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Chapter One

What is the ultimate act of Betrayal?

For me, it was finding my husband in my bed with my best friend, Lauren. I knew he was no good, but her? I had expected more from her. We had been best friends since kindergarten. We knew everything there was to know about each other. I loved her as if she were my flesh and blood ... That was why killing her had that been harder than killing him.

I shot her first. I knew I had too. If I had left her last then, there was a chance I might not have gone through with it.

That and I wanted to watch the horror in Jake's eyes as his lover died in his arms.

It was priceless, well almost ... Almost worth the five painful years of marriage that I had endured.

Never again would I allow my father force me into an arranged marriage, whether it was best for our family or not.

Jake's pleas for his life had fallen on deaf ears when I pointed my 9mm at his head.

I didn't think twice about killing him as I pulled the trigger and watched the life drain from his worthless body.

He was no loss to me.

He was a parasite.

Lauren though, she was the one I mourned.

She was the one I ran to when I dropped the gun.

I held her in my arms, sobbing as I stroked her blood stained hair.

I stayed like that until someone ripped me from her.

That someone was my brother, Emmett.

I knew that the security would have called him after they heard the gunshots.

To say Emmett was furious would have been an understatement, though I wasn't sure who he was angrier at, me for killing a made man or my husband for cheating on me.

"I'm sorry for your loss," Mrs Boccia said as took my hand, pulling me from my thoughts and bringing me to the present.

My husband's funeral.

I forced a small smile. "Thank you Mrs Boccia," I whispered.

My father was insistent that I play the grieving widow. So here I was, doing just that, but tonight, tonight would be different.

Tonight I would celebrate being rid of that cheating scum.

I would take back my old name and become Isabella Galizia once again.