Rei loved her room; though she knew it was only an illusion, it was one of the only places that she felt somewhat safe. The fact that the Rats had, over the years, warded it with stacks upon stacks of seals to prevent any kind of monitoring or surveillance helped. Rei knew even the Byakugan could not look into her room now, thanks to independent testing by both Neji and Hinata. It wasn't a guarantee of privacy, of course, but unless some high level nin decided to seriously go out of their way to surveil her she should be perfectly safe from prying eyes and ears in her own room. And if some high level nin was already going through that much trouble to spy on her, then the gig would probably be up anyway.

The girl sat on her small desk, the surface of it clean and orderly to an almost obsessive degree. In fact her entire room was so clean and tidy it would make some professional maids weep in either joy or due to extreme feelings of inadequacy. Rei hadn't always been so much of a neat freak, not by a long shot, but she supposed it sort of made sense that she had turned into one. Hinata had been the first to take notice and make an insightful comment about it. It's something else that you can have control over.

Of course, as much as she hated it, there were a great many things she had no control over. Take my Elemental affinity for example, Rei thought to herself sourly as she examined the innocuous looking sheet of Chakra paper held in between her fingers. Oh how she would have loved to have control over that, to be able to further personalize and customize her fighting style from the very start. Alas, that was currently impossible. Her Elemental affinity, like most of the truly important things in her life, was well and truly out of her control.

Still, even as she examined the rectangular piece of paper in her hand, Rei couldn't help but think of what Elemental affinity she would prefer to have. Which Element she would wish to have. Her top two choices would definitely be wind and lightning. Each one appealed to her for differing reasons. Wind was, in her opinion and in the opinion of many ninja, the best element to have if you were interested in purely offensive ninjutsu. The destructive power and the versatility of wind in that respect was simply unparalleled. Lightning, on the other hand, was still incredibly powerful offensively and Rei suspected she would greatly benefit from the property of being able to shape raiton energy into crackling blades of electricity and such. With her unparalleled Chakra control she might be able to come up with some truly creative things.

Just slightly below lighting and wind, Rei would have liked to be earth affinity, if for very different reasons. The ability to hide underground (and even on other surfaces she was sure) and then move in that medium would give her already top notch stealth skills an enormous additional boost. Plus earth boasted the toughest clones around and was the best element for setting traps and ambushes. While not her top choice she would not be very dissapointed if her element turned out to be earth.

Her bottom two choices were without a doubt fire and water. Fire techniques, from what she had learned and from what she remembered from the story, while destructive enough seemed to suffer from an unsettling lack of versatility. In fact the only versatility she could remember from the story when it came to fire jutsu was "how big do you want your fireball to be?". Water, on the other hand, was probably the most versatile element of all. While not able to do any one job as well as the other elements it could do pretty much all of them, albeit with lesser effectiveness. However Rei loathed the idea of being weaker if she happened to be in a place without a body of water nearby or with low ambient moisture. None of the other elements had such a liability and Rei was not keen on the idea of being hampered in any way.

If only it was a choice and not some random twist of fate.

Rei took a deep breath and let it out slowly, mentally crossing her fingers. After hesitating a moment Rei allowed her Chakra to flow through her hand and into the reactive paper that it held. Nothing seemed to happen for half a second before all at once the whole thing caught fire, causing Rei to drop it on her desk as it singed her fingers, before the paper consummed itself utterly after a few seconds of dancing flame.

Rei sighed, dissapointed but not terribly surprised. Since when have I ever been lucky?

Fine. Fire. She was fire affinity. She would make it work.

Even if it seemed to take the top spot as the least flexible of all the elements.

Even if you ran a pretty good risk of barbecuing yourself as well as your opponent if you made a mistake.

Even if it somehow prickled at her pride that she'd ended up with the most common Elemental affinity that existed in Konoha.

Rei could be stubborn and try to start on an off Element for her, but everything in her research had convinced her that course of action would simply needlessly make things more difficult with no discernible upside whatsoever.

Fire. Okay. It was what she had. Rei would make it work because she had to. Not my first choice, certainly, but at least I'll get to set lots of things on fire. Despite her disappointment her lips twitched up briefly at the thought. Burning things were rather pretty, weren't they? She remembered finding bonfires hypnotizing in her previous life. Once, when she had been a rather young adult in her last life, she'd gotten much closer to a wildfire than was strictly safe because she had been drawn in by the dancing flames and could not turn away from such a primal display of power and destruction.

Rei had only ever considered which Elemental affinity would be the most useful.

She had never considered which one she would like using the best.

Well... I suppose I'll just take the small blessings where I can get them.


A/N: Some girls just want to watch the world burn.