Chapter 14 (Epilogue)

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It had been two months since the Lords of Nature had defeated Magor for the second time. It seemed like things would finally start to settle down but, for Jessica and Toby, it wasn't so easy.

Jessica was still suffering nightmares from her ordeals whilst she was Magor's prisoner. Any mention of it in front of her would leave her shaking, absolutely terrified. Toby tried his hardest to stay strong for her, but he was also suffering from nightmares. The only time they ever felt safe was when they were together.

One afternoon, the four friends were enjoying one last day of freedom before school started. As soon as they arrived in the town centre, they started browsing the different shops. Eventually Jessica decided she wanted to go clothes shopping in the mall to buy an outfit for Gina's party.

"I really need something to wear- not to mention some new shoes." Jessica explained, causing all three boys to roll their eyes. She probably owns enough shoes to fill her own room, they each privately thought but wisely chose not to mention out loud.

Upon seeing the pleading look on her face, Toby grinned as he held his hands up in mock surrender. "Okay, you and I will brave the horrors of clothes shopping." He said, causing her to playfully punch his arm.

Nick nodded. "I think I'll head to the bookstore," he said thoughtfully. "There's a book on archaeology I've been meaning to buy."

"I'll go with you then." Lucas spoke up. "Maybe they've got some books on plants that may be interesting. So we'll meet you guys later?"

They made arrangements to meet at the new sandwich bar in a couple of hours. Once they had decided, Jessica grabbed Toby's hand and dragged him in the direction of the mall, yelling over her shoulder, "See you later!"

Nick and Lucas laughed as they left. "I'm glad things are finally starting to get back to normal." Nick said as they started walking toward the bookstore.

"Me too." Lucas agreed. "I just hope it will last."

Meanwhile, at the mall, Toby was watching Jessica go through an entire rack of clothes, shaking her head as she discarded yet another outfit.

"Why is it so difficult?" She complained. "Usually I don't have any trouble finding something to wear!"

Toby smiled at her. "Maybe you're trying too hard! I could look if you like." He offered, staring earnestly at her.

She looked at him in surprise. "Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt." She said hesitantly, watching as he raced off. Sitting down on a chair, she wondered if it had been a good again, maybe he had been right. Perhaps I am trying too hard!

Elsewhere, Toby had made his decision. Picking up the hanger, he hurried back to where Jessica was sitting, which, conveniently enough, happened to be right next to the changing room. She looked up as she heard him approaching. "Here you are." He painted, handing her the bag. She took it from him and headed inside the changing room whilst he waited outside, sitting down to catch his breath.

After five, possibly ten minutes, Jessica emerged from the changing room. Toby looked up and his jaw dropped. "Well?" She asked nervously. "Do I look okay?"

"Okay?" Toby cried, leaping up from the chair and taking her hands in his. "Jess, you look amazing!" This verdict caused her to blush as she twisted, staring at herself in the mirror. He had certainly outdone himself with knowing both what she liked and what suited her. She was wearing a sky-blue dress made out of a floaty material. The sleeves floated when she moved her arms and came down to her elbows. The dress itself was knee-length and Toby had even taken the liberty of choosing a selection of shoes for her to try. In the end she had chosen a pair of heels the same shade as her dress.

"Thanks to you!" She smiled at him. "Maybe I should take you clothes shopping more often!" She joked, expecting him to find the idea horrifying. She was, therefore, surprised by what she heard him say next.

"Anything to make you happy." At hearing this, Jessica suddenly hugged him very tightly, making a silent promise to herself that she would do everything she could to make him happy.

Toby suddenly looked at his phone and saw that he had three missed calls from Nick. "I think we'd better get moving- I didn't realise the time!" They hurried to the tills where Jessica paid for the dress and shoes. As soon as they were bagged, they walked quickly to the sandwich bar and bought sandwiches and drinks.

They quickly spotted Nick and Lucas sitting at a table near the window and went to join them. "What took you two so long?" Lucas laughed. "We were just about to come and find you!"

Jessica smiled. "Toby was helping me choose something to wear for Gina's party. I think he might be better at choosing outfits than I am!"

"What?" Nick almost choked on his drink. "You mean to say you willingly let Toby help you choose an outfit?"

Toby folded his arms and said, "Yeah, she did. I was happy to help." He took a sip of his drink and spoke again, "When you're in a relationship, little bro, you'll understand that nothing is more important than their happiness- and if that means doing things you'd normally avoid, you should be glad to."

Jessica hugged him as Lucas started humming a tune. It took them a while to work out what the tune was. "Here comes the bride..." Nick sang off-key, causing Toby and Jessica to not only go bright red but, along with Lucas, also clap their hands over their ears.

After a pause, all four of them started laughing. It was like all the negativity was beginning to fade away, though it would never be forgotten... by any of them.

In the Temple of Light, Old Sage was reading a parchment, Razzle perched on his shoulder as usual. The little dinosaur cleared his throat. "Erm, do you think we should tell them?"

The wise old one shook his head. "For now, Razzle, I think it best that we let them live their lives and not let this-" he gestured to the parchment "-dictate them." He walked over to the screen and saw the Lords laughing together, enjoying themselves. "Let them enjoy happiness while they can. We can worry about this prophecy until they are ready to be told."

Razzle nodded slowly. "I suppose you're right, of course. I just hope they'll be ready when the time comes."

Meanwhile, in the Lair of Darkness, Obscurio was laughing evilly as he read a similar parchment. "This is just the beginning, Lords of Nature..."

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