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Codex: First Ascension Humanity

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-The First Ascension is the name of the time period back then when Humanity was once a superpower in the galaxy prior to their fall and demonization to primitives once more. Thus ending the First and beginning of the Second Ascension to which the descendants, the Imperium of Humanity now live in-

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Government: Little information exists even in what resides in the Archives of Voltas regarding the government that existed. Bits and pieces have pointed out a from called the 'Federation' which has lead to many scholars to believe that is what the First Ascension was called before.

Capitol: Terra

Species: Humans

Hierarchy: N/A


The military force of the First Ascension was considered to be one of the most powerful of all Mantle races except by the Protectorate and only surpassed by the Precursors and the Forerunners. Fielded with the most advance weapons and armor in their arsenals, they are a force to be reckoned with and never to be underestimated. Unfortunately, most information pertaining military technology had been lost and only a handful were ever placed in the ancient library.

… … …

The First Ascension Navy is composed of one of the largest and most powerful ships to every tread the galaxy with large fleets constantly patrolling and waging war against any enemies of Humanity, their fellow brothers, and the Mantle of Responsibility. Designed with technology derived from the greatest minds of Humanity along with fusions of Precursor tech presented to them.

Frigates: in the navy, the frigates serve primarily as escorts for capitol ships and light-duty missions rather than the status of a warship. These ships would be labeled as one of the smallest and weakest of all naval craft.

-Rift-class Frigate: the most unusual frigate in service of the Ascension Navy, its size only tops at 3.5 km. The craft is equipped with powerful shields uncommon for its class while barely armed with weapons. The only noticeable feature of this ship is the high amount of Slipspace cores excluding the engines found across the ships that is used for one simple but deadly purpose. Using these charged cores, the Rift can be capable of opening unstable portals to the eleventh-dimension of slipspace within the ranks of an enemy fleet and effectively inflict devastating losses amongst them.

-Sphinx-class Heavy Frigate: the bigger, meaner 'cousin' of the Frigate family at nearly 4 km and longer in some cases. Designed with more armor and extra weapons, the Sphinx can be assigned for light-duty combat and can serve as an additional troop carrier for quick insertions using it small frame and superior speed. Tactically wise, these ships would be grouped together in teams for maximum damage against targets and dividing opposing forces.

Destroyers: warships designated as hunter-killers with the job of fighting in wolf packs to overwhelm capitol ships or track down any stranglers/injured ships. Destroyers form the core of the escorts in the navy and utilize swarm tactics to overwhelm enemies.

-Colath-class Destroyer: at a length of 4.9 km long, the Colath destroyer is large enough to be considered a warship in its own right, albeit smaller. Geared with powerful thrusters for outmaneuvering larger capitol ships in space warfare while using its wide variety of ship-to-ship ordinance to deal critical damage and leave it vulnerable for other warships to finish it off. The Colath is also designed with atmospheric purposes, allowing it perform planetary operations while providing support.

Cruisers: N/A

Battleships/Heavy warships: N/A

-Voidbreaker-class Battleship: measuring at 25.8 km long, the Voidbreaker is the weakest and smallest capitol ship in the First Ascension Navy. These classes of battleships are widely known for their large number of psionic batteries making most of their weapon systems. A single Voidbreaker can lay waste to an entire world in a matter of minutes within a volley.

-Nebular-class Heavy Battleship: at a length of 80 km long, the Nebular is one of the most feared warships of the First Ascension to be deployed. Armed with countless planet-killing batteries and a legendary Disruptor-Omni cannon, it is the only known class other than the Jakarian Dynasty's Kazak-class Black Battleship in the Mantle's fleets to go toe-to-toe with a Forerunner Fortress-class Battleship and live.

… … …

The Ground forces of the First Ascension were considered deadly in combat and one of the largest branches in the military. Made up with limitless legions of millions, armed with the most advance armor and weapons in their disposal and having centuries of battle experience in their ranks.


-Kolorian Anti-Matter Rifle: hailed as a new line for weaponry focusing on the substance of matter and its abilities. It is a single-barrel weapon that fires ionized rounds filled with kilograms of antimatter ready to release its contents upon contact. Designed for mid-range and lightweight for easy maneuverability, the Kolorian is purposed for eliminating heavy infantry and lightly armored vehicles.

-Singular Blast Rifle: a semi-auto weapon that fires beams of gravity and manipulates targets by either crushing them or stretching them beyond recognition upon contact. Most useful in close-quarters or taking out heavily armored opponents in cramped areas.

-Evelix Hard-Light Carbine: a hybrid rifle that fires light hardened into solid forms as a kinetic weapon fused with energy. The Evelix is capable of drawing in the light of a sun for the inner mechanics of the weapon to harden the substance into usable material.

-Stelix Pistol: a pistol that fires a steady stream of altered solar plasma capable of incinerating most targets at over a kilometer range. Serves as a secondary weapon or sidearm for many personal of the military.

-Protonic Shotgun: a single-barrel weapon that represents the newest line in weaponry on using advance forms of particles. Using highly-concentrated particles compressed together in a tightly pack,

-Argonix Ordinance: a launcher that fires ionized rounds of energy that explodes in a 20-meter radius upon contact with molten plasma, which then releases ten smaller rounds that each seek-and-destroy individual targets in a detonation effect of 10-meters. Widely used for removing large clusters of infantry or armored vehicles.

-Axerion Blade: blades forged straight from the heart of a dying sun, these weapons are incredibly sharp to the point no known material has been known to be resistant and nearly unbreakable. Arcane tech is also fused with the blade, allowing a single strike to be potentially much more devastating and killable to any target even with a simple scratch.

-Veil Grenade: an anti-psionic grenade used for literally speaking, blinding any targets with a connection to the Immaterium mentally into physically or in numerous cases, shredding their minds apart into pieces.

-Void Grenade: a dangerous grenade even for the wielder, once detonated, the grenade will create an empty vortex in the area capable of sucking in anything in a 14-meter radius to its doom and thick materials should they be in the affected zone of 7-meters.


-Vendrite-class Battle Armor: a standard-issued armor for First Ascension infantry to wear in battle. Vendrite armor is equipped with a Magnetic shield capable of protecting the wielder from most projectiles fired at him and from any shrapnel. The suit can function in any environment and can provide nourishment for the wielder for months to years, depending on it supply. The Vendrite is powered by a Molten Core and built with adamantium and hard-light materials while virtually carrying all the functions of a suit.

-Ragnor-class Battle Armor: an extremely rare armor suit to be created with Precursor tech and one of the most powerful weapons of war to be created. Details are given that the Epsilon itself is made from 'pure' matter drawn from the heart of the Cosmos and combined with Creation Energy and Light Matter. The armor is equipped with Axerion blades and an unknown weapon made from the very same material, which is bonded to the armor eternally. Fragments texts state that those who wield the armor will be invulnerable to that of a God but doomed to be merged with the armor itself and lost.


-Daneblade-class Heavy Tank: a massive tank used for heavy siege warfare and laying waste to fortresses. Designs and blueprints have suggested it as the predecessor of the Imperial Baneblade.

Ranks: N/A

Society: N/A [No information available]


-Replication Tech: one of the greatest inventions made by Humanity, this technology works on Nano-machines that are used for mass-producing materials from matter and light at an outstanding rate. This had allowed the First Ascension to have nearly infinite resources at their disposal and the ability to build virtually anything at a grand-scale or number without the worry of running low on materials.

-Faster-Than-Light Technology: the form of FTL used before by the First Ascension is unknown since very little records still exist but evidence had pointed of using a system that allowed them to move entire fleets to different locations in the galaxy in a short amount of time.

-Shields: the shields that are utilized by the First Ascension are many times superior to that of the Imperium of Humanity. Able to take hits that would normally easily overwhelm a void or an ion shield would be shrugged off by theirs. Classes of shields used are Magnetics: used by the infantry and vehicles in the military; Celestials: shields utilized for starships and stations; and Pulsars: shields designed for protecting entire cities and often times colonies from bombardment.

-Power Reactors: in the society of the First Ascension, there are several types of reactors used as a power source. The first is the Molten Core: with the power levels equivalent to the fusion core of a star, it is used for powering suits and vehicles both military and civilian; Nova Core: carrying a power output the equivalent of a pulsar star, it is used for running starships and powering any powerful, massive machines; and Dark Core: a power core outputting energy matching that of a black hole and one of the rarest of its type, used only for the most energy-consuming machines at an astronomical size.

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