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You're Mine

Chapter Five

"Kid! You got ten minutes before I open shop!" Grunkle Stan yelled from downstairs.

Groaning, Dipper rolled over and allowed the light from the window to help in waking him up. He didn't want to get up. The warmth and comfort his bed gave him was hard to fight against, but he knew if he didn't get up, Grunkle Stan would undoubtedly come up to the room and force him out of bed one way or another. And he really didn't feel like drying out his matrices.

He sighed as he pulled the covers off of him and sat up. As the blanket moved off him, he noticed that he was still in his clothes from last night. Not thinking too much about it, he forced himself out of bed and trudged his way across the room at to his dresser. Yawning, he picked out a clean set of clothes. He quickly tugged off his clothes, noting that they were filthy. He'd probably have to change the sheets on his bed after work.

After he was dressed, he went down stairs with a bit more energy with each step as he woke up more. He must have had a good night's sleep if he was waking up this easily. Going around the corner he walked through the living room and into the kitchen where Grunkle Stan was cooking…something. It was something. Looked gray.

Without even looking back, Grunkle Stan knew when he walked into the room. "Your sister won't be back for another hour. That West girl decided to take her out to lunch or something," Stan told him from the stove.

"Kay," Dipper replied as he poured himself a glass of orange juice. That just meant he'd be manning the counter while Stan took over the tours.

"Oh, and…ah," Grunkle Stan started off awkwardly. "Could you keep our discussion last night between the two of us? I can't have your sister thinkin' I've gone soft, ya hear?" he ordered gruffly as he found his voice.

Last night? Dipper didn't have much time to think about what Grunkle Stan meant before the man turned around and nearly dropped the pot in his hand.

"Whoa! Kid, you look like shit," Stan cursed as he looked at him worriedly. He put the pot on the mat on the table. "I hope you wash your face before the customers get here. I'm not losing customers because you look like you fell in the barb bush," he stated as he sat at the table and scooped some of the slop he cooked onto his plate.

Dipper stared down at his shaking hands. "Um, yeah…I'm going to go…wash up," he forced out barely above a whisper. Before Grunkle Stan could even comment, he was already away from the table and running up the stairs. He ran his hands over his cheeks, feeling as dried blood flaked off into his hands. Bile rose up his throat as images of last night raced through his mind. Being dropped off, getting lost, running, Grunkle Stan, talking, BILL. The last thought was all it took for him to crash into the bathroom and wrapped himself around the toilet as he vomited. The water sloshed as he threw up orange juice and stomach acid. It was several minutes of dry heaving before he was finally able to stop holding onto the toilet and stand up.

He held on shakily to the sink as he stared at himself in the mirror. His Grunkle was right. He looked like hell. There were several scratches across his face, coated in dried blood. Dirt was smeared on him that he could help but wonder how he didn't notice. Or at least think it was strange when he saw how dirty his clothes were. How did he even forget about what happened with Bill?!


Bill…He could see the demon's eyes on him as he towered over him. His skin crawled with Bill's phantom touches.


He wrapped his arms around himself, trying to fight off the chill that ran down his spine. He locked eyes with himself in the mirror. Breathing in slowly, he tried to calm down. It was easier said than done. He watched himself breathe in and let out a shaky breath. He had to keep calm if he was going to be able to face Bill. There was no way he'd be able to do anything against the other if he passed out. He squeezed his eyes shut, counting. As he focused on the steady flow of numbers, his heart slowed. With a sigh, he opened his eyes and nearly screamed. In the mirror, he could see him behind him.

Bill stared down at him, grinning as his hands rested on his shoulders. Dipper could feel the heat from the gloved hands as they rubbed his tense muscles. Bill leaned down to his ear and whispered something. The heat of the other's breath warmed the shell of his ear. He couldn't hear it, but he could easily make out the word.


The same word he said before kissing him. His knees felt ready to give out on him at any moment. Bill's eyes slowly moved from Dipper's reflection-self to the real Dipper. The demon smirked as one hand left Dipper's shoulder and wrapped around his waist and the other trailed up the side of his neck and cupped the side of his head. He shook as he felt the same movements over his skin. The other's touches felt like burns across his skin. Heat covered his back as he could feel Bill pressed completely against his back.

To his shock, his image leaned into the demon's touch and closed his eyes. Dipper's mouth fell open as he tried to say something, anything, but his voice was lost. Bill grinned and leaned down to his image's exposed neck and dragged his unnaturally long tongue across it, all the while locking eyes with Dipper.

Dipper gasped unevenly as he felt the hot tongue pressing against his skin as it traveled up his neck. His reflection mouthed something and he found himself saying the same thing. "Bill," he breathed. The demon grinned as he pressed a kiss at the juncture of his jaw and neck. A whine escaped him at the feeling. Bill's shoulders shook in silent laughter. The arm around his waist lowered below the mirror's limits and Dipper could feel as his shirt was shifted and a hand trailed up underneath it. Crying out, he looked down and was about to push away the hand, only to see nothing there, but he could still feel the hand as its thumb brushed small circles against his skin.

He gulped as he tried to make sense of it, but none of it made sense since the beginning. He could still see the color of the bathroom tiles. Slowly looking up, he could see Bill as he smiled widely at him as he rested his head against his image's head. The added weight didn't stop him from looking behind him to see no one there. His mouth dried as he dragged his eyes back to the mirror. Bill was still there, smiling with his arms holding his other-self.

Bill suddenly tugged the other-self's head back by his hair, baring his throat. Dipper's head jerked back painfully. He tried to straighten his head, but every time he moved his head he could feel the grasp on his hair tighten. He reached back and tried to remove the hand and was met with nothing. He gasped loudly as he felt lips trail over his neck. They moved, forming words as they traced his throat. He could only guess at what Bill was saying.

Dipper didn't know what he expected when Bill pulled his head back, but he didn't expect something to bite him just under his jaw. With a yelp, Dipper dropped to the floor in shock. He groaned in pain as his elbows knocked painfully against the tile floor. His knees finally gave up on him. When the pain subsided, the first thing he noticed was the lack of hands on him.

What the hell was that? his mind screamed. Cautiously, he crouched back up towards the counter and peaked over the sink. The mirror was completely empty. Was that…a hallucination? He couldn't feel the touches, but he surely wasn't going to forget them anytime soon. Why was Bill doing that?! And what was up with his reflection? He slowly straightened up fully, keeping an eye on the mirror. He was ready to drop back to the floor the moment Bill appeared again. He didn't.

"KID! We're about to open shop! Don't be like your sister and take an hour to get ready!" his Grunkle yelled from downstairs, making him jump.

He glanced at the door and back to the mirror before sighing. He quickly washed his face and hands, making sure to brush his teeth. He kept his eyes off of the mirror until he was about to leave the bathroom. He gazed at the blank mirror for a moment before turning off the light and leaving.

He ran down the steps, up to Grunkle Stan who was putting the final fixings to his outfit. "What took you so long, kid?" his Grunkle asked.

Dipper shrugged as nonchalantly as he possibly could. "It took a bit longer to clean up the cuts than I thought it would," he lied smoothly.

Stan nodded. "Well, you do look better. Those cuts are barely noticeable now," he commented before making his way into the shop.

Dipper ran a hand over his cheek. He could barely feel the cuts now.

"Though, you might want to go get your sister's makeup to cover the hicky on your neck!" Grunkle Stan yelled before laughing obnoxiously at Dipper's girlish squeak.

Dipper's hand shot up to his neck as he paled.

"Corduroy did a number on ya, huh?" Grunkle Stan went on as he teased the younger.

Dipper ignored him as he ran to Stan's bathroom to see that the man wasn't lying. There was Bill's fresh bite mark at the top of his neck.

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