Alright, this story starts off when Anakin Solo is eight years old. I didn't read the YJK series, so if something contradicts those, just assume the story is AU. Which it is anyway, so I guess that pretty much negates the first sentence. 

  Also, Its been a long time since I've read some of my Star wars books set after ROTJ, so I probably have some details wrong.

    Lucas etc own all of the characters. I don't own any. I'm not making any money.

     Anakin Solo fought down another sob as he wound his way through the lower levels of Coruscant. It had started out to be a perfect day. His Uncle Luke had come over to celebrate the twins birthday. They were all in Mom's big fancy apartment. There had been lots of presents and a huge birthday cake.  Just the wrapping paper had fascinated Anakin. Especially the shiny metallic ones, those reminded him of the shiny ships that flew around outside the big window in the apartment. The best part had been when he got to give his gifts. He had worked hard on them for weeks, rummaging through discarded parts to make great ship models for both of his siblings. He had been so happy as he sat next to his Dad watching the twins open his gifts to them.

     The cake had been great, and Uncle Luke had even taught him how to feel the presence of the potted plant while Chewie tried to get a good picture of the twins and his parents.

    Everything had been perfect, he was so tired from the festivities that he didn't even complain when his Dad told him to go to bed. He had woken up a half hour later. Felling the need for a glass of water, he tip toed to the kitchen to fill his water glass. He was about to go in when he heard his siblings. They were talking about all the cool gifts they'd gotten. The proud grin that covered his face shattered when his big brother Jacen made a comment about the present Anakin had given him. Mom hadn't had any trouble telling the model X-wing apart from a model Bothan!

     Upset, Anakin went back to his room to cry. But, he wasn't supposed to cry. Jedi were supposed to be calm like his Uncle Luke.  With a frown he realized that he couldn't be a Jedi any more than he could build ships. He couldn't be a space captain like his Dad; Dad never cried not even when Mom hit him over the head with her lightsaber hilt for coming home late. Anakin Solo was a failure.

     There was no use in staying around when he would never be good enough, so he put on his favorite outfit, and snuck out of his room. He might not be able to build models, but he knew the code to the front door. Climbing on top of the small chair his Mom had by the door, he reached over and put in the code. Then, he just started walking, thinking about how much better his family would be without him. Thinking about his failures in life. Thinking about why in the Force all those funny ladies kept leaning into speeder windows. Tired and cold, Anakin curled up next to a garbage dumpster and tried to get warm. Only to be woken up by a familiar female voice.

     Getting up and following the voice down the alley, Anakin saw the owner give a credit chip to a rather small Rodian. The Rodian handed over a package and scurried off. Just as the woman was also about to leave, Anakin called out to her. "Callista?" The blonde woman whirled around steely eyes scouring for the small child.

      Anakin started to move towards her. "Why would you want to buy hot merchandise? Doesn't it burn your fingers?"

    Callista whipped out her blaster and for a moment considered shooting the Solo brat dead on the spot. Thinking twice, she lowered herself to be eye level with the kid. "Of course not sweetie," she spoke, voice laced with sugar "Why don't you come and see?"

     Anakin tumbled forward. When he reached her, he looked inquisitively at the box. "It doesn't look hot. Is it insulated?" Anakin didn't receive an answer. All he got was the handle of a blaster across the back of his head.


   When Anakin woke up, he was certain he wasn't anywhere near home. In fact, he was in a really plain room with two grown men. Scared, he reached out for his Mother, but she didn't answer. He couldn't even feel her. Terror welled up in him.

      One of the men was all of a sudden kneeling in front of him. "Hush little one." He said, his voice was melodicle and soothing. Not creepy like Callista's had been.  "Everything will be fine." Anakin stared at him for a second before throwing himself into the man's arms and bawling like a four year old."

      A hand slowly began to rub circles on Anakin's back and soothing waves of the Force started to calm the small boy down. They weren't strong waves like his Uncle's, but they were enough to lull Anakin back into a restful sleep.