Second in line, heir to this crown
Simply glass, rubber, plastic…
But these are a symbol of courageous strength
And it is my duty to bear them

People may laugh at the goggles atop my head
They don't know the story, what these goggles have seen
They have seen battles against hopeless odds
And yet, their first owner survived and passed them to me

Goggle Head—sounds like an insult
But really, it's the title of the brave and strong leader
I am the leader—I must protect the worlds
Or I have forsaken the meaning of these goggles

Different look on Davis, huh? And this is my little homage to the Power Rangers, even though I don't particularly care for them, in honor of their episode "Forever Red," featuring all the Red Rangers, and making me pretty dizzy looking at so much red. Like it? Please review. And send a request. I already have a Davis view of T.K. and Kari's relationship and another Willis poem on the easel, waiting to be done. One thing, I can't do Sorato or Rukato because I have a hard time writing those couples. I think most others I'm okay with. If you want a romance, leave behind your e-mail address so I can tell you if I can do it or not.