Reality Dysfunction

Something lurks inside my eyelids,

Like a familiar dream.

I feel I've been here before,

Walked down paths long unseen.

My memories, floating like pollen,

More bitter than sweet.

Thermopylae and Icarus,

Feelings of death and defeat.

It's like something most monumental,

And very far away.

Yet I'm now within the Marathon,

Cut off from the light of day.

Doubt is dwelling deep within me,

But I grind it down to dust.

But Durandal, he's gone crazy,

So who have I left to trust?

These aliens, they hunt me,

See them in my peripheral vision.

But I must keep pressing onward.

Must continue with the mission.

Finally I reach a terminal,

There's text like an unsent letter.

Leela, thankfully is active,

But the news it is not better.

Yet as I read, my mind it wanders,

Deep within it nightmares lie.

Like something with claws, it lashes out,

I hear sirens shots and cries.

For a moment, humans are my foes,

For a moment, I am Death.

For a moment, I'm just a walking weapon,

For a moment, I draw no breath.

But the moment ends, and I'm returned,

To the text upon the screen.

Text that's there to give me orders,

Text that is so green.

I ask myself, "what has changed?"

Orders, carried out.

Even as I teleport,

I hear the screams and shouts.

A splinter lurks within my mind,

But focus I must keep.

Already, the ship it is falling,

We already risk defeat.

And so I fight and so I kill,

Partake in acts obscene.

I ask, is this reality,

Or am I inside a dream?


This was the result of a poem challenge I took on. A list of phrases was given with the idea of using them in a poem or story. The challenge I took was to write a poem which used as many of the phrases as possible. Said phrases were:

- "something with claws"

- "oddly inflated"

- "inside my eyelids"

- "grind it to dust"

- "a familiar dream"

- "a friend of a friend of a friend"

- "in my peripheral vision"

- "like an unsent letter"

- "monumental and very far away"

- "flooded the basement"

- "more bitter than sweet"

- "floating like pollen"

Obviously didn't get them all, but hopefully I can be excused for nothing flooding the basement on the Marathon. That, and the cyborg probably isn't in a position to have a friend of a friend of a friend either.