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Chapter 15

"Are you and Beau married?" Lance asked one day as he and Artha were feeding the twins, a new process to all of them.

Artha was shocked by the question, he honestly hadn't thought about it. "No," he said. "We aren't. Why?"

Lance shrugged. "Mom and Dad were married, weren't they?" Lance asked.

"Yeah," Artha said. "Why are you asking Lance?"

"Some of my friends were talking about it at school today," Lance said, shifting Gwen to burp her. "One of their older sisters is getting married next week and they all were talking about it. How come you and Beau aren't?"

"Honestly?" Artha replied, "I haven't thought about it."

"I have," Beau said from the doorway. "I was going to ask you before the twins were born," he added, coming into the room, "But they decided to speed up the time table on me." He sat next to Artha, wrapping an arm around him and smiling down at Gawain in Artha's arm. "So what do you say?" he asked, pulling a small box from his pocket. "Will you marry me?"

Artha stared at Beau for a moment before grinning, throwing an arm around Beau, careful of the infant in his arms. "Course I will," he said, his face buried in Beau's neck.

Beau smiled, kissing Artha gently when he pulled away. "Love you," he whispered, slipping the ring, a simple gold band, on Artha's finger.

"Love you too."