Hyoton no Naruto

Summary: A simple decision has far reaching consequences. A father refuses to have his younger daughter be made a jinchuuriki for people who she doesn't even know , resulting in Kyuubi being sealed in her older sister. A decade later her home is destroyed. Forced to relocate to Kirigakure, what will be the outcome of this change on the ninja world? What will the future hold for her blond haired knuckleheaded son?

So... This is my first story. I don't know how long it'll be or what the pairing for the story will be or if there'll even be a pairing. I will add that according to the flow of the story.. I got the inspiration from Hamp24's "Naruto of the mist" and another one whose name escapes me at the moment. This will be a Naruto born in Kiri fic. Naruto doesn't have ANY sentimental ties to Konoha. He will be of Itachi's age. Another thing is that I always pegged Haku as a female (despite evidence otherwise), so here Haku is a female. Anyways.. ON WITH THE STORY!

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Chapter 1: Divergence

Uzushiogakure No Sato

The Village Hidden in the eddies was a peaceful village. During the afternoon, several shinobi could be seen milling about in a random fashion. The traders were happily selling their goods to the rich Uzu residents. The village was at the center of many trade routes. Also, it didn't actively participate in any of the Shinobi Wars. The reason was quite simple. The main source of missions for the village shinobi were missions that required their sealing knowledge, which rarely turned violent, and pirate extermination missions. Pirate extermination missions usually didn't bring them at odds with the other villages' shinobi, save for a few missing nin every now and then. They had a clear monopoly over the sea routes and a good relationship with Konohagakure, widely reputed as the strongest of the five. They were also well protected by the natural whirlpools. So it was no surprise that the general atmosphere of the village was cheerful.

Today was another peaceful day for the village and Arashi Uzumaki, the Uzumaki Clan head and leader of the Village hidden in the Eddies, Uzushiogakure. No war, no dying men, no kids being orphaned, no bickering with the elders, and most of all, nothrice damn paperwork to be taken care of . Oh yeah, today was a good day to be him. Maybe he could take a little peek at the orange covered book hidden innocently in the drawer? Miki had said that she would be going to meet up for the negotiations didn't she? Ah yes, a liiittle teeny tiny peek certainly wouldn't hu-AAK!

Just as the venerable leader's hand was going to make contact, an iron hard fist bopped him in the head, resulting in his head slamming right onto the table. Turning to the face of the culprit, the Uzukage came face to face with the round face of a 7 year old red head, who was glaring daggers at man immediately paled.

'Oh no! Does she know about my precious? No! No way! I gotta make sure that she doesn't tell Miki.'

"A Kushina chan! What is it you're here for?" the man asked, sweating bullets. The girl just huffed.

"I just came to visit you tou chan. Nee chan took my bowl of ramen again!"

'Phew... Thank god for the mercies'

"... Are you sure it wasn't his own bowl Kushina?" inquired the older of the two.

".. Of course Jiji! That was only my third bowl, but nee chan ate it!" came the indignant response of the redhead. The Uzukage just chuckled heartily.

"Kushina don't you remember what mother told you about eating too much? You should let your sister have her share of ramen too She's older than you and hence needs more energy than you, to complete her duties as a ninja. "

"But then why would she let me eat her portion the other times?" '

"Hmm..." The elder crouched down to Kushina's level and ,ruffling her hair, spoke.

"The reason is...", he started in a controversial whisper, "that she loves you too much to let her imouto go hungry to bed."

And it was the truth. Akai Uzumaki was fiercely protective of Kushina, and doted on her every second that she could. She would help Kushina in her training, and on other times, just talk to her. Thus, there was a very special bond between the two.

Suddenly the doors to his office opened, and through them, came a very angry Miki.

Miki Uzumaki was the wife of Arashi Uzumaki, and he current matriarch of the Uzumaki clan. She, like many others of the clan had fiery red hair, which cascaded down her back serenely. She was considered one of the best Sea Masters in the world, bar the Uzukage himself. A gentle soul normally, she had the wrath of a bijuu when someone wronged her or her family.

And judging by her current temper, Arashi could take a guess on what had happened.

"Kushina, please go to the park. I will be there an hour."

Kushina, noticing the tense atmosphere, nodded and scampered off.

Features hardened, he asked,

"What happened during the negotiations Miki?"

Miki, realizing her husband's tone was all business, bowed low and answered, "Mito sama's health is deteriorating. Thus, Konoha wants another Uzumaki to put the beast into, because 'Only an Uzumaki has the power to keep the mass of hate and malice at bay.'". Her tone was becoming heated as she spoke, and turned mocking when she quoted what the Konoha delegation had told her, and Arashi was not having a good feeling about where this was going.

"They said that giving them an Uzumaki is a part of the treaty, and are demanding our daughter for the purpose. They say it's for 'strengthening the alliance'. She would have to marry in that village and any children conceived will have Konohan citizenship." As she spoke, she could clearly see the rage n his eyes.

"Part of the treaty? No, this was not a part of the treaty! We were only to help them subdue the tailed beasts, if one were to attack their village. This will be taken seriously. They should not twist words of their allies! "

"I know Uzukage sama. But they are insistent, and have got the seal of authority of Mito Sama. She, being your aunt and the last of the original main family has higher authority than you on the matters of previous dealings of the clan."

At this, Arashi wearily nodded. He should have known Konoha would exploit such a loophole in the decades old treaty. He was angry that Konoha did not want to make someone of Mito's line the jinchuuriki. They could've easily done so. But it seemed that they wanted a whole Uzumaki clan in Konoha. He had no illusions that once a puppet Uzumaki line was established in Konoha, they would waste no time in asking for Uzumaki secret techniques as their 'rightful inheritance'.

'Using underhanded tactics to secure power for the village, eh Saru? Well two can play this game. '

He turned to his wife. "Miki. Did they specify the age of the child to be made the jinchuuriki?"

"No, but I assume that they would want Kushina, since she can be moulded as a loyal leaf ninja. But..." she trailed off and you could literally see the gears turning in her head.

"So, any ideas, Miki chan?" asked the venerable leader.

"I know you're thinking the same Arashi. I think we should have Akai chan be considered for the jinchuuriki role. Her Uzumaki chakra, seals mastery and chakra chains should be enough to keep the beast at bay. She would also be able to brush off any attempts to change her loyalty to leaf, and would be able t return to Uzu once the 30 year contract is complete. She is mature enough to understand her burden and its importance, and is also one of our strongest ninja, despite her age. She would be perfect for the job. This way, Kushina can have a normal childhood, which is what would be her wish in the first place." Miki trailed off, uncertain, whether she should assume so much about her daughter.

"You are right about Akai being the best for the role. But we'll have to ask her first. This will be a decision that will change her life, so we must first give her enough time. We shall discuss this with her today."

Suddenly, there was a displacement of air, a characteristic of a shunshin, followed by the arrival of Akai, their eldest daughter. She was a 12 year old, with violet eyes, and a lithe figure. Unlike her mother, she had brown, cropped hair, with one bang covering her eye. She was wearing a black shinobi outfit, and tied around her hand was the Uzu forehead protector. Akai Uzumaki was considered a once in a generation prodigy, and had already become a chuunin and a seal master at the tender age of nine. Her parents couldn't be more proud of her. She was a strong ninja, a doting sister and a loving daughter. She was also polite and curt, which couldn't be said for many others of their clan.

But she had a trait that was seen in nearly every Uzumaki. She would stop at nothing to make her loved ones were happy.

So it didn't come off as a surprise when she spoke the next two words; "I accept "

A/N- So, how was it. It is kind of the divergence point from canon. We were never told of the Uzumaki family, so I had her have a sis. It's logical if you are a clan head, to have a "spare" in case the heir dies. Not that their father sees this as such.J

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Q.)Why did Arashi accept the treaty terms?

a.) There's not much he can do to nullify it except breaking the alliance. Also Mito had more seniority than him in these matters because she is a direct descendant of the main family and he was her nephew. So the old clan matters concerning her are her domain

Q.)Why did Akai consent to go to Konoha so easily?

A.)She is sharp and knew that if it was not her, then Kushina would be sent. And she loves the kid. So she, not seeing a way out, accepted her fate.

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