Shadow Kirby and his men arrived to the cliff plains at the first canal. "Heavy Horse Archers, move to the west cliff. Cataphract Calvary, go to the east cliff while my Centurion gladiators and I move onwards to the north. However, the Heavy Catapults will be with the Helepolis ballistas with a few Centurion gladiators with them at the north-east." Commanded Shadow Kirby. They all split up into different directions.

The Roman Centurion gladiators abruptly appeared on the horizon; they are equal footing attack rate against Mesopotamia. "Charge!" Cried Shadow Kirby. His Centurion gladiators charged towards a legion of Roman Centurion gladiators. They pushed themselves to win. A lot of mercenaries were killed and wounded with blood. A lot of dead bodies were laying on the cliffs while the vultures devour the corpses. Shadow Kirby is using his sword and fighting the Roman Centurion gladiators about.

In the west cliff, a tremendous thunderstorm had begun with the Heavy Horse Archers. Rome however, has Composite Bowmen. The Heavy Horse Archers are equal footing, but they are stronger with fiery arrows. "Archers!" Commanded the one Heavy Horse Archer in the front row. They all launched their fiery arrows in the air and had a lot of damage to the other archers.

In the east, the Cataphract Calvary was against to the Scythe Chariot of Rome. It was supposed to let the Cataphract allow winning with its attack rate higher. Unfortunately, the Scythe Chariot was slaughtering the Cataphracts. They actually had the advantage against Mestopotamia.

At the north-east, a few Centurion gladiators were in charge of the siege weapons; the Heavy Catapults and a lot of Helepolis ballistas. Rome had the same, but they had a few Catapults and Ballistas. When they launched the projectiles, the stone and the arrows were on fire power directly to the Roman siege weapons. A lot of Helepolis ballistas were easily nailing the Roman siege weapons. Then they had an easy victory.

Back in the north, Shadow Kirby gave himself victory at last. He was looking forward to "The Fall of the Roman Empire" because he is going to invade Rome; the last target. Unfortunately in the east, his Cataphract Calvary was unsuccessfully defeated. On the other hand, the Heavy Horse Archers and the siege weapons were very successful on the battle. All of everyone grouped up together with Shadow Kirby. They all went on board to the Heavy Transport boats. An extra Heavy Transport boat carried ten Cataphract Calvary for a backup while Trireme boats followed the transports to the Roman town on the Mediterranean Sea.

Shadow Kirby and his mercenaries were on board for Rome. Trireme boats were firing arrows at the Roman Trireme boats while the Heavy Transport boats were docking on the canal. Shadow Kirby and his Centurion gladiators attacked the Ballista Tower. The Heavy Catapults and the Helepolis ballistas were firing and destroying the fortification walls to break in. The Roman Trireme boats were destroyed and the Mesopotamian Trireme boats mercilessly destroyed the two docks of Rome.

The roman villagers were on a panic attack due to a wanton invasion for the cause of "The Fall of the Roman Empire." They had destroyed every structure of the town, the Government center. Another Ballista tower was destroyed by Helepolis ballistas and Heavy Catapults. All of every structure was on fire and dead. All of everyone including Shadow Kirby's mercenaries was wiped out. The only one left was Shadow Kirby. He is wounded, but he is still immortal and remains on the ruins of the Roman town. Mesopotamia was also disbanded due to "The Fall of the Roman Empire" effects. "I have given life to the world of Mesopotamia, and conquered the ages of the empire of Rome, Greece (Sparta), China, Egypt, India, and formerly Sumer; which is on my side now that led to disbanding after my victory at Rome." Groaned Shadow Kirby in his last words. Nothing but Shadow Kirby and one Heavy Transport boat. And Shadow Kirby tragically dies with the boat being sunken.