest military force in the Imperium with the Ground Forces outnumbering them. They carry the sole purpose of void operations, planetary defenses, and patrolling human-controlled space from outside threats. They are overseen by the organization of Naval Command (NAVCOM). With tens of thousands of warships in large fleets ready to deliver judgment on the enemies of man, they are a force to reckon with.

The Imperial Navy is filled with countless classes of ships from small frigates to massive battleships. The ships of the Imperium of Humanity are described as blocky-shaped with influences of Gothic architecture.

Frigates/Corvettes: the smallest classes of warships in the Navy, they primarily serve as protective escorts for the capital ships in fleets during a naval battle to shield their vulnerability to swarms of enemy void craft. When not providing escort service, these ships will band together in what can be called wolf packs to outflank powerful adversaries with numbers using their superior speed and maneuverability due to their smaller size. Their size and design comes with the addition of allowing in-atmospheric action to provide direct fire support or deployment for Imperial ground forces.

Charon-class Light Frigate: At seven hundred and fifty meters, Charons are built with thin armor, lesser weapons, and weak shields in exchange for greater speed. due to their lightweight capacity, they serve as light escorts for smaller capital ships and moderate fire support for ground battles. These ships form the core of wolf packs, using their greater numbers to combat swarms of void craft and threaten small capital ships.

Firestorm-class Heavy Frigate: At nine hundred meters, the Firestorms are equipped with much thicker armor, weapons, and shields compared to the Charon class. Thanks to their heavier classification, they serve as stronger escorts for larger capital ships in a fleet and serve as the heavy artillery support for ground forces. In a wolf-pack, they are far more capable of dealing out more damage to their foes with their better armament.

Destroyers: stronger than the frigates in the Navy, this classification of ships fills in the role of heavy escorts for all capital ships, especially those of the carrier classification. Their maneuverability, armor, and armament allows them to defend against enemy assault crafts or void crafts and deal moderate damage alone against larger foes.

Harrier-class Destroyer: at one and five kilometers, they are outfitted with heavy armor and strong shields to better fend of swarms smaller ships in a prolonged battle. Compared to other classes of ships by their weaponry, the Harrier class carries an unusual number of torpedoes and missile silos for swift but heavy hitting.

Cruisers/Strike Cruisers/Battlecruisers: forming the backbone of the Imperial Navy in their battles across the void, this classification of ships are equipped far better in terms of armament, shields, and armor. The class of cruisers can occasionally serve as heavy escorts for larger capital ships such as carriers in defense against enemy warships or stand as the anti-capital warships of the fleet with their greater numbers and firepower they can dish out. Cruisers stand as the smallest warships capable of deploying both large numbers of void craft and ground forces within their hulls. The classification of strike cruisers designed similar to the cruiser but sacrifice a portion of their armor in favor of wielding a larger array of armaments to increase their rate of fire. The class of the battlecruiser stand as a hybrid between the armor and defense of a cruiser and the offensive capabilities of a battleship. The battlecruisers are armed with a heavy load-out of armament to serve as direct anti-capital warships in the fleet teeth and protected with thick layers of armor and shields to better defeat their enemies.

Dauntless-class Light Cruiser: at two and six kilometers, this class of light cruisers focus more on mobility and swift strikes to outmaneuver their opponents rather than face them on. Armed with lighter armor for improved speed, these ships find much use in flanking enemy ships.

Marathon-class Cruiser: at four and seven kilometers, this class of cruisers stand as the most common capital ship to find in any Imperial fleet. Armed with heavy plates of armor and sporting an impressive array of armaments, they represent the balance between light and heavy in combat which is further augmented with their cargo of void crafts and additional battalions of soldiers for ground operations.

Maverick-class Strike Cruiser: sharing a similar design to the light cruiser, the Maverick class sports a greater array of weapons compared to the Dauntless for long-range attacks.

Oberon-class Battlecruiser: with a length of six kilometers and armed with the thickest armor plating allowed and wielding heaviest weapons, the Oberon class are ideal for anti-capital warfare and defending the vital flagships or crucial ships of the fleet. While their offensive capabilities are small compared to the battleships fielded by the Imperial Navy, they're firepower is highly sought over by the countless small fleets that cannot afford a heavy capital ship of their own.

Troopships/Supply ships/Medical ships: these fleets of ship classes are designed in mind for the purpose of assisting a fleet during long-range operations that would often separate them from the vital Imperial supply or support a planetary invasion. They are equipped with small number of armaments by compensate this weakness with heavy armor plating and impressive shielding systems to better protect their assets.

Aries-class Troopship: at four and six kilometers, they are the smallest but commonly troopship in the navy. With thick armor and strong shields, they can survive entry in the atmosphere and with that, are ideal for quick landings to secure a landing zone. Aries ships can carry several divisions within their hull.

Fallen-class Troopship: at two and eight kilometers, they are heavily armored with reinforced structures and shields as they serve as a swift deployment transport-by literally ramming/crashing themselves onto a planet. Can carry up to a division and all their gear right into a battlefield.

Phoenix-class Troopship: at six kilometers, the Phoenix-class ships are the largest troopships present in the Imperial Navy and by far the best defended. They are able to carry two corps in their holds and as such, are a large priority among the fleet to protect.

Mecha-class Troopship: at five kilometers, the Mecha-class ships have a single purpose: to deliver their cargo of full titan legions through space (any ship larger than a cruiser can carry titans in their troop holds).

Refit-class Supply ship: with a length of four kilometers, the class of Refit ships carry massive storage and dedicated manufacturing facilities in their hulls to ensure the fleet or ground force is constantly refueled and armed for battle in a long-term campaign or outside Imperial supply lines. They are also equipped with mining drones for missions outside the boundaries of resupply to pull out need minerals.

Savior-class Medical ship: measured at three and five kilometers, these class of ships carry advanced, dedicated medical facilities to treat injuries and provide care in long-term campaigns outside Imperial space where the nearest hospital is unavailable.

Battleships: the heaviest capital ships fielded by the Imperial Navy, these ships are extremely equipped with the heaviest armor that can be forged, the the most advanced shields designed, and the strongest weapons that can be built. Standing as the fleet's heavy fire support, anti-capital, flagship, and many other duties , these warships are unmatched in terms of raw power. each is capable of going toe-to-toe with fleets of lesser ships and significantly finish the battle in their favor. Unlike most ships, the bridges of battleships are fully equipped with the necessary systems required to command a vast fleet with efficiency.

Retribution-class Light Battleship: at eight and six kilometers long, this class of battleships are one of the most common battleships one can find in the Imperial Navy. Often serving as a flagship of smaller fleets when permitted, they can perform both as a dedicated warship and a carrier at the same time. The Retribution can field squadrons of void craft swiftly in the battlefield and deploy entire regiment or more of soldiers for ground combat.

Infinite-class Battleship: with a length of eleven kilometers, these ships sport a greater array of heavier weapons and armor, sacrificing speed for defense. In comparison to the Retribution class, the Infinite ships focus are designed with a more defensive nature on to mimic the position as the fleet's own flying fortress. They forgo much of their void craft hangers in favor of replacing them with vast barracks and garages to contain multiple regiments of soldiers and ground vehicles with the capacity of holding even small titans in its hull.

Vindication-class Heavy Battleship: Standing at fifteen and two kilometers, this class of battleship is rare to find in all but the largest Imperial fleets and defending the homeworlds of Humanity, with each construction requiring nearly a century of constant work to finish one. Equipped with armament and defenses superior to that of any Imperial ship in the Navy, their firepower alone is capable of inflicting massive damage to an opposing fleet with but a single volley.

Carriers: carriers are by far, the largest ships the Imperial Navy can field. They are able to hold countless squadrons of fighters and bombers in their bays with the occasional small warship. Carriers rely on their escorts to protect them from enemy ships as they carry standard armor and shields with small defenses to fight back.

Avedon-class Light Carrier: this class of ships stand as the smallest carriers to be built at six and four kilometers yet the most numerous, in the navy. Equipped with wings of void craft, these ships provide much needed support in both protecting their fleet from enemy void craft with fighters and silencing the enemy capital ships with bombers.

Epoch-class Heavy Carrier: the second most common class of carriers at a length of ten and five kilometers, the Epoch class fields a greater variety of void craft wings and carries the capacity of carrying small numbers of frigates and the occasion destroyer in its hangers for additional reinforcements.

Punic-class Supercarrier: At a shocking size of eighteen and three kilometers, the mere presence of one in the fleet can scare the enemy into a retreat. These ships can carry fleets of void craft capable of swarming fleets of opposing ships with the addition of carrying multiple wolf packs of frigates, destroyers with a few light cruisers for firepower within its massive hangers. Unlike normal carrier doctrine, the Punic class is fielded with an unusual number of armament due to its vital importance in a fleet, with firepower that can rival that of a Retribution in a battle. Due to their immense size and cost, only a small number have been built with few still under construction, only appearing should the situation of a battle demand its presence.

-While not classified as warships, the navy has series of battle stations and other such structures that are capable of traveling and delivering staggering firepower in a single volley:

Ouronus-class Star outpost: with a measure of eight hundred and fifty kilometers long, three and seventy meters wide, and one hundred and forty meters high, Ouronus class see widespread use as orbital defenses on planets due to their size and ability to be mass-produced. Do not have shields; rather they rely heavily on their thick armor plating for protection. Weapons: mass drive, 10 missile pods, and 18 tracer turrets.

Phalanx-class Rock Station: at three kilometers long, one kilometer wide, and eight hundred meters high, these stations are the navy's own version of a space elevator. Carrying better defenses including shields compared to the smaller Ouronus, the Phalanx-classes are designed to combat an invasion fleet and denied the enemy from making planet fall. Weapons: 8 onegar cannons, 15 missile pods, 20 lasbatteries, and 20 tracer turrets.

Stellar-class Star Station: with a size of eighteen kilometers long, ten kilometers wide and eight kilometers high, Stellar class are one of the few stations capable of interstellar travel, as they have been known to accompany large fleets heading for a long campaign. Weapons: super-mass drive, 4 mass drives, 30 onegar cannons, 45 torpedo launchers, 60 missile pods, 75 lasbatteries, 20 lance batteries, 15 macrocannons, countless tracer turrets.

Hollow Void-class Star Fortress: few have seen the rare, massive thirty-eight length, twenty-two wide, and twenty-three high kilometers stations outside of heavy combat or guarding vital worlds to the Imperium. The very presence of a Hollow Void can cast a shadow of dread to the enemy with its mere appearance. Weapons: 4 nova cannons, 8 super-mass drives, 14 mass drives, 60 torpedo launchers, 85 missile pods, 25 lance batteries, 45 onegar cannons, 20 macrocannons, 95 lasbatteries, and countless tracer turrets.

Healer-class Medical station: these stations have the purpose of healing wounded soldiers from combat. Can vary in sizes from 6.2-8km. Defenses: 60 tracer turrets and 15 lasbatteries.

Cradle-class Shipyard: mobile shipyards that stand around twenty-five kilometers, Cradle-classes have the purpose of repairing and constructing ships if a Forge, Fortress, or any world with shipyards isn't present within light-years of the fleet. Defenses: 75 tracer turrets and 25 lasbatteries.

Void Craft: they are the primary support of ground forces and overwhelming enemy ships with numbers.

Marauder-class Bomber: carries anything from bombs to large missiles to perform strikes against enemy units. Weapons: 2 twin linked lascannons, 4 tracer turrets, and bomber bay.

Saber-class Fighter: serve as escorts for bombers, corvettes, and transports from enemy fighters. Weapons: two tri-linked lascannons and a Hydra missile pod.

Fireblade-class Interceptor: used for swarming enemy ships and combating airborne units. Weapons: twin-linked plascannons and two Vortex missile pod.

Albatross-class Gunship/Transport: larger than the Ground Force's Valkyrie, is capable of carrying armored units or a large number of units.

Voyager-class Assault Craft: at one hundred meters, they're primarily used as escorts or over-size fighters. Weapons: Torpedo launchers, 12 lasbatteries, and 15 tracer turrets.

Pulitzer-class Assault Craft: at two hundred and fifty meters, they perform as 'miniature' corvettes. Weapons: Torpedo launchers, 2 Onegar cannons, 10 tracer turrets and 4 plascannons.

Naval Weapons:

Nova cannon: a massive cannon found only in battlecruisers and battleships. These weapons fire 12-meter sized shells with large nuclear/fusion cores at targets with a devastating effect once detonated. (~Think of the Halo Super-MAC~)

Lance battery: a ship-based plasma weapon for space warfare.

Lasbattery: an oversized version of the lascarbine designed for space warfare and for striking through starship-grade armor.

Macrocannons: massive space cannons that fire shells 10-meter long specifically for close-range fighting for maximum damage against the target.

Mass Drive: a magnetic coil cannon that launches 700-ton rounds with a fused explosive core (~a version of the Halo MAC~).

Onegar cannon: a smaller version of the mass drive that fires 200-ton rounds but at a faster rate and work better in close range.

Blitz Torpedo launcher: a 5-meter torpedo widely used by the Imperial Navy for multiple purposes.

Hydra missile pod: a two-meter long missile that serves as a carrier tube for 20 smaller missiles for maximum damage input. Each small missile carries a yield capable of leaving a Grizzly tank a smoking wreck.

Archer missile pod: three-point-five -meter long missiles carry low-grade nuclear core for ship-to-ship action and bombardment.

Tracer turret: a defensive weapon that sole purpose is to protect the ship from missiles and enemy spacecraft from getting too close to the ship. Fires large super-heated slugs at an outstanding rate for maximum damage.

The Imperial Navy is organized into classes of fleets:

-Patrol Groups- 5-10 ships [Flag-Captain]

-Outpost Groups- 8-20 ships [Lord-Captain]

-Galactic Fleets- 8,000-10,000 ships/support [High Lord Admiral]

-Star Fleets- 5,500-7,000 ships/support [Lord Admiral]

-Warfront Fleets- 3,500-4,500 ships/support [High Admiral]

-Shield Fleets- 1,200-2,400 ships/support [Fleet Admiral]

-Cluster Fleets- around 500-800 ships/support [Star Admiral]

-BattleFleets- 250-400 ships/support [Vice-Admiral]

-Squadron Fleets- 50-100 ships/support [Rear Admiral]

-Battle Groups- 30-50 ships [Commodore]

-Battle Squads- 10-25 ships [Commodore-Captain]

Ranking System

High Officers: Lord of Admirals,

Segmentum Admiral, High Lord Admiral, Lord Admiral, High Admiral, Fleet Admiral, Star Admiral, Vice-Admiral, Rear Admiral, Commodore, Commodore-Captain

Officers: Lord-Captain Flag-Captain, Captain, Flag-Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant, Ensign

Non-Commissioned Officers: Warrant Officer, Master Chief Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Armsmen/Shipman, Crewman

The Imperial Ground Forces are the largest military force in the Imperium of Humanity. Able to field millions to billions of soldiers into a battlefield, they take their given nickname "The Hammer of Humanity" quite seriously. They are in charge of handling operations below on the surface of a world. Traditionally, the Ground Forces take young recruits as young as 14 to train and properly augment them safely without side effects . They are commanded by the organization of the Unified Ground Command (UNICOM). The entire organization is divided into 3 separate sub-groups:

-The Imperial Army

-The Imperial Marines

-The Imperial Mechas



-Crysis Armor: standard armor in the Imperial Army and Marines. Woven with Titanium and Ceramic into layers of armor. Is able to protect the wielder from small-arms fire.

-Shock Armor: standard battle-suit armor for the Helldivers, it is composed of Ceramic, Titanium and thin layers of heat plates. Gives wielders extra speed and strength. Offers better protection than the Crysis armor.

-Ageis Armor: worn by trained pyskers, the armor is engraved with runes to both increases the wielder's psychic strength and protect them from warp-powered attackers (while all armor is engraved with runes, only this armor can make full use of runes).

-Terminator Armor: heavy armor suit wore by Army, Marines, and Helldivers for heavy combat in close-quarters like ship boarding or performing shock attacks. Built with adamantium and titanium metals. Allows wielders to carry heavy weapons a normal soldier can't carry. Only veterans and special squads can have the honor of donning this armor.

-Mjolnir Power Armor: this set of armor is only worn by the Spartan Astartes and is superior to that of the other armors. Built with adamantium and ceramic metals and equipped with the best systems.

-Centurion Power-Suit: a bigger, stronger version of the Terminator armor, this suit is designed for Spartan Astartes in mind. Like its smaller cousin, it's only worn by veterans and special squads.

-Dreadnaught Armor-Suit: a Dreadnaught is a suit where the greatest soldiers and military leaders of the Imperium that fall in battle are interred into the suit so they can continue serving the Imperium in their 'dead' state until they're destroyed or decide to sleep for good. Standing taller than a spartan in centurion armor, they are literally walking tanks armed to teeth.



All members of the military go through the process of augments to turn them into better soldiers.

-Ossmodula: a genetic chemical injected into the body of the young recruit to help hardened the bone with iron/ceramic compounds to make near-unbreakable bones. The Army and Marines use a weaker version of the original used by the Spartans.

-Biscopea: similar to the ossmodula, but instead strengthens the muscles and tissues of the body. The Army and Marines use a weaker version of the original used by the HDSTs and Spartans.

-Larraman Gland: this tiny gland releases cells that help seal wounds faster to allow the soldier to last longer in combat. This gland can heal anything short of a life-threatening wound or would need medical attention.

-Preomnor: a chemical formula that gives the body better digestive fluids that allow it to consume almost most food compounds in any unknown worlds. Useful for consuming foods normal humans would not be able to digest.

-Catalepsean Implant: in the battlefield, soldiers need to sleep and that can be a danger to him. The implant, situated in the back of the brain, helps by shutting down half of the mind while the other half is awake. Essentially, the soldier is asleep yet he's awake and this allows him to stay alerted for entire days without needing to close his eyes. The Army and Spartans use this.

-Progenoid: an organ only Spartan Astartes can be implanted with. The progenoid carries the diverse genetic material of the respective Primarch of the legion it came from. Each progenoid can create another Spartan when harvested after 5 years since implanted. As long as progenoids are grown and the Primarchs are still alive, the legions will never run out of Spartans to train.

-Lyman Implant: genetic chemicals injected into the body of a young recruit, they enhance the senses of the wearer that allows him to work better in any environment.


The Imperial Army forms the core of the ground forces in terms of raw firepower and manpower in their arsenals. The Army tends to focus more on defensive positions as they can use their strength to halt the enemy in their tracks or fight off a drawn-out battle. All members receive minor but crucial augments.

The Imperial Army is organized into:

-Army- 4 Corps (1152000) [Lord Marshal]

-Corps- 4 Divisions (288000) [Lord General]

-Division- 4 Regiments (72000) [High Colonel]

-Regiments- 5 Battalions (18000) [Major]

-Battalion- 5 Companies (3600) [Force-Commander]

-Company- 6 Platoons (720) [High-Captain]

-Platoon- 5 Units (120) [Warrant-Lieutenant]

-Unit- 4 Squads (24) [Master-Sergeant]

-Squad- 6 men [First-Corporal]

Ranking System

High Officers: Lord Militant of Generals, Lord Commander, Lord Marshal, High Marshal, Lord General, High General, High Colonel, Staff Colonel.

Officers: Major Staff Major, Force-Commander, Staff Commander, High Captain, Staff Captain, Warrant-Lieutenant, First Lieutenant

Enlisted: Master-Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Veterans, First Corporal, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Private


The Imperial Marines are the elite/shock troopers of the Ground Forces. Unlike the Army which favors slower but powerful tactics, the Marines focus more on fast tactics to break the enemy lines and route them to prevent drawn-out battles. Marines are always sent ahead of the task force with the Army fully supporting them (the marines don't have armored units) behind. Receive better augments than their army counterparts. Organized into:

Corps: 2 Divisions (72000) [Field General]

Division: 3 Regiments (36000) [Field Colonel]

Regiments: 4 Battalions (12000) [Field Major]

Battalion: 5 Companies (3000) [Field Commander]

Company: 5 Platoons (600) [High-Captain]

Platoon: 5 Units (120) [Warrant-Lieutenant]

Unit: 4 Squads (24) [Master-Sergeant]

Squad: 6 men [First-Corporal]

Ranking System

High Officers: Lord Militant of Generals, Lord Commander, Lord Marshal, Field General, High General, Field Colonel, Staff Colonel.

Officers: Field Major, Staff Major, Field Commander, Staff Commander, High-Captain, Staff Captain, Warrant-Lieutenant, First Lieutenant.

Enlisted: Master-Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Veterans, First Corporal, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Private.


The Imperial Mechas are by far the most powerful group in the Imperial Ground Forces. Composed of legions of small to large titans, they primarily act as support or destroying heavily armored targets. People referred as 'mergers' pilot titans: essentially the pilot and the machine spirit combining together to better control the titan (ship captains use a similar system to work with their ships).

Sentinel-class Titan: the smallest titan in the legions, they stand around 8m and act as scouts/escorts for their larger brethren. Weapons: twin linked lascannons and Arc cannon.

Mantis-class Titan: with a height of 12m, Mantis-classes are ideal for fast strikes against enemy armor/infantry. Equipped with thrusters to ensure maximum speed. Weapons: twin Melta cannons and a Chainfist.

Chassis-class Titan: standing at 22m, the Chassis-class titans form the backbone of the IG force's mechas in numbers and firepower. Weapons: twin-linked plascannons and quad-linked lascannons.

Warhound-class Titan: at 32m, the Warhound-class is built for heavy armor warfare and anti-infantry. Weapons: Volcano cannon, triple-linked Unegar cannons, 5 tracer turrets, and twin Apocalypse missile launchers.

Imperator-class Titan: standing at 40m, the Centurion-class is primarily used for heavy siege battles and protecting vital targets. Outfitted with heavy armor and powerful shields, they are incredibly difficult to take down. Weapons: Plasma Annihilator, Hellstorm cannon, 2 lasbatteries, 5 tracer turrets, and 3 Apocalypse missile launchers.

Titan Weapons:

Arc cannon: a cannon that fires a large bolt of electricity that can potentially have devastating effects on targets, be it a vehicle or person.

Volcano cannon: a massive version of the melta-cannon.

Plasma Annihilator: a massive version of the plascannon.

Hellstorm cannon: a massive version of multiple hellrifles packed into one barrel.

Apocalypse missile launcher: a large missile launcher that fires a missile with the potential of destroying entire blocks of an area.

Ranking System

Officer: Princep

Enlisted: Pilot


The Imperial Special Forces are the smallest force in the military with members numbering thousands to tens of thousands. However, they solve that problem with skill. They carry out tasks that in most cases, ordinary soldiers can't handle at all. Under the directive of UNICOM, the entire branch is overseen by the organization of the Special Warfare Command (SPECWARCOM). Like the Imperial Ground Forces, the Special Forces are divided into 3 groups:

Helldiver Shock Troopers (HDST)

Spartan Astartes (SA)

Officio Assassinorum (OA)

The units of Helldiver Shock Troopers are a group of elite soldiers that recruits young men with determination and skill to fill their ranks. In other words, Helldivers are filled with tough men of many backgrounds. Their trademark when joining or leading a battle is landing in the enemies mist via drop pods at high velocities to strike before the enemy can organize themselves. The augments the HDSTs receive are below that of a Spartan Commando.

HDSTs are organized into:

Division: 2 Regiments (14400) [High Colonel]

Regiments: 3 Battalions (7200) [Dive-Major]

Battalion: 4 Companies (2400) [Hell-Commander]

Company: 5 Platoons (600) [Hell-Captain]

Platoon: 5 Units (120) [Warrant-Lieutenant]

Unit: 4 Squads (24) [Master-Sergeant]

Squad: 6 men [First-Corporal]

Ranking System

Officers: High Colonel, Dive-Major, Hell-Commander, Hell-Captain, Warrant-Lieutenant

Enlisted: Master-Sergeant, First-Corporal


Spartan Astartes are by far, the greatest soldiers ever made in the Imperium. They humans that have been augmented into super-soldiers that are outfitted with the best armor, weapons, and have centuries of experience. Unlike the rest of the military, Spartans recruit young orphans from orphanages from specific planets that are eligible for recruitment or from their homeworlds where families encourage their sons to join. The augments that must be taken to become a Spartan Astarte work better with adolescents than with older ones.

Spartan Commandos are organized into:

-Chapter- 10 Companies (1500) [Chapter Master]

-Company- 6 Platoons (150) [Battle Captain]

-Platoon- 5 Squads (25) [Varies by Chapter/Legion]

-Squad- 5 men [Veteran-Sergeant]

Ranking System:

Officers: Primarch,Legion Master, Chapter Master, Chapter/Legion Variant Rank, Battle Captain,

Enlisted: Chapter/Legion Variant Rank, Veteran-Sergeant, Battle-Brother

Each Chapter is organized under a Legion (who is led by a Primarch: a genetically-engineered son of the God-Emperor), which depends on what they reflect in combat and background. The following Spartan Legions present are:

Legion I Dark Angels: devastator assault experts

Legion II Dark Reapers: devastator/combat experts

Legion III Humanity's Children: support/medical experts

Legion IV Iron Warriors: siege-breaker experts

Legion V Eternal Scars: guerilla warfare experts

Legion VI Space Wolves: frontal assault/combat experts

Legion VII Imperial Fists: siege experts

Legion VIII Night Hunters: tactical physiological experts

Legion IX Blood Angels: assault/combat experts

Legion X Steel Hands: mechanized/engineer experts

Legion XI Grey Knights: daemon/warp combat experts

Legion XII World Breakers: heavy close-quarters combat experts

Legion XIII Ultraspartans: tactical assault experts

Legion XIV Death Guard: heavy assualt combat experts

Legion XV Sons of the Empyrean: pysker warfare experts

Legion XVI Luna Wolves: strategist experts

Legion XVII Word Bearers: espionage experts

Legion XVIII Salamanders: engineer/cleansers experts

Legion XIX Raven Guards: swift assault experts

Legion XX Alpha Knights: tactical espionage/black ops experts


The Officio Assassinorum is composed of different kinds of assassins that carry out black-ops operations and suicidal missions. Trained from a very young age till old enough to serve, they are extremely deadly warriors that strike from the shadows. The Officio is divided into Temples to designate the respective skill the assassin is trained in and led by a Grandmaster:

Callidus Temple: chameleons, specialists in infiltration and impersonation with a special drug and rigorous training.

Culexus Temple: pariahs (invisible to the warp), trained to hunt down dangerous pysker targets. They're very presence is apparently painful for a psychic being.

Eversor Temple: berserkers, cyborg/enhanced killing assassins with a specific mode: kill everything in the area regardless of collateral damage.

Vanus Temple: intelligent-gatherers, using strategy and tactics to assassinate targets indirectly without the targets/pawn ever knowing they had manipulated.

Venenum Temple: specialists in poising their targets with just about anything they can get their hands on and learn to produce all kinds of poisons from natural to chemical base.

Vindicare Temple: sharpshooters, specialists in sniping and marksmanship at ridicules distances with advanced training and equipment.


Jet Bike: single-seat hover bikes that use the latest grav-chute technology to reach speeds of 100kms a second. Used mainly for scouting enemy positions or harassing an army. Weapon: lascannon.

Land Warthog: a fast armored car with a driver, gunner, and a side-gunner. Operates in all terrains. Weapon: Vulcan Bolt-chain.

Russ Transport: armored truck capable of transporting 2-3 squads around. Weapons: twin linked lascannons.

Viper Light-tank: lightly armored compared to its bigger brethren, the Viper is equipped with grav-chute tech to perform lightning attacks and operate in all terrain. Weapons: twin linked lascannons/melta-cannon and missile pods.

Grizzly Battle-tank: the main battle-tank in the Ground Forces, used for anti-infantry and anti-tank warfare. Built with reactive armor and a reinforced hull. Weapons: plascannon with twin Lascannons.

Cobra Armor-Destroyer: an armored vehicle used for heavy armored warfare. Weapons: Neutron Laser Projector, twin linked plascannons.

Baneblade Heavy-tank: a much larger tank built for siege and heavy armored warfare. Demolisher cannon, 6 lascannons, and 4 twin-linked Heavy Bolters.

Wolverine Flak Platform: an anti-air gun that throws a blanket of lascannons and missiles at an incredible rate. It has, however, thin armor so it needs protection from other units against enemy ground forces. Weapons: 5 twin linked lascannons and two Taurox missile pods.

Thorax Artillery: a self-propelled unit that forms the core of artillery support. Weapons: two Magma cannon.

Rhino Siege Artillery: bigger and tougher than the Thorax, the name gives its purpose away. Weapons: Earthshaker cannon.

Mammoth Troop Carrier: a large, heavy armored vehicle capable of carrying a full platoon in its holds with support. Weapons: Onegar cannon, 6 twin linked lascannons, 10 tracer turrets and 4 plascannons.

Sparrowhawk-class Gunship: a fighter craft dedicated for atmospheric function. Provide air support for ground units. Weapons: Plascannon, twin linked lascannons, and Vortex missile pods.

Pelican Transport: a fast-mode craft for picking up and dropping off units in a battlefield efficiently. Can carry around 2-3 squads in its hold. Weapons: Vulcan bolt-chain.

Valkyrie-class Gunship/Transport: a fast-mode craft for delivering soldiers to objectives. Can carry up to a platoon. Weapons: plascannon and 2 Vulcan Bolt-chains.

Vulture-class Gunship: a "flying tank", provides heavy support in heavy warfare. Weapons: Neutron Laser Projector, twin linked plascannons, 4 tracer turrets, and missile pods.


Lascarbine: a standard-issued gun favored among the Imperial Army for its durability and its near-unlimited ammo makes it an ideal choice for drawn-out battles. Uses high-powered energy as ammo with its magazines fused with solar cells for absorption of any heat energy to renewal the power source.

Hellrifle: a much more powerful version of the lascarbine with a greater rate of fire and range. The hellrifle has a lower ammo count compared to the lascarbine but makes it up with increased damage input at targets.

Plasrifle: a weapon that fires condensed plasma as ammo. A single shot is capable of instant-kill on most targets. Does not have a very long range but makes it up through stability and damage to targets.

Boltrifle: a kinetic gun that fires bullets at high speeds into targets and explodes upon contact with the force of a mini grenade. Utilizes magnetic fields (rail gun tech) to launch .50 caliber rounds. The weapon is a favorite in the Marines and Special Forces.

Boltpistol: a pistol version of the boltrifle.

Cyber Sniper Rifle: a scaled-down rail gun that fires super-heated kinetic rounds from large distances with an impressive power.

Laspistol: a pistol version of the lascarbine.

Storm Bolter: a scaled version of the bolt rifle for close-quarters. Fires .40 caliber rounds of compared to the .50s. Unlike the boltrifle, the storm fires at a faster rate similar to a submachine-gun.

Heavy Bolter: a machine-gun version of the bolt rifle. It utilizes .65 caliber bolt rounds for cutting down mass infantry and light vehicles.

Shrieker gun: a sonic weapon that fires condensed air at supersonic speed. A dangerous weapon since any target, regardless of what armor they wear or equipped shields, would be crushed internally from the force itself.

Gorgon Grenade Launcher: fires explosives against infantry, emplacements, and light vehicles. Works similar to a rocket launcher with the exception of not using a missile and can be fired from the hip.

Unegar cannon: an anti-armored rail gun emplacement that fires plasma-encased bullets at supersonic speeds.

Quake Mortar: an infantry mortar used for taking out enemies hiding behind cover or in areas where artillery cannot reach. Having a blast radius of 8-meters, those caught in its blast do not survive.

Shatter Shotgun: a shotgun that fires super-heated bullets for the purpose of killing opponents in close-quarters efficiently. Helldivers are very fond of this weapon.

Plascannon: a larger version of the plasrifle with greater power. Designed primarily for targeting light armor, gun emplacements and heavily armored opponents.

Melta-gun: a large hand-held weapon that carries a power core the equivalent of a fusion reactor to launch deadly beams of sub-atomic heat level that can completely vaporize a person while leaving vehicles a smoking wreck. Unfortunately, has a short range.

Inferno gun: a flamethrower weapon that fires a flammable substance called promethium. Designed for close-quarter combat ranging from dense foliage in a jungle to the cramped corridors of a starship, the Inferno gun is a terrifying tool to behold that burns away its enemies until only a husk is left.

Inferno Pistol: a modified-pistol version of the original Inferno, the smaller still carries many aspects of the original with the exception that compacted design and materials otherwise makes it quiet expensive and rare to find. While dangerously powerful to those on the receiving end of the barrel, its smaller frame, however, means that it only function at close-range and its ammunition limit is smaller than most wielders would prefer.

Chainsword: a close-quarters weapon that takes the hard-cutting edge of a chainsaw and merges it with the dimesnions of a sword into a terrifying hybrid tool. Due to its cheapness and the modifictions availaible, this weapon has found itself to be utilized by most active military personal.

Power Weapon: a specific weapon equipped with a small generator that emits a graviton field around it that allows it to be sharp or strong enough to cut through most materials with ease. Due to their expense and time to forge one, they are standard-issued among only the Spartan Astartes, HDSTs with Marine and Army officers/veterans using them. They come in smaller many other versions such a knives, claws, axes, and hammers.

Nova Grenade: a standard-issued grenade that explodes and releases searing heat in a 3-meter radius that incinerates targets.

Frag Grenade: a standard-issued grenade that shreds its victims upon detonation with shrapnel and shock.

Melta-bomb: a demolition version of the melta-gun. Used primarily for taking out groups of armored vehicles to blowing up an enemy base/camp.

Vehicle Weapons:

Vulcan Bolt-chain: a copy of the heavy bolter only that this version can fire at a higher rate and uses .58 caliber rounds instead.

Melta-cannon: a much bigger version of the melta-gun.

Neutron Laser Projector: a large laser weapon that fires a single beam of energy that vaporizes anything that crosses the path of the destructive power. The beam can be maintained for several seconds before needing to cool off and recharge for another go.

Demolisher cannon: a cannon that fires high, explosive shells by having its magnetic rails launch the piece at sound breaking speed in order to easily break through armor and detonate itself.

Taurox missile pod: a pod that carries hundreds of macro missiles in order to swarm targets and destroy vital areas.

Magma cannon: a cannon that fires shells filled with a small melt-bomb in a hit. Upon contact, the shell explodes, releasing all the energy at ounce and vaporizing targets all around.

Vortex missile pod: similar to the Taurox except that the missiles themselves are larger and can take out armored units completely.

Earthshaker cannon: a cannon that fires explosive shells capable of shattering entire regions with a single strike. Widely used for destroying entrenched bunkers, armies, and fortresses with extreme prejudice.


The average citizen of the Imperium of Humanity doesn't have full rights (like Democracy societies) but rather basic ones. The society is set up in a way that only those who show skill and experience can climb the ladder up to a better position. Unemployment is almost none existed: you either serve as a citizen, soldier, PDF guard, or one of the groups belonging to the council.


For the Human race, pyskers make up most of the population (around 70%). The remaining population is made of mostly psychics with limited powers like telekinesis and telepathy. The rest is people referred as 'untouched humans': humans that still remain "pure" from the warp. There is also a rare number that is able to wield certain strange psychic energy that most cannot control.

Categories of Planets/Moons their classification based on their purpose or status:

Population Centers: Hive worlds, Core worlds, Garden Worlds, Death worlds, Homeworlds.

Production Centers: Forge worlds, Agri-worlds, Mining worlds.

Military Centers: Fortress worlds, Training worlds, Depot worlds.

Special Centers: Research worlds, Archive worlds, Cemetery worlds, Temple worlds.


Thanks in part to the medical advancements and genetic tailoring from the Penarian Federation, a percentage of human can reach the biological age of five hundred without the aid of medication and technology. Other sub-groups of humans ranging from pyskers to vampirs can live for thousands of years thanks in part to their nature before needing technology to continue. The average human male stands on an average of 2.1 meters and the female 1.8 meters with both far more genetically improved compared to pre-Penarian human in many levels across the body.


In the Imperium of Humanity, it is mandatory for children on most worlds to attend an education facility at the beginning of three years to learn the wide variety of courses available to them based on the vocation they have chosen or shown most interested in. They are expected to go through studies of twenty-five years depending on their vocation: those who choose the service of the Imperial Army and Marines will only have a minimal learning of ten years before they are recruited. Those who hope to join or are chosen by the esteemed Spartan Astartes only have a minimal of five years before they are taken, where their education would be continued during their training, provided they survive it first.


Every world in the Imperium of Humanity has its own Planetary Defense Force are responsible for protecting their world in the absence of Imperial military. The PDFs are an all-out volunteer force with its ranks filled with the natives of the respective planet. The rank organize is the same as the army, only it depends on the size of the population. Most planets have a Planetary Naval Defense Fleet (that varies in size, depending on the planet's importance) that protects them from the orbit. PDF forces of a subsector or sector are capable of waging a small war before elements of the Imperial army take over.

Sector Fleet (Sector Admiral)

Sub-Sector Fleet (Sub-Admiral)

System Fleet (Admiral)

Planetary Fleet (Fleet Castellon)


The Imperial Truth stands as the main belief of humanity and its core values. It teaches that faith comes from the belief of humanity itself and not directly to the gods themselves. Rather the Gods of Humanity gain their strength from their followers by believing in themselves and not in something else. The Gods stand as the spiritual representation of human emotions under the power of Order against the influence of Chaos.


In the Imperium, there are two sets of laws that must be remembered: there are the Imperial Laws and the Planetary Laws. The Planetary Laws stand under the lower end of the spectrum and are enforced by the planet's local PDF. Imperial Laws stand on the higher end of the spectrum and are enforce empire-wide by the Arbites. Should a minor law be broken, it is the job of the local justice system to handle the punishment of the accused. If a major law is instead broken, it is the duty of the Arbites to arrest and sentence them per Imperial regulations. Punishments can range from community labor for a specific time limit or if the case is severe, transformation to a servitor. There are however much harsher punishments for offenders whose crime are grave enough that the life of servitor is simply too merciful.


As it stands, there are two main languages spoken in the Imperium: the common ancient Latinus dialect that had previously been dead for millennia but had been revived much later. The much less common one is the ancient Nordican dialect (Icelandic), a language that had been modified and empowered to be capable of only spoken by humans without any danger of mortality and is used to strengthen the psionic abilities of humans and the power of speaking. There are also countless other languages spoken by humans across the Imperium either because of their origin from Terra or mutating from the world they live upon.

AIs/Machine Spirits:

The Artificial Intelligence serve as advance cogitators capable of forming a personality or quantum conscious designed for the daily life of an Imperial depending on their classification be it civilian status that monitors the shipping lanes of a world or a military status who assist high-ranking officers command the battlefield. While AIs carry a much higher thinking capacity compared to humans, this is compensated for the lack of "creativity" outside of their designated programming and inability to effectively control machines at will thank sin part to the machine spirits.

Machine Spirits stand as a mild conscious that exist in machines of high complexity such as warships, titans and stations smaller ones like cars and electronic devices. While they are incapable of transferring their minds to other electronics without outside help compared to their much more advanced cousins, the AIs. They effectively have control of the machine they were born in and are known to control them in the event their human controller is dead and continue his work.


Slipspace: all ships of the Imperium of Man are outfitted with slipspace engines as the main FTL drive.

Gellar Fields: these special shields are designed specifically to hide a ship and its crew from the terrible effects of the warp and any daemons that happen to be stuck or live in the slipspace region.

Void Shields: outfitted on all ships, titans, vehicles, and on important cities on planets, void shields are capable of blocking of virtually anything from the radiation of the solar winds to a lance shot. This shield is weak compared to Ion Shields.

Ion Shields: outfitted on all warships and titans, these shields are designed specifically for heavy space combat. Is able to block the most powerful weapons before collapsing and needing to charge up again.

Plasma Shields: worn by personals/soldiers, this shield will protect the wielder from small arms to physical hits.

Teleportation: the Imperium's teleportation technology so far only has a limited range to be useful for either ship boarding action or quick deployment of elite forces on the surface of a planet.

Neural link: every member of the Imperium that allows them to interact with their surroundings and technology. Members of the Mechanicus have superior versions of this tech because of their work and the military utilize a version that helps their members react faster in situations too fast for a normal human brain to process.

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In case your were wondering, Humans in this Era stand around 7 feet, stronger and faster than we are. Not to mention their own reaction time is faster than ours and they're much higher physical appearance and endurance compared to ours. Their senses are better and unlike us, they don't have the obesity problem like we do because of evolution. And there is a much more wide variety of eye and hair color (ex: red eyes, silver hair). Not to mention their bodies are superior to ours when it comes to being damaged.

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