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They were humans now, Angemon and Angewomon. Now they go by Adam and Angelica. Their feelings were raging with passion. Passionate feelings that they didn't know how to control. They went dancing in a nice restaurant. While they danced, close, cheek to cheek, Adam could smell her hair and perfume. Then they went to a hotel room. He carried her in and perched her on the edge of the bed while giving her a deep kiss.

"Angelica," he mumbled. Another kiss, leading to another and another and then he undid his tie. His shirt. She unbuttoned her blouse. They moaned each other's name. She ran her hand across his masculine strong chest. The fire was lit inside them and it was burning, burning, burning. He pushed her against the pillows and they were underneath the covers.

"I am not sure what's going to happen," Angelica whispered, "but, something feels…right." They didn't know what they could to in this new human bodies. They were digimon back then. But their world, their home was gone. They weren't digimon anymore and now humans.

He kissed her neck and collar bone and shoulders. Angelica winced as she felt some kind of discomfort. Not wanting to see her in pain, he stopped immediately and pushed up.

"It's okay…I just wasn't prepared for that," she admitted.

"Sure?" he asked

"Don't stop," she told him.

He was more delicate and gentle with her the next time. It hardly even hurt. Her hands reached to his back, rubbing it, letting his hair in between her fingers. He outlined her neck and shoulders with his chin. Why weren't they able to feel this close in the digiworld? Were all digimon banned from falling in love? Was it wrong for them to feel this close, this safe, this secure? It was paradise. Tears, sweat, gasps, whispers. All elements of a couple making love. They needed each other.

Angelica look at him, "you're crying," she noted.

"You are too," he wiped a tear away from her cheek. "I just feel so close to you. It's just so magical. It's wonderful."

"Yes." She put her chin on his shoulder and tightened her arms around him. She rubbed his back more and then began to scratch it. There were a dozen red marks on his back from her fingernails but it didn't bother him. They clasped hands as they gasped and moved musically with each other. No human couple can ever match the act of making love to an angel couple. No love was ever so pure, so perfect. Nor can any human feel as close to another as an angel to another angel. No one had ever told them what they could do with their new bodies but it was best for them to find out this way. And they were closer. They fell asleep in each other's arms after kissing the tears away.