Returning Fire

AN: This is yet another Gormiti fanfiction. It's set a year after the events of the Neorganic Evolution. Therefore Toby is 15, Jessica and Nick are 14 and Lucas is 13. Hope you enjoy it!


In the year since the Lords of Nature had defeated Magor, Gorm had prospered. There was no longer any threat of invasion. To put it simply, Gorm was more peaceful than it had ever been before, but good things are never meant to last...

Deep within the bowels of Volcano Mountain (which had been dormant for the past year), something strange was occurring. Lava was moving at an alarming rate across the floor, piling up slowly to form a being, forming first the limbs, then the torso and finally the head. The being threw back its head laughing as lava burst from the crater of the volcano.

In the Temple of Light, Old Sage and Razzle were observing the events that were unfolding in Gorm. "Oh no!" Razzle gasped. "What are we going to do?"

Old Sage, as always, remained calm. "We must notify the Lords immediately." Glancing toward the four orbs, which were still not fully recovered from the numerous curses they had been under, he added, "They will need to be stronger than ever before."

Razzle gulped and returned his gaze to the screen, hoping the Lords of Nature would triumph this time.

Back in Volcano Mountain, Magor was summoning his plethora of minions; Magmion and Obscurio being among them. "Rise and serve your master once again!" He yelled as more and more Lava Gormiti appeared. Once all of them had returned, he addressed them, "My loyal followers, today is the dawn of a new era for Gorm. We will destroy, once and for all, Gorm and the Earth!" All the Lava Gormiti cheered loudly.

"Master, we will be honoured to follow your every command. We are your faithful subjects." Obscurio said, bowing in respect.

Magor, however, wasn't listening. He was swirling his hand around the portal he used to spy on the Lords of Nature. This time, though, his attentions were on just one of them.

"The Lord of Water?" Magmion asked puzzled. "Why is he important, Master?"

Magor turned, the flames on his body burning more brightly than usual. "Because, you fool, if it wasn't for him, we could be ruling over Gorm!" He practically screamed at an unsuspecting Magmion who flinched and hastily tried to amend his mistake.

"So you seek revenge, Master?" Obscurio guessed, frowning.

"Yes, and you two will help me get it. Failure will not be a option!" Magor said, staring into the portal. "Be careful, Lord of Water, you have incurred the wrath of Magor, and that bodes badly for you!"

Obscurio and Magmion both bowed as Magor turned to face them. "I require you to keep an eye on the Lord of Water. Find out if he has any weaknesses. Do not let him out of your sight, or you, too, will suffer in the fires of my anger!"

Magor left the main area of the volcano and used his powers to set off a massive eruption. Soon enough, the Lords of Nature would arrive to deal with the problem and Magor could deal his ultimate revenge on the Lord of Water.

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