Hey everyone! I had just recently watched Hikaru no Go and couldn't help but want to write at least one fic for it. My story was inspired by a picture on deviant art, by the talented demitasse-lover, called Sai no Go! Now I don't much about Go, actually next to nothing about Go but I'll try my best at this story! Now I have no idea if I'll finish it due to my lack of knowledge on the game but if anyone who knows the game call message me and help me out I believe I might so PM me if you can help!

Anyway here's chapter 1 hope you like!

"Please turn, in your homework, and enjoy your vacations see you all…..and they left before I even got to finish…." = talking

"Okay, Ogata is staring at me, but it does not mean he will hurt me!...Right Hikaru? Wait! Why are you screaming run?! Hikaru?! Don't leave me behind! Come back and help me!" = thinking/talking to Hikaru.

"Sai! Sai! May we play a game? I will behave if we do! Please!" = Hikaru talking

I send you my graduated for playing me; I cannot wait for our next battle. = NetGo message

Chapter 1

Sai Fujiwara knew that most would scoff at what he was currently doing, but he was desperate enough to not care. The due date of his rent was looming awful close and he already missed it twice the last two months leading to his landlord dropping hints of relocating him if he let it happen a third time. He had tried to find a second job but none started after three that didn't happened to be a fast food restaurant, which he had tried to applied to but been turned down for high school teenagers.

Sai is a twenty-five year old fresh out of college teacher, with student loans, bills and low paying job that was slowly draining the fun out of his life. The need for food had him searching the local dump in hopes of finding something to sell for a little pocket money. Hey a man had to eat, and he had just passed the last few years eating almost nothing but an instant ramen based diet and if a broken hard to find doll was going to get him some then so be it!

He had pulled his long dark black hair into a low ponytail at the bottom of his neck using his most prized possession, a white ribbon given to him by his mother. The same one his father had given her on their first White day date, as a promise to love her forever. The one thing he had of both his parents love. Dress in old clothes (a faded long sleeve shirt, and baggy running pants that his old dorm roommate gave him) he spent his first weekend as a teacher digging through garbage. This was not the first time he had spent weekends at the dump so he knew how to dress for such outings.

Sai had fair skin like his mother, some saying he could be a ghost if it wasn't for the warmth in his face most noticeable in his eyes. He wasn't made for being outside in heat too long; perhaps it was because of all the hours spent indoors by his mother's hospital bed in his childhood. Kushina Fujiwara had been diagnosed with a brain tumor when Sai had turned ten, with a dead father before he was born and no grandparents to speak of, the duty to find a way to pay for her treatment fell on the shoulders of her ten year son.

Sai had dedicated most of his youth looking for a job that could help get the medication Kushina needed much to her pain. She had more often than not, made a point to talk about him playing at the park with friends instead of going door to door selling candy.

"I don't want you missing out on life because of me, Sai. Please don't worry so much. There are foundations that will help us with the money. Spent time with your friends tomorrow okay?" She would say almost every night before he was to return the orphanage when visiting hours were over. He had hated the guilty look on her face and in her voice when she did, making him lie about having friends.

Young children can be cruel. He had know that saying to be true from experience, especially to a boy with long hair who refused to cut or refusing to play after school claiming he need to find work. It didn't help that he was unbelievably shy with a passion of learning, and always wearing hand-me downs from the older orphanages that were usually out of style. Street rat had been the kindness nickname his old classmates gave him at the time.

He didn't care really, he had his mother.

He still remembered the day he had beat down some bullies who had jumped him on his way to the hospital, because they were going to cut his precious hair with strength he hadn't known he possessed. The eleven year old had made a promise to himself, to never cut his hair when his mother refused to wear a wig, even if it would to be made by his own hair. She claimed she love the way it looked on him and would always want to see it on him, so he vowed to never cut it again. There had been three bullies and the three bullies had companied him to the hospital to get their wounds bandaged with fear in their eyes whenever they looked his way.

His face had been bleeding, his nose nearly broken, two black eyes but his hair had still had its shoulder length and the brightest smile he ever had on his face as he told his surprised mother that he was no longer shy because he learned something that day.

That was the day he knew he could do anything if he had enough determination, heart and work hard enough to pull it off.

"That's my boy! He can withstand anything with a smile!" Kushina had joked between gasps of laughter as Sai retold the way the bullies cried as he brought down justice on them. She always did have a strange sense of humor.

Her words become his motto even as he stood in front of her grave four years later, with tears rolling down his checks a bittersweet smile pulling at his face, as he whispered to the late afternoon air " I am my mom's boy. I can withstand anything with a smile. I am my mom's boy. I can withstand anything with a smile. I am my mom's son. I can withstand anything with a smile"

He had been a fifteen year old who had no idea what to do with himself after losing the only thing that gave him purpose, his life had been school, any means of money making and visiting mom everyday without fail. Sai had promised his mother that he would go to college and have the education she never had but he had never told her what he would study since he had never gave it much thought then, (too busy trying to find a way to pay for her hospital room and keep up with current school) to know what to say.

Sai had moved through life as if in auto pilot for a year following his mother's death, always crying with a smile and skipped so much school, most of the other student's believed he transpired to a different school all together. Then he had made a spur of the moment choice to enter the hospital that his mother used to live in when he had walked past it on his way to buy some food.

The hospital staff was shocked to see him back and when asked what he was doing there, the sixteen year old had merely shrugged saying in a flat lifeless voice not really thinking. "I don't know. What do you need me to do?"

They believed he had arrived to volunteer in memory of his mother. Sai had known almost all the nurses by name and they knew him in turn , so they assumed he had somehow managed to keep his kind heart even after the lost he suffered. They gave him work right away.

Help one of the new patients with her math homework, be gentle she just found out about her cancer last week and she's trying to keep things as normal as possible. He had merely nodded mutely not really hearing the words of Sakuno as she showed him the room number. 301. His mother's old room.

Sai wanted nothing more than to run away that moment as tears rushed to his eyes but the brown haired nurse had already pushed open the door and a young ten year old girl with red puffy eyes stared back at him. He had recognized that look of hopeless misery instantly; He had seen it in his mother's kind black eyes (he looked just like her and he knew if he had been born a girl then he would be miniature version of Kushina) and every time he looked in a mirror after she told him about selling the house and moving to the orphanage because she couldn't leave the hospital to take care of him anymore.

Sai could not leave this child with that haunted look, so he put on his softest smile making sure not to have pity or polite distance but made it filled with brotherly love. The girl had sniffed but smiled back ,a bit watery, but a smile none the less. He spent the rest of the afternoon with her and her parents, doing his best to teach the young Yuki Yume , his first ever student, fractions.

Yuki had actually cheered when she got an answer right and grinned at him with a joyful "Thank you Fujiwara-sensei!"

The sunset light had hit her from behind when Yuki said that and Sai would swear to the day he died that he could see his mom in her smile, telling him to enjoy life. That Kushina wanted him to have fun.

That day Sai Fujiwara knew he wanted to make a difference in a child by becoming a teacher.

Even in death his mother still managed to direct him and help him find his way. He would be make it happened! He would be the greatest teacher to ever live! Someone his students could connect to without fear of being mock or being shy about it.

He worked day and night doing everything he could to graduate at the top of his class, finding jobs to pay the bills of his new apartment and to have a college fund of course. He spent hours looking for scholarships and taking bank loans to pay for the things he couldn't afford to waste meal money on. Sai also created a habit of going to the hospital whenever he had a chance to take a break of his college life to teach the children there, gaining more and more desire to teach each day.

He even made some lifelong friends out of it enjoying what he loved too.

Which brought him to his current money problem; Yuki needed a surgery to remove her right leg. The girl had been one of his little fans, claiming that when she beat the cancer she would go to the school he would be teaching at. Over the nine years after their meeting, the two become close as she even claimed that he helped her survive the hardest part of her treatment, her parents agreed since he knew all the programs to help with the money and emotional support.

Except her father tended to glare at him whenever he got too close to the girl, since Yuki developed feelings for him throughout the tutoring sections. Other than that he felt as if though he was a cousin visiting whenever he saw them and was one of the biggest reasons why he cleared his bank account then made a anonymous donation to her support fund as soon as he learned her parents couldn't afforded it.

So what if he was looking through garbage to find something to pawn off? Yuki would live to go to college and would still be able to walk because the donation had come with a metal leg in her size.

He was close to being homeless, but he was happy with his choice after seeing the small three people family hugging and crying in joy. Yuki had turned to him, with a look in her eyes that told him she knew nothing about him being the detonator and he was glad for it. Sai didn't want to give the girl guilt for being the reason he was running to all the schools in the area hoping to get hired before his landlord reach the end of her patience.

The girl's parents however knew. How? He didn't know but while Yuki had been busy getting prep for surgery with her mother, Yuki's father had gone over to him, looked Sai straight in the eye then said "I want her to be happy, with a man who will fulfill her expectations of the prince charming personas she reads about. A man, who can take care of her and make her feel as precious as she is. Sai thank you for what you did. You may not be her prince, because I know you do not feel the same for her as she does you, but you are the best older brother Yuki could ever ask for and I would be damn proud to call you my son."

Honō Yume then hugged the surprised long haired man as his wife, Furea Yume, joined in after coming back to tell Hono that Yuki would be undergoing the surgery soon and needed her dad at her side. The brown hair woman's hazel eyes had tears in them as she whispered to the young teacher "You're so kind Sai. May, God repay you for your selfless act."

He had refused to take any of their money, that family had three mouths to feed while he only had one. Sai knew he could mange on his own, he always had before and he could now.

With sweat dripping from his forehead, he climbed another small hill of garbage, hoping to find something of value that could be sold quickly. The midday sunlight beat down on his back as he pushed away another empty box with disappointment. His dark black eyes scanned the piles of trash once he reached to top of the one he was currently climbing as he pulled his gloves tighter over his hands making sure to find something he could disinfect.

It had been two months since Furea had told him those words but in that moment he felt as if she was whispering them again in his shoulder, when he felt his heart sinking after the teacher realized he would probably not find anything today and needed to go home to grade the "what I did this summer" essays before Monday rolled around again.

"May, God repay you for your selfless act"

Letting out a sigh, the long haired man knew it was time to give up for the day and go back home. It seemed he wouldn't be paying for his electricity again as he would be using that money to buy some groceries. He had really wanted to have it back too, after a month a man misses his TV time. Too bad he would have to wait until the school year reach a month before he would get paid.

"I am my mom's son. I can withstand anything with a smile." Sai thought as he made his way back down, knowing he shouldn't think negatively.

" It's going to be okay. You'll get through this. Don't worry Fujiwara, everything is going to be okay." The teacher said to him-self as he slapped his checks, then literally tried to shack the bad thoughts out of his head. "You hit rock bottom but that just means the only way is up!" He cried as he climbed down letting himself throw a fist in the air out of a childish habit he developed.

In that moment Sai felt his feet slip and rolled the rest of the way down, letting out a started cry. The trash fell with him, creating a chain of reactions to the rest of the small hills around him throwing the neatly organized junk into the air. When the world finally came to a stop Sai, found himself upside down with his right foot stuck in an old box above him on the side of a hole created by the small earthquake.

"owwie" The long hair teacher said trying to get up but his foot wouldn't come down. He was happy to note he hadn't hurt himself too bad besides a dull pain in his chest as it had landed first but would need to clean the small wound on his chin. "A perfect way to end garbage day" He mumbled sarcastically.

He yanking his foot free, Sai sat up with a low sigh. Things couldn't possible get worse.

The box that held his foot captive, decided it would make them worse by losing its balance, falling straight down on, ironically , his right foot.

Eyes wide, the man throw his head back a cursed….well in a Sai way he did. "Ow! Son of a monkey! That hurt so fudge'n much! What the fudge, world!? What the fudge!? Why are you against me!?"

By that time it accorded to him to move the heavy object off his foot. With a hateful glare, he pushed it off his injured limb, hoping it would find a way to break as it fell to the side for it was too heavy to chuck across the garbage lot like he felt, should be its fate.

The box's lead fell open as it lands and a goban soon followed. Sai's breathe hitches as he studies the wooden legs of the goban, since it is the only side that can be visible as the board fell flat on the playing side.

A little dirty but that is high quality wood! He could roughly tell the price of artifacts after years of dump rioting.

This could be his chance at some food and TV month!

With new found hope, the black haired man completely forgot his hurt foot and chin as he nearly tripped over himself to check the condition of goban, if he was lucky it could be fixed easily and sold at a fair price quickly. Things were looking up!

Turning the board upright, his smile fell a lot faster than it should have. Well the board itself was in a pretty well condition, almost looking beautiful going well with the fine black lines of that formed the game, it was ruined in the top right corner that told him exactly why someone had thrown away such a great treasure.

"Maybe I can clean the blood stains off…." He mumbled as he studied the stains with a frown. He knew he would most likely leave the board because who in their right mind might take a game board covered in blood from the local dump, but it made him feel better to give him some hope it can be fix. That his life could be fix just like that.

"You can see the stains?!" a childish voice suddenly asked making Sai jump. Looking around terrified Sai yelled out "Who's there?"

"Can you hear my voice?!" The child asked again this time its voice full of glee and hope.

"What are you doing here child? I don't have any money if that's what you want!" Sai yelled again eyes looking this way and that as he tried to find the child who called out "Show yourself!"

"You can hear me! This means I can return! Thank you God for this wonderful opportunity!" Sai watched with wide eyes as the board started to glow and what seems to be light green club lights start coming out of the board, his hearting beating too hard to be healthy, as a body began to form above the board drawing his attention. "After years of waiting, I may finally return to the world of the living!"

Gasping the young man raised to his feet, just as a boy came into view. He seemed young no older than most of his students, probably around twelve, who looked far too happy as he lifted a large rob off his head, or more accurate off his large hat. The boy was wearing strange clothing, dress as if he lived in the Heian era and belongs to a noble family to boot if what he knew of Heian was correct; the young boy stared back at him before his face split into a wide grin.

The young boy had black hair that ended just at the end of his neck yet seemed to posses white color bangs that framed his face ending just passed his chin. The boy spoke "it is an honor to make be in your presence, my name is Hikaru Shindou and I adore Go! oh, and I have been dead for the last thousand years."

With that Sai's world turn black as he fainted, not missing the panicked look of Shindou.

He wouldn't know it yet but this boy would change his life for the better.