I Hate The Beach

I Hate The Beach!

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The digidestined split up to find more good digimon, if there were any. Ken couldn't possibly control all the digimon, not at the rate the digidestined were going. There had to be some hiding away so they were safe.

Kari walked over to the beach and crawled up on a big rock. "I wish I had Tai's telescope," she said, covering her eyes with her hands to make hand-binoculars.

"I don't see anything," Gatomon said. "Let's find the others."

"Okay," she said as she turned around. Then Kari slipped and fell off the edge.

"Kari!" Gatomon shouted, leaning over the edge to watch her plunge into the ocean. Kari didn't have enough time to yell out "Digiarmor energize!" so Gatomon could armor digivolve to Neferitimon and save her. "I better go get help!" Gatomon jumped to the shore and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her.

Ken stood at a cliff and saw Kari splashing around in the water. He stood their for what seemed like in an eternity. A smile crept across his face and then it disappeared as Kari sank lower. Her leg was caught among something in the dark murky water. Ken took off his shades and stepped closer. She's drowning, Ken thought himself, she'll die. That's good, right? Do I want her to die? Yes, she's my enemy. No, she's just a girl. Yes, she's my rival. No, she's a digidestined. What should I do? Decide, Ken, before it's too late! He sighed and took off his cape. I have no choice, I have to save her. And with that thought in mind, Ken dove into the ocean.

Kari was caught alright, caught by one of Ken's enslaved water digimon. Ken punched the digimon and pointed to the other side, as if shooing him away. The digimon swam away. Ken wrapped his arms around Kari's body and swam to the shore. He laid her down on her back and checked her breathing. No breath. He checked her pulse--nothing.

"Crap," he muttered and then tilted her head back to open her airway. He gave deep breaths. I'm breathing life into her, he thought to himself. I'm wasting my breath on her, no wait, this is what I should've done, right? Yes, I couldn't just let her drown. He put his hands on her chest and pushed down and deep, "come on, come on!" He gave her more breaths. I'm saving my enemy. Am I nuts?

Kari began to cough and came into sub-consciousness. He turned her head for her to breathe easier. She blinked at look at a pair of dark, deep steel blue eyes. She sighed, not knowing that they were the eyes of the digmon emperor. Waiting for a kiss, she smiled up at him and closed her eyes. Wanting to give a kiss, Ken leaned down as he put his hands right next to her shoulders, closing his eyes as he went down. He wanted to touch her mouth with his again, but not to perform CPR, he wanted to kiss her. Their lips were just millimeters apart and…

"KARI!" TK's voice rang out.

"We're coming, Kari!" Gatomon shouted.

Ken groaned and scampered away before they found him. He hid behind a rock and watched them.

TK jumped from Pegasusmon's back and ran to Kari. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her up. "Kari, speak to me!"

"Kari, are you okay?" Yolei asked, leaning forward to place her hands on her knees.

"Oh god, she's dead!" Davis freaked, grabbing his hair.

"No she's not, Davis," Cody said, "look, she's breathing."

"Come on, Kari, wake up," TK said gently, shaking her a bit.

Kari coughed a few times and groaned, "I hate the beach!"