"Are we sure about this yoi?" Commander Marco asked once more just to make sure.

"Yeah pops, this whole situation is weirding me out.. I mean why would the leader of the revolutionaries want to meet with us?" Commander Thatch said agreeing with his best friend.

"Why don't we all just wait and see. I mean Garp's a nut job, who's to say his son is any better?" Commander Haruta said giving Thatch an annoyed look in response.

"GURARARARA" Whitebeards laughter boomed indicating that he was listening to his children but agreed with Haruta. "Just wait and see. "

"There, in the distance!" Thatch said leaning over the railing to see better "Pops, I think that's him!" A small boat was sailing slowly towards the grand ship.

On that small boat was a figure draped in a green cloak that covered most of his body and shadowed his face.

"Greetings New Gate, permission to come aboard?" Monkey D. Dragon asked looking past the many crew mates and directly towards the captain.

"Permission granted,though why would Garp's Rebel brat want to meet with me?" Whitebeard asked eyeing the man his interest growing.

Dragon just looked the man in the eyes before he pulled his arm out of his cloak showing the surrounding pirates a small bundle.

"This here is my son." He said making every eye widen and a few mouths comically drop.

"What are you here for brat?" Whitebeard said once he himself recovered from the initial shock.

"I want you to raise Luffy, my son. His mother is a dangerous person and my reputation will make his existence a sin against the world. We want him to grow and be free, everyone deserves to be free."

"Who is his mother exactly?" Marco asked now looking at the sleeping baby in Dragon's arms.

"No one you need to concern yourself with." He stated as if it was the most unimportant thing in the world at this moment, in which case it probably was.

"I see, why don't you get your father to raise him? He would probably love the chance to watch his grandson grow." Whitebeard stated watching the man carefully.

"Where my father has a good heart and cares deeply for his family his idles of training are…mildly abusive at best. Also, the man can't keep a secret for the life of him. I'm betting Sengoku knows I'm his son meaning they will know of Luffy soon enough. I did mention to my father of his new grandchild." He paused looking down at the child in his arms.

"I want him to grow up free from the chains of this world. My father will try and push his idles upon him and chaining him to a village will make him feel trapped. I know how you see your family, I ask that you let him in to it." Dragon felt his son waking so instead of looking at the older man he put his attention towards the boy. Luffy just opened his eyes and smiled before grabbing his father's finger to gum.

"Yes I know you're hungry." Dragon chuckled softly pulling a rather large bottle from his cloak.

"If you do choose to take him his apatite rivals my fathers and one day probably yours." Dragon said smiling now. Everyone could tell he loved his son his entire way of holding himself screamed "proud father".

"What shall we tell him of you? He may wish to know who his father actually is one day and I won't hide the fact you're not among the crew." White beard asked as Marco went and took the baby from Dragon's arms.

"Tell him the truth if he asks. Tell him I want him to be free, find what he believes in and chase it. Either way we'll meet again on this sea."

"You're a happy baby aren't you –yoi" Marco said smiling at the child in his arms Luffy just smiled wider and babbled happily.

"A little too happy for just a little guy don't cha think?" Thatch muttered but couldn't help but feel charmed by the baby's presence. Luffy with his dark eyes and hair had captured everyone's heart with just one look. Dragon studied the group with his son before giving the baby a kiss on his nose.

"Be safe, be free." He whispered Luffy just laughed.

"His full name is?" Whitebeard asked Dragon knowing full well he would be dealing with a D.

"Monkey D. Luffy, he will need a lot of food I'm hoping you can ask for some from your territories but my group here.." He trailed off now motioning his hand towards a smaller ship that had come during the time Dragon was there. "Has a few starter items to help you along for the time being. Thank you for this Whitebeard." Dragon said turning his back towards the older man before hoping back on his ship and sailing off with the others.

"Monkey D. Luffy, GURARARARA, Welcome home my son." He said to the small child who was gripping Marco's finger and falling asleep. Marco smiled at the child knowing full well life on the Moby Dick was about to change forever.

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