Here is another sweet moment alone with Kurt and Sebastian, where they discuss love, regret, and the things they would change if they could. Written in honor of the Kurtoberfest prompt "fairies".

"Kurt …"


"Tell me why you love me."

Kurt peeks up from Sebastian's chest, where he's been tracing patterns with water droplets, using his powers to push them over the dips between the planes and plateaus of Sebastian's muscles.

"Hmm," Kurt hums, breaking through the dreamy haze he always finds himself in when he's laid out over his lover's body. "Did you ask me to tell you I love you, my King?"

"No," Sebastian replies, thoughtfully running gentle fingers over the veins of Kurt's wings. "I'm curious as to why you love me."

"Oh," Kurt says, startled. It's something they don't often talk about, and yet it seems the constant subject of conversation, imbued in every word and every thought, every kiss and every embrace – the fact that they love one another. But as to why … well that hasn't come up.

"Do you need a moment to think it over, my love?" Sebastian asks, half teasing, half not.

"Of course not." With a flap of Kurt's wings, he flutters up Sebastian's body to gaze into his eyes – soft and sea green, shimmering in the moonlight, glowing in their bioluminescent depths. To Kurt, who has yet to venture into the deep ocean, Sebastian's eyes contain all the mystery the dark waters hold, their beauty and their wonder. "I love you for everything you are, my love. You are kind, compassionate, brave, and true." Kurt smiles bashfully at the next words tickling his tongue, words they once tossed around as a fond joke but which, every day, mean something more. "You love me …"

Sebastian smiles back. "… and I love you."

"Yes," Kurt says. "And you are fierce with your love, not just for me, but for everyone in your kingdom. You are noble in your rule, and an exceptional warrior." Kurt brushes a lock of hair from Sebastian's forehead, twirling it around his thin fingers and replacing the curls carefully just so. "You are the best friend I have ever had …"

"But what about your sister?" Sebastian interjects, needing to pause Kurt's overwhelming flattery, which is filling his body, veins and all, with a rush of heat like volcanic lava.

"She's my best friend, too, of course." Kurt giggles, flittering his wings when Sebastian's fingertips brush a ticklish spot – one that Sebastian knows is there, and exploits as often as he can. "But she falls under a different category of best friend than you."

"And how's that?"

"She's my sister." Kurt rolls his eyes childishly. "I have to love her. I believe there's some sort of decree. But also, I have cared for her my entire life."

"But then, if she is your best friend, my love, and I am your best friend, how does that work?"

Kurt raises an eyebrow as if the answer to that question is so apparent, Sebastian must be dense not to see it. His reaction makes Sebastian chuckle since it reminds him so much of the first time he met his fiery fairy, when he was a prince and still believed that the water sprites were evil beasts bent on their extermination. "Well, she's different from you."

"How is she different?"

"Aside from the obvious?" Kurt's whole body, from the tips of his toes to the edges of his wings, blushes red, his eyes darting down Sebastian's torso, lingering below his waist.

"Yes" - Sebastian puts his hands to his fairy's hips, caressing his subtle curves - "aside from the obvious."

"Well, there are days when I can't stand her," Kurt admits with a laugh, "and yet I love her. And you …" He drags the tip of his middle finger down the bridge of Sebastian's nose, ending at his lips, and Sebastian leaves a kiss for him there "… there are days I love you so much, I can't stand for us to be apart."

"Really? What days are those?"

"Every day, my King."

Sebastian winds his arms around Kurt's waist and pulls his Fairy King's sultry skin against him to heat his own. Sebastian holds him, reveling in their temperature together – how his flesh makes his Fairy King cooler, and Kurt's skin makes Sebastian's warmer, but neither does one overwhelm the other. There is no battle between their bodies. They give as much as they take, and both of them win. "And … do you ever regret, my love?"

"Regret what?" Kurt snuggles his cheek over Sebastian's heart, enjoying the feeling of equilibrium, perfection. "Regret you?"

"Yes, regret me," Sebastian clarifies with a sadness shadowing his tone, one that has found refuge in his head even though he knows that both he and Kurt are happier together than they have ever been apart, obstacles and all, pain and all, sacrifice and all, "and everything that happened because you met me?"

"Never," Kurt answers quickly, too quickly in Sebastian's opinion. But that's his own insecurity rearing. He has no doubt that that is honestly the way Kurt feels. "Not even when I was at my lowest. Not when I thought my entire world would end. Not even when I was faced with death did I ever regret you."

Sebastian lets that answer settle within him, soothe him, absolve him of the sins he committed that got them to this place of peace and love.

"Do you have any more to ask me, my King?" Kurt asks, in the hopes that Sebastian will make one specific request of him.

In the hopes that Sebastian will ask his King to express his love for him.

"Yes, my love."

Kurt smiles into Sebastian's skin. "Then, by all means, ask away."

"If you could have one thing in all the universe that you don't already have, what would it be?"

Kurt's breathing skips. He lifts his head slowly. His smile is not gone, but it is hidden behind a solemn mask as he casts his eyes to the sky. He gazes up at it and it's multitude of stars - more stars than most land creatures feel have ever existed in the heavens before the days of Kurt and Sebastian's rule - and sighs.

"I would bring my Mother back," Kurt says. "I would … I would make things right for her. I would find a way to make her see all that she should have seen. I would show her our world, and I would pray … that she'd be proud."

"Oh, my love," Sebastian whispers, wiping a tear from Kurt's cheek. "Of course she'd be proud of you. Everyone is."

"Of you, too," Kurt deflects with a sniffle. "Everyone under the sea, everyone here on land and in my kingdom. My Mother would be … and your Father. I think he would be proud of you, too."

On that account, a sore one, they very much differ. Malek, the past King of the Sea, was not fond of showing pride in anything but himself, and definitely not in his son. But as Sebastian feels no need to insult Kurt's sentiment with his own stubbornness, he keeps that thought to himself.

"You know, you are far sweeter than I think you know," Sebastian says, pulling Kurt's head down to his lips and laying kisses in the silky bed of his wavy hair, "and that's one of the reasons why I adore you."

"One of the reasons?" Kurt asks, his voice shaken but his mind content.

"Well, there are so many, my King, I tend to lose count."