In the beginning of civilization after humans evolve into Homo-Sapiens, a mysterious special creature that has the ability of human mind & knowledge, Shadow Kirby. A Kirby that has aura purple color with a transparent hole in the middle; he also has white eyes, darker white cheeks, and mouth. He is a nomadic puff ball with no home but roaming around. Currently, the civilization age is Stone Age in the first civilization; Babylonian, Mesopotamia.

One day, he begins to roam into a spot to build a town center to start the civilization in society. But then, he had nothing still except a town center. Shadow Kirby had an idea when his tummy begins to rumble. He invented hunting; he pulls out a sharp spear & charges to the gazelle. Throwing spears repeatedly to get the gazelle to be hunted. Then it lies on the ground & he gets the meat off of the gazelle. After all of the food is out of the gazelle, he takes & stockpiles the food to the town center.

"I can't just hunt food, what should I do?" Questioned Shadow Kirby in his mind. He glanced at the berry bush & he invented gathering; Hunterers-Gatherers. Shadow Kirby saunters to the bush & gathers all the berries. All of them were stockpiled into the town center. He had enough food to exchange his very first population, the villager. "Go build a barracks for military." Commanded Shadow Kirby. The villager finds a spot to construct the barracks.

Meanwhile back with Shadow Kirby, he is roaming around in the forest; then he had an idea. He pulls out an axe & called himself a "woodcutter." As he swings the axe at the tree, he cops it until the tree tumbles. "Timber!" Shadow Kirby called. The tree falls & crashes into the ground & cuts the wood on the ground. He had plenty of wood he obtained & he stockpiles it to the town center. "This is taking too long! How do I stockpile resources without going to a town center?!" Questioned Shadow Kirby. Then he had an idea. He builds a storage pit to stockpile wood near the forest without going to the town center & he gets back to wood cutting.

In the barracks, the first militant units that are men with clubs on their hands. They call it, clubmen. Ten clubmen were prepared for the first military in history. However, the town center is spawning more villagers but they are three of them but divided in four groups in three to the stone mine, the gold mine, gathering berries, hunting for gazelles, & cutting wood.

Shadow Kirby comes to the canal with jumping fish above the sea. He begins to think harder to find a way to catch fish. Then he had an idea; he throws a spear at the fish & caught it. And he invented fishing, but he had another one. He built a dock to create the first boat, the fishing boat. They are three fishing boats to catch the fish with a net. More food is produced.

Meanwhile, the villagers are working for resources. At the stone mine, they had to mine some stone & stockpile it to the town center but it is too far away and take too long. Although, they built another storage pit to stockpile stones from the stone mine closer; even the hunting spots, gold mine, etc. Every resource spots have a storage pit, except for berry bushes which is only stockpiled for the town center.

Shadow Kirby needs defense for his civilization; he needed a research building for the next civilian age. And he constructed a granary. Then he continues to forage berries. He is thinking that "instead of stockpiling berries & foraging food into the town center, I can store berries to the granary." He stockpiled berries to the granary. In the next civilian age, he will research defense walls and watch towers.

But then, the ten clubmen begin to do target practice by slaying the alligators. These were kind of tough, but they did it. They spotted a red mankind, the civilization of Sumer, Mesopotamia. The clubmen begins to charge to the Sumerian citizens & the villagers of Sumer have the same strength as clubmen. Babylonian clubmen bashes at the face of the villager and the teeth falls off. Unfortunately, the villagers have higher population than ten clubmen. They unsuccessfully invaded Sumer; the clubmen were knocked dead with blood under the lying clubmen.

Meanwhile back with Shadow Kirby, he was disappointed about the fact that the battle was not good. He was thinking about advancing a new age, the Tool Age. He had enough resources and over two Stone Age buildings such as the granary & the storage pit. "I hearby an advancement of the Mesopotamian advancement of the Stone Age; the Tool Age." Announced Shadow Kirby.