Chapter 12

Minerva waited in front of the fireplace in her office the day after Christmas. Travis and his team were coming through the floo with Nicholas Flamell, they were going to go through the Headmaster's traps and collect the you Sorcerer's stone. Once the potions master had contacted him, Nicholas Flamell had contacted the DME as Professor Snape had suggested. Now they were heading toward the room in the forbidden corridor.

Snape was waiting there for them and they easily passed the large dog, heading down the trap door where the devil's snare was easily taken care of. The went quickly through the traps that the Headmaster had arranged and arrived in a circular room with the stone sitting in the center.

"Did he truly think that these simple tasks would stop anyone that you-know-who would send?" Flamell asked. "I fear that Albus is losing his mind."

Minerva laughed, "I completely agree. He's trying to nullify the contract that Harry Potter's family has with the Ministry and the board of Governors." She watched as Nicholas took the stone and dropped it into a bag hanging around his neck.

"If he had told me that he was going to use my stone to tempt the dark lord into coming into a school full of children, I would have told him no. Instead he told me that he had heard rumors of his forces close to where Perenelle and I have been living in the south of France." he said. "Now we must find a new place to hide with the stone."

Travis stepped forward, "Mr. Flamell, the DME would be happy to assist you in any way we can."

Professor Snape turned to Travis. "Is it safe to tell Harry and his friends that they no longer need to worry about this?"

Travis smiled, "I'll let the group know when my wife and I attend dinner there tonight. You've all been invited, even you Professor Snape."

The group of students arrived back at the castle, ready to finish out their first year. Sirius and Remus had told them during their break that they had planned a vacation for Harry, Dean and Sam when school was done and that they had invited the rest of the group to join them. The hunters had picked Loki's brain about creatures during the vacation, asking about different ways to get rid of some of the more common creatures and discovering a few that they hadn't seen before. Sirius found a kindred spirit with the trickster, planning pranks and getting into trouble.

"Are you still going to classes with the kids?" he asked a few days before they went back.

Loki sighed, "yes, and Professor Snape is not at all happy that I haven't chosen a name. I just keep the teachers from noticing me instead."

Sirius smiled, "You could always tell them that you're my kid. Pick a first name and use Black as your last name, it would really annoy the Headmaster. He hates that Harry is here with us instead of where he wants him."

Loki got a devious smile on his face. "I do love to annoy him, let me think." He sat back in his seat and was quiet for a few minutes. "I've got it!" he said.

Sirius leaned forward in his seat, "Well?"

"Gabriel Sirius Black."

The weeks until the end of the school term flew past, with the newly named Gabriel spending considerable time in detention for his pranks on students, Quirell and the Headmaster.

A few days before the end of the school year, Gabriel's wards on the forbidden corridor were tripped.

Neville was sent to find the headmistress, Ron was sent by Harry's portkey to get the hunters, and Harry, Hermione, Greg, Fred, George and Gabriel headed for the corridor. They expected the adults to join them when they arrived.

Neville rushed up to them just before they got to the door. "She left the castle with the Headmaster about an hour ago" he told them.

"Then I guess we do this without her." Harry told them. "Wands out, hopefully the modified Devil's trap Uncle Bobby designed with Gabriel will do the trick and trap him until the goblins can get here."

Ron arrived at the portkey point in the salvage yard and ran for the house. "Remus! Sirius!" he shouted as he ran toward the back door.

The door crashed open and the four men ran out the door. "Ron, what are you doing here?" Remus asked. Ron could see Dean and Sam standing behind the men.

"Gabriel's wards were tripped, they all headed for the forbidden corridor." Ron told them. Dean leaned down and grabbed a bag by the door.

"We're coming with you." Dean said, stepping out of the house with Sam right behind him.

John looked at the determined look on his boys faces and nodded. He handed Dean a gun, "don't use it unless you have to."

They all touched Harry's portkey and dissapeared.

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