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It was the first day back at Hogwarts. Everyone was filing into the Great Hall for the Sorting.

"I wonder who they've got for us for DADA this year," Ron said as they made their way for the Gryffindor table. "I hope it's a female," Hermione said. "So far, all of our DADA teachers have been male."

"I don't really care, as long as he or she doesn't work for Voldemort and nothing's wrong with them," Harry said, craning his neck, trying to see their new teacher.

"Your neck won't hurt so much afterwards if you wait until we sit down to look," Hermione told him. Harry sheepishly stopped looking up at the High Table.

When they finally reached the Gryffindor Table, they sat down, Harry and Ron on one side with Hermione across from them. Right after they sat down, the twins sat by Ron, who groaned and looked away from them.

His gaze fell uponthe High Table, where he saw the new DADA teacher.

His mouth dropped open. "SHAYLEE!" "What?" Harry and Hermione looked up. Occupating the DADA professor's spot was a tall, redheaded girl with freckleswith her hat on lopsided.

While his two friends looked at him, bewildered, Ron was getting Fred, George, and Ginny (who had just sat down by Hermione) to look up at the High Table.

Fred and George's mouths also dropped open and a mischievous look came into their eyes. Ginny squealed and jumped up to wave.

The new professor laughed and waved back, winking at Fred and George, who grinned and gave each other high fives.

"Erm..." Harry and Hermione looked to Rom for an explanation. He opened his mouth to explain, but he was interrupted by McGonagall coming in, the First Years behind her.

The First Yearsall stared at the hat, confused and jumped when it broke into a song;

There once were four great wizards,

perhaps the greatest known

Slytherin, the choosiest of them all,

always liked them like his own.

Ravenclaw, the wisest one,

chose cleverness and sport.

While Hufflepuff, the kind old chap,

the workers were hers to sort.

And last, there is Gryffindor.

But certainly not the least...

His bravery and boldness

made sure he was no beast.

These four brilliant wizards,

put me in charge.

For I can see your thoughts, even hidden far.

So, put me on that head of yours,

and we shall see...

Which of the four you are most like

and put you there- bless me!

Everyoneapplauded and The Sorting began. They listened vaguely and clapped when someone was sorted into Gryffindor.

Finally, after all of the First Years had been sorted, McGonagall took her seat. Harry and Hermione once again looked to Ron, but before he could say anything, Dumbledore stood. Ron rolled his eyes and sat back for the wait.

"Before we begin, I have two announcements. I'm sure many of you have noticed the newcomer in our staff." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as he looked at the gaggle of Weasley's at the Gryffindor table. "It is my pleasure to introduce to you our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher; Professor Shaylee Weasley."

Her name got tremendous applause, most of it coming from the Gryffindors (Fred and George's whistling probably won that competition).

"She's my cousin. The only young girl in the family besides Ginny, and Fred and George's third stooge," Ron took the time to explain to Harry and Hermione.

After the applause, Dumbledore spoke again. "It seems that you've been accepted, Professor." Shaylee grinned a grin identical to the twins'. ("I see the resemblance," Hermione whispered.)

Dumbledore continued," Many of you might have realized that you haven't received your timetables yet." He smiled at Hermione. She blushed; she had, in fact, been wondering that very thing, earlier.

"This is part of my second announcement. You have not received them yet because there is a new course being added for all Years."

A groan rippled through the Great Hall. Dumbledore smiled.

"Yes, yes, but you haven't heard me out yet." He waited until there was silence.

"In a recent study about Muggle education, it was found out that to keep their students in shape, they require a physical education class be taken. That study also reports that four out of five young wizards in Europe are out of shape. American wizarding schools are already requiring this course. So... Naturally, we studied a little more into the matter. We've added a gymnasium to the 4th floor. So, in short, your new course is Physical Education."

There weren't any groans, but nobody was exactly thrilled either. Dumbledore laughed again, and continued, "Normally, there would be separate classes for boys and girls, but at the lack of a male teacher willing to risk his life doing athletic activities with some certain 7th year boys..." His eyes twinkled as he pointedly looked at the twins. "We've persuaded, instead, Professor Weasley to handle the classes by Years."

This got Dumbledore the response he's been waiting for (applause). He smiled and said, "I only have one more thing to say- Tuck in!" He waved his wand and food appeared on the tables.

"Finally! I'm starving!" Ron exclaimed, stuffing a chicken leg in his mouth. "I'm not..." Harry said (filling up his plate anyway). "I've lost my appetite." "Why?" Ron inquired, still stuffing his face.

"You've never been to a Muggle school before, Ron, so you've never had PE. It's terrible!"

"Not always," Hermione intervened. "It depends on who's teaching you. And who's in the class with you. You had your cousin in yours, so it had to be horrible," Hermione pointed out.

"That's true. I always seemed to be the target for balls to be thrown at, or to be tackled... I suppose it will be alright without someone constantly making my life Hell."

"There's something you're forgetting, though, Harry," Ron said between mouthfuls. "What's that?" Harry asked curiously. Ron swallowed and announced shortly, "Malfoy."