Summary: Artha, aka the Dragon Booster, was pretty much an abnormal guy and didn't think things couldn't get any weirder than they are. But he is sadly wrong after the incident that will take him down a journey he never dreamt he would take? He also didn't believe that through all of this, he'd be finding love. Will he choose to live his life as a dragon or as a human? AU. Artha/Beau

This story was a request from NoXVZhuusox who not only requested a story but liked my idea and concept for it. I'm happy he is so patient for waiting for me. Sorry for the late chapter, but I had a Dragon Booster binge these past few days. I had to watch to remembered the characters, names, terms, etc. to make the story somewhat good. Also, sorry for any OOCness. I'll try to keep them in character as best as I can, but like I said before; I just quickly did a Dragon Booster binge and so I'm not sure if everything is right. Warning! This will be a M/M, yaoi story. So Flamers beware...Enter at own risk.

A/N: Why doesn't FF have an option for Beau under Dragon Booster? Like Seriously? They even spelled Artha's name wrong...

Ch. 1 Breaking the Norm

In a rundown abandon building, there were a couple of people wearing lab coats; one was carrying an electronic pad the other was busy at the computer.

"Come on Dalesilverson," the one on the pad spoke, "we need to hurry for Master Motural."

"I know," he grits his teeth, "Rebekah, I know. It's hard to make a body for him with the powers of a dragon without the negative side-effects."

Rebekah scoffs, "Just hope those d-drones get some more people to test."

Dalesilverson counters, "I know, we have to get this right or we'll feel Master Motural's wrath."

Both gulp and Rebekah adds, "We've been at this for months and still aren't a smidgen close to the right amount of Draconium a person can have in their system before... You know."

"Yeah," he nods, "ever single test has been a fail. Hopefully, the next batch might have the answers."


He smiles, "Looks like our prayers have been answered."

"Come on," she comments, "the Master doesn't have long to live."

A dark brown man in a wheelchair wearing a white suit rolls in; he has machines helping him to breathe, talk, etc.

"Dalesilverson & Rebekah," the cold machine calls them, "you wanted my attention?"

They both nod in agreement, they walked over to a holoscreen of the captives in the room. Rebekah turns on the lights as the people flinch from the light. The old man motions over to it slowly, but carefully as he examines the fresh meat that joins the masses.

Rebekah states, "We'll be able to find you a suitable body soon. One of these people has to be right for our goals. We'll make you a new body. One that is stronger, faster and has more longevity and maybe use the abilities of dragons."

He takes off the mask piece and wheezes, "Well done you two."

Both bow, "Yes Master, we know."

The Master then has a coughing fit and quickly puts back the mask.

"Master!" both cry and go over to him.

"I'm fine," the machine responds.

"Apparently, we've to hurry up because none too soon," Dalesilverson comments, "your body will fail. You're nearing the end of your life."

He adds, "This new body will incorporate not only the best of human and dragon abilities, but it will also be the best you will ever need because it has science with it as well."

"Let's hope so Dr. Dalesilverson," the Master Motural turns to him and then to the girl, "Dr. Rebekah."

"If this project is successful," Master Motural speaks, "then we'll be one step closer to making an army of super soldiers."

He adds, "One step closer to bringing back the long forgotten black and gold dragons of legend. One step closer to a new world order."

"Now," he orders them, "let's see how these subjects will fair with our tests?"

"Sounds good to me," Rebekah comments as she walks over to the monitor and places an earpiece in her ear.

"Excuse me you garbage of Dragon City," Rebekah voice echoes, "you've been chosen for a better calling. For a better chance of a new life. I'll understand if you would rather rot the rest of your pathetic lives away on the streets, but know that this can be more beneficial."

"Fuck you!" a man yells as he stands with his tatters clothes exposed his chest and knees.

A D-drone turns to the man and basically walks over to him, punches him in the gut and walks away.

"Now, without any other disruptions," Rebekah states with a smirk, "It's time to begin the test."

Dalesilverson mutters, "Here we go."

She giggles, "Oh, one more thing. This will hurt, a lot."

She pulls a lever and the six people were encased in individual cylindrical capsules. Then wires connected to the capsules as Rebekah pulls the lever and the capsules were filled with smoke; the cries of the people reverberating as they were being shocked in their capsules and injected with concoctions.


The two scientists walk over to the capsules and they open up, but out of the six only two survived and they turn to mindless dragon-human hybrids, D-drones. The two scientists sigh disappointingly as they take the two D-drones out of the capsules and they burn the rest of the dead bodies.

Dalesilverson mutters, "This is going to be a long night."


Parmon, Cyrano, Lance, Fracshun, Kitt, Wyldfyr, Artha, and Beau were all by a local small town mag-gear store.

Artha was leaning on a wall with Beau and Fracshun on the other side while Kitt, Wylfyr, and Cyrano were behind them.

She asks annoyed, "Hey, Parmon how much longer are you going to keep shopping for parts?"

She adds, "I don't want to spend the rest of my day stuck here."

He replies as he has a bunch a gear in his hands, "Oh, I'm sorry but do you wanna help me find compatible gears that have similar wiring and draconium frequencies? By all means, please be my guest and help."

Artha comments, "Oh, looks like someone got their tail stepped on."

Beau lightly laughs and Parmon looks at him, "If you're trying to say I'm cranky or annoyed, that is an understatement. Do you guys realize how much time I've spent making and fixing the gear, but only for them to breakdown."

Lance pops out with some of the gear in his hands, "Parmon, you are doing your best. I understand it difficult when things don't go your way, but that doesn't mean you've to be mad at yourself."

"I'm not mad at myself!" he hollers, "I'm mad at the gear that keeps breaking,"

Artha retorts, "Parmon, you're the best man. Be easy on yourself."

Parmon sighs, "How can I when it seems I hit a wall? These two weeks straight, all of my inventions to help has done nothing but make more of a mess."

Artha walks over to him and places a hand on his shoulder, "Dude, relax. Don't stress out so much."

"I know Artha," he replies as he shrugs tiredly, "just wished I knew why my things just seem to be hurting you and Beau."

Artha smiles, "Parm, you didn't hurt us. We did as you said and combine the White Aero gear with the White Landing and Jumping gear for the practice."

Parmon comments, "Then the gear started to malfunction and the two of your nearly died in the practice because of me."

"But here we are," Artha says as Beau nods. "We're fine Parmon, just don't be so hard on yourself."

"Sorry to interrupted this moment," Kitt asks, "but do you guys even have enough drakkals to buy these parts?"

Parmon smiles widely, "Since I've a membership with these people and known them for such a long time; I'm pretty sure that we can buy these things without costing us an arm and a tail."

Beau looks to him shocked and Parmon reiterates, "I don't mean like that Beau, I mean we won't be spending as much as we would if I wasn't a member of this store."

Beau nods understandingly while Artha mutters, "Stupid dragon."

Beau looks at him and whips his tail into Artha's back, making him fall on top of Parmon and dropping the gear he had in his hands.

"Ow," Artha moans and when he stands up, he glares a Beau. "Beau, look what you did."

"Artha," he turns down and sees his foot is on Parmon's arm, "you're killing my arm."

"Oh sorry," he sheepishly smiles as he moves his foot and helps him up.

Parmon adds, "Besides, it's not Beau's fault. You shouldn't have insulted him like that. You know he hates being called that."

"Hey," Artha puts his arms over his chest, "who side are you on?"

Parmon comments, "I'm on no one's side."

Lance adds, "Besides, we all have been pretty bumped out since the Dragball for the Academy. Artha has been on bed rest these past few days. Kitt and Dad have been looking for any other Ancient Dragon items that might help us and I've been slaving away at the stables."

Artha states, "Yeah, I guess these days have been not our best."

Kitt stands before them with an icy glare, "Great. Things keep getting better too apparently."

Artha and the rest of the gang turn to see who she was glaring at. It was Moordryd Paynn, leader of the Dragon Eyes Crew, with his dragon, Decepshun, and some other members of the crew.

"Stable brats," Morrdryd speaks, "why are you here?"

Artha counters, "That's none of your business Paynn."

He adds questioningly, "Why you here?"

"Last minute shopping before it gets dark," Paynn states matter-of-factly.

Kitt quips, "Why, you afraid of the dark or something?"

Lance, Parmon, Artha and the dragons laugh while Moordryd scowls in disapproval. "No, because I don't want to be the next victim in the next kidnapping."

"K-Kidnapping ?" Parmon stutters nervously as he hides behind Cyrano.

"Yeah, so if I were you guys...I better hurry up before," he evilly smiles, "you know."

"If you're trying to scare us," Kitt warns, "it's not going to work."

Moordryd laughs, "Why would I need to scare you guys when I'm already ahead of Stable Brat?"

Artha growls, "Moordryd..."

Lance defends his brother, "Hey! He's hurt still! The Academy Council said he can take it easy until he is back to top shape!"

Parmon adds, "Yeah, just remember that fact. Just because you're ahead now, doesn't mean you'll stay on top. Artha could come up and take you down."

Moordryd looks between the two of them, "I really hope whoever is kidnapping people will take you two pests."

He laughs with his crew and their dragons as they walk away.

Lance looks worryingly up to Artha, "Don't worry Lance. Moordryd is just trying to get under your scales."

Parmon remarks, "We should get back at Moordryd for saying that stuff and not left him step on us anymore."

"I'll handle Moordryd soon," he adds, "but on my terms and my terms only; not his."

Kitt smiles, "You mean the race track?"

Artha nods, "Of course."

Beau roars and Artha rubs his back, "After all, we're a team. We can handle anything he'll throw at us."

"Right!" the group chorus loudly as they walk to the register to buy the parts.


Two delivery guys on their big green dragons were walking with a trailer attached to them. One was nervously looking around the area.

"I hate coming down here," he admits. "Not even the Dragon City Security comes down to these parts."

"Well we've a job to do," the other states slightly annoyed, "we have to get other mag gear and armor for the other gears stores since most of the street crews can't afford any from Word's place."

The first one replies, "I know, I just wished it wasn't so dark tonight."

The other rolls his eyes, "Oh boy."

The first comments, "No seriously. I'm telling you the truth, I've been hearing creepy things about this place and from what I heard, this isn't safe."

The other person laughs, "Sure you have."

The first delivery guy states, "Go ahead. Laugh it up."

The second guy comments, "You big hatchling, are you serious?"

The first guy responds, "I'm just saying that the night shift creeps me out. I mean, James was out the other night and he swore he saw something around here."

The second guy scoffs, "Pfft. I bet he did alright. James would say that he saw a Wraith Dragon or the Muhorta just so he could get a free night off duty."

The first guy remarks, "Listen to me, I'm not making this stuff up though. There're all kinds of weird stories floating around about this joint. There are things here man, crazy and unnatural things."

The second guy comments, "You watch way too many monster movies. Just don't worry about it."

The second guy mumbles, "You chicken."

Then the lights that shined their path went off and the first guy stops. "What do you call that then?"

The second guy sighs as he shakes his head, "Just the lights. You know that down here they tend to flicker on and off."

He adds, "Now, come on. We have to keep going."

The first guy remains still, "I'm not going anyway."

The second sighs again, "Fine."

He jumps off his dragon and goes back of the trailer, "I'll put some lights on the trailer to help us, better?"

The first guy nods, "Yes, so we don't go the wrong way."

The second guy rummages through the pack, "Um...Garret, where are the flashlights?"

Garret answers, "Should be in the pack there Shawn."

Shawn mutters angrily, "If I don't find this light, we'll never leave and get the job done."

Garret looks around, until he hears a low growl.

"Shawn?" he asks, "Shawn, did you hear that?"

"What?" Shawn replies, "Can't hear you."

Unbeknownst to Shawn, there was a silhouette in the darkness behind him; hiding in the shadows looking at Shawn.

Garret then hears a loud BANG! As the trailer moves and pushes both of them a little. He hears his co-worker scream, "What!? No! Get away from me! AHHHHH!"

Garret shouts fearfully, "SHAWN!"

Garret jumps off his dragon and walks behind the trailer; only to find the light Shawn had found on the floor. Garret picks it up and looks around nervously, "Shawn! Shawn, where are you?!"

Silence only responded to him.

"Shawn, this isn't funny anymore."

Once again, only silence was left.

"Quit joking around and help me with the job!" he yells as he flashes the light around the premise.

He hears a sound and turns around, "Shawn?"

Only to hear a dragon roar and he screams helplessly in the night.

Meanwhile with Artha and co...

Artha and gang were walking with some of the gear they bought from the gear store.

Parmon complains as everyone walks home, "This stinks so much dragon dung."

"Parmon," Artha tries to calm him down, "don't feel bad that you couldn't get the rest of the gear."

"Don't worry Professor," Kitt smiles, "you'll be able to make bigger and better things."

Lance comments to cheer Parm up, "Yeah, besides you're very smart. So you can think of a solution out of any problem."

Parmon concurs with Lance's statement, "That's right. I mean..."

He looks at the green armlet, "I was able to stop Armeggaddon getting into the ruins with my ingenuity and prove that I was worthy for the power booster armlet."

Lance frowns, "Lucky, why can't I get it?"

Parmon states, "Because of the draconium in your DNA and Fracshun's are Blue Draconium, not green; so it wouldn't work with you."

Kitt responds, "It's okay Lance."

He looks over to her, "I feel you. I wished I had one too."

She whispers to him, "For all they know, we could get our own armlets too and become the Fire and Energy Boosters."

Artha laughs, "Lance as the Energy Booster, please as if our Dad would allow that. Lance has a better chance at racing against a Wraith Dragon with a blindfold."

Lance retorts, "Hey!"

He crosses his arms over his chest, "I could be the Energy Booster."

Artha rubs Lance's helmet, "Yeah sure. Keep dreamin' little bro, keep dreamin'."

"Man," Lance slightly frowns.

Artha states seriously in his big brother tone, "Lance, you're my little brother and I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Understand that?"

Lance nods understandingly, "I know, I know."

He adds, "But just because I'm small, doesn't mean I'm weak. I can be useful like how I help you with the Wraith Dragons when Fistus lost his match against Moordryd because of my toy."

Kitt comments, "Also when Moordryd was cheating in the Survival Dome match."

Artha states, "And without your help and experience, Kitt, we wouldn't be as far as we are in the stands."

They nod and even their dragons agreed.

Parmon looks back to his armlet, "Just wonder where this amulet for this thing is?"

"Whoa there Professor," Kitt states as she looks at him, "you first have to do the training like Artha did in order to even get used to it."

"What?" Parmon asks nervously.

"Meaning you need to race some more and practice before you can even use that thing," Lance smiles widely.

Artha adds, "Yeah, now you're going to feel how it was to be in my position."

Parmon gulps, "Oh scales..."

Everyone else laughs as they continue to Penn Stables.