A/N: Written for the Mega Prompts Challenge, word prompts #452 – realise.

Smoke, Dreams and Meruhesae

When there was smoke, there was fire. That was how the saying went. So she supposed she shouldn't have riled Eclipse up about his new charge and their relationship. She might have saved herself a headache that way.

But that was a lack of foresight in a different way. That was her realm, after all. Foresight, just like Krayon's was in dreams. But one thing she couldn't foresee was the nature of her own dreams – and that's why it had been such a clever hiding place.

If she'd known that though, she'd have dealt with Eclipse with more care. Because dreams weren't completely separate planes from the waking world. They were integrated. And all the fighting and yelling that went on in the dream fed back to her.

And left a throbbing behind her temples as well that left her regretting the bit of fun she'd had with Eclipse by riling him up.