One minute the Doctor and Martha were tracking an alien species called the Family of Blood the next they were being hunted.

They quickly found themselves bursting through the TARDIS doors as multiple laser guns shot at them.

"Get down!" The Doctor shouted pulling Martha to the floor.

A laser fired barely missing their heads; he kicked the door shut with his foot.

"Did they see you?" He asked urgently.

Martha shook her head.

He breathed a sigh of relief before starting up the console.

Martha's legs were shaking as she slowly stood up.

"Okay, that was scary." She said taking a deep breath.

Just then a look of panic spread across the Doctor's face.

"No, no, no!" The Doctor yelled at the screen.

"What's wrong? Are the family after us?" Martha asked.

He shook his head. "It's worse, they're running away from us."

"Okay, how is that bad?"

"They're trying to hide which means millions of lives will be in danger." He explained.

"You mean they would kill in order to get away from you?"

"Or to find me." He replied.

"Comforting." She remarked.

"They'll probably use a disguise in the process." He said punching in some buttons.

"Where are they going?" Martha asked.

He squinted at the screen.

"It looks like 1913 but I can't make out where on this map." The Doctor replied.

Martha tapped him on the arm. "I can!"


"I can find the location on my lap top." She grinned.

"Martha Jones you are brilliant!" He exclaimed.

Martha blushed as she feverishly typed.

He leaned over her shoulder. "So where are they?"

"It looks like it's somewhere around this school." She said.

He took the lap top from her and studied it. "Farringham School for boys, I wonder if they need any teachers and maids? " The Doctor muttered.

He set down the lap top on the console. "Well, it looks like we're going there."

"How? You just said the family can smell Time Lords."

"They can." He replied moving around the controls.

Martha scoffed. "So how are you going to find them without them finding you?"

"I'm going to use a special perception filter so they'll see me but they won't know I'm a Time Lord."

Martha nodded. "So you'll still be you and still be able to hunt these creatures without getting caught?"

"Yep!" He replied popping his P.

"Okay so how are we getting in?" She asked.

The Doctor smiled. "I will be John Smith, the new teacher and you'll be my personal maid, I'll get our credentials ready."

She scowled. "Wait a minute I don't want to be a maid!"

The Doctor groaned.

"Please Martha now is not the time to be picky; people will die if we don't do this. We need to find the Family and stop them and this is the only way."

Martha knew the Doctor was right and sighed. "Alright, I'll do it."

The Doctor grinned. "Brilliant, next stop Farringham School for Boys!"

Author's Note: Might've gotten some names misspelled and characters wrong, sorry!

Also the Doctor knows he's the Doctor, there is no chameleon arch and basically this is my AU version of Human Nature and Family of Blood.

TenXClara & Ten/Martha Friendship

Thanks for reading! :)