Hogwarts is what?

Remus dropped to the sofa, Sam's acceptance letter in his hand. "Sammy, this is amazing." he told the nine year old. "You scored in the top three, and the other two are eleven years old." He jumped up and paced around the room, the three boys watching and laughing. "Your official apprenticeship will be in Potions, but you also scored very high on arithmancy and amazingly enough Divination."

Remus sat down again, "It says here that you are on the cutoff line of being magical. We're required to go and have a wand made for you, your first couple of weeks are going to see where your strengths are with your custom wand. Your schedule will be adjusted after that."

Sam dropped down onto Remus' lap, "So I might have some of the same classes as Harry?" he asked.

Remus ruffled his hair, "Yes, you might."

Harry looked over as he heard a tap on the window. "Looks like there is another owl." he stated, walking over to the window and letting it in. The owl swooped past Harry and landed on Sam's head.

Dean walked over and lifted the bird off of his brother and it held out it's leg for Sam to remove the letter. "This one is from Salem too," he told them. He opened the letter and started reading.

"Uncle Remus, they would like to come visit next week. They want to know if that's enough time for us to get me a wand."

August 30 had Harry and Remus preparing for their trip to London so that Harry could get the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts. Travis would be riding the train with Harry, using a potion to make himself completely undetectable, even to Dumbledore. He would stay at the school for the first couple of weeks to keep and eye on the way that Harry was treated, and then visit once a month if things were going well.

When they arrived in Diagon Alley, their first stop was Ollivander's shop for his Ministry approved wand. He had a custom wand that he could use in an emergency, but had to have one with the trace for Hogwarts. After he had gotten his wand, Eleven inches, Holly and Phoenix feather, they headed to the Leaky Cauldron to get a room for the night. He was only one night away from his very first day at Hogwarts.

Harry and Remus, with Travis walking behind them with one hand on Harry's shoulder, stepped through the barrier protecting Platform 9 ¾. They took his trunk to one of the train doors, Harry hugged Remus and promised to write him as soon as he was sorted, then he grabbed the handle of the trunk and pulled it onto the train. He pulled the trunk along behind himself, with Travis following him, until he found an empty compartment.

He was struggling to get the trunk onto the shelf when two red haired boys stopped at the door.

"You need some help with that?" one asked.

Harry turned around to see two identical boys, "If you wouldn't mind?" he answered.

The boys stepped into the compartment and stood in front of Harry. "Fred Weasley." the first one said.

"George Weasley." the second said, then both boys held out a hand for Harry to shake.

Harry smiled, "Harry Potter," he said as he grabbed the offered hands in both of his. "Pleasure to meet you, would you happen to be related to Arthur Weasley by any chance?"Harry said, looking back and forth at the twin boys.

Fred and George looked at each other and then back to Harry. "That's our Dad."George answered.

Harry grabbed their arms, "Quick, we have to tell Remus before he leaves." He dragged the two boys off of the train and into the crowd. "If Remus can recruit your dad, Travis will be thrilled. Harry felt a slight touch to his back, knowing it was Travis letting him know that he was still with him.

Fred looked at his brother again, wondering if Harry Potter was as barmy as he seemed right now. "Our mum is over here with our sister, if you want to talk to her."Fred told him.

"Fantastic, hang on a sec, let me get Remus." he said stopping and pulling a mirror out of his pocket. "Remus Lupin" he said into the mirror.

"What's wrong Harry?" the mirror answered. Both red haired boys looked at the mirror and rushed over to stand on either side of Harry.

"The two guys standing with me are Arthur Weasley's sons, they said that their mom is here and they'll take us over to her so that you can talk to her." Harry explained.

Remus pushed his way to the place Harry was standing with the boys. "Hello gentlemen, if you would show me the way to your mother, I will be out of your hair." he told them.

Fred and George led the way over to their mother and sister. "Mum, this guy wanted to talk to you."George told her.

Remus stepped forward, "Mrs. Weasley, my name is Remus Lupin and I have been asked to speak to you on behalf of the Magical government of the United States of America." She shook his extended hand. "Would you be able to get your husband and meet me at the Leaky Cauldron right after the train leaves?" he asked.

Molly Weasley shook her head and looked at Remus with a small smile on her face. "What would this be about, Mr. Lupin?"she asked.

Remus smiled, "The Department of Magical Beings wants to hire your husband. The British Magical Government has been blocking all of the mail from them to your husband for the past few years, and we've been trying to contact him for awhile."

Harry grabbed Fred and George's arms and turned toward the small red haired girl at her mother's side. "Hi, I'm Harry Potter, what's your name?" he asked her with his hand extended.

She shakily shook the extended hand, "Ginny W-W-Weasley,"she stammered.

"Well Ginny, I'm going to drag your brother's out of here, and onto the train before it leaves without us." He told her. "It was nice meeting you, feel free to write to me if you get bored, you can even write to my friends in South Dakota if you want. Send an owl to me and I'll teach you how to send them mail without an owl."

Ginny stared at the three boys as they walked off, seeing Fred and George point out their brother Ron, and Harry introducing himself, before the four of them disappeared onto the train. She shook her head and looked up at her mother talking to the man Harry Potter had brought over to them.

A/N: Okay, the first couple of chapters will be Harry's trip on the train and his sorting then we'll get to some of the classes. I'm in no hurry to make this short, it's Hogwarts and important things happen there. I want to say a great big Thanks to all of the people that sent their sympathies. I appreciated every one of them.