AN: It's been a while since I've posted anything new here (not accounting the recent short I added to Rebirth), so I've decided to start posting some of the things I've been writing on dA. This "story" will be a compilation of short, prompt filled fics that I've been writing weekly for a group over on dA, and they all consist of various characters, continuities, and genre. I'll group them together in sets of three because they're so short, and upload a new set for the next week until I've posted all of the ones I've written up to this date :)

Brig Time
Prompt: Optimism
Characters: Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Ironhide
Universe: G1
Word Count: 346
Summary: One mech's enthusiasm is another mech's annoyance.

Sunstreaker glared across the aisle at where his brother sat. Sideswipe grinned back at him as he playfully attempted to swing his legs on the berth he sat on. It would have worked if he legs hadn't been so long, resulting in the heel of his feet to obnoxiously scrap against the floor. The yellow front-liner twitched each time it happened.





"Yes, my lovable bundle of sunshine?"

Sunstreaker's fingers automatically clenched the edge of the berth he sat on, leaving small indentions behind when he finally relaxed his grip. "Will you stop it?"

"Stop what, sunshine?" Scree!

The annoyed mech's fingers went straight back to clenching his berth. "That."

Scree! "What? Swinging my legs? But why? I do that when I'm happy."

Scree! "We're in the fraggin' brig until Prime's team gets back from their Energon run. How could you possibly be happy right now?"

Scree! "Because I know we'll get out sooner than that."

Scree! "How? Unless you suddenly shoot up two feet and begin spouting competent speeches about freedom, I don't see us getting out any sooner."

Scree! "You just wait, Sunny-boy. Just wait."

Scree! "Don't call me that."

Scree! "But sunshine-"

"That's it!"

Sideswipe stopped swinging his legs as Ironhide appeared from where he had been sitting near the entrance of the brig. The older red mech glared at the two twins before punching his access code into the control panel beside their cells. Both doors simultaneously popped open. "I can't take it no more! Don't nobody wanna be stuck with you two for brig duty. Now get out before I change my mind."

Sunstreaker unhurriedly stepped out of his open door while Sideswipe all but skipped out. The jaunty twin grinned as they followed the ornery Ironhide out of the brig. "See? What'd I tell you, Sunshine? I knew we'd get out earlier than expected. Must be my dazzling charm that no one can resist."

Sunstreaker grunted and whipped his hand out to punch his brother in the abdomen, making Sideswipe dramatically lurch forward. "Don't call me that."

Unspoken Code
Prompt: Spring
Characters: Steeljaw, Blaster, Rewind, Eject, Ramhorn
Universe: G1
Word Count: 463
Summary: Cassettes look out for one another.

A field of multicolored flora swayed in the light breeze that washed over the glistening lake they surrounded. Their alluring scents permeated the immediate area around them, and their dazzling colors attracted a range of pollinators to spread their pollen. As the breeze stilled, a little patch of golden chrysanthemums continued to gently quake, nearly invisible puffs of dust shaking from the blooming buds. Bees angrily buzzed away as they were disturbed from their perches, but the flowers continued to shake as the perpetrator prowled through the clustered mass of yellow flowers and tall grass.

The golden feline rubbed his muzzle against one of the drooping buds, tickling his snout with the small, thin petals, before continuing his slow journey through the undergrowth. He was careful to avoid the invisible lines where the equally golden flowers gave way to the other various shades of vegetation or where the ground dipped into the waters on the other side of the flowers. At any strange sound, he would pause, flexible, metallic ears moving as they searched for the point of origin. When all seemed to be clear, he would continue his stealthy crawl, and his topaz optics watched the stems around him for any intruder.

He suddenly stopped to rub against the chrysanthemums once more, taking in their pungent scent. The clean, woodsy scent of Earth's flora always did well to chase away the other odors that plagued his sensitive olfactory sensors.

"Steeljaw? I know ya like the scene, my cat, but we gotta get back ta the Ark 'fore someone start's noticin' we're gone."

Steeljaw's belly dragged against the ground as he huddled into the leafy bushes of the flowers. Peeking through the waving petals, he could see his Cassette deck walking through another part of the field, optics roving around the area in search for the rogue Cassette. Two smaller mechs hopped through the field beside him, and Steeljaw could only assume that the shaking buds far behind them belonged to the only other four-legged Cassette Blaster housed.

He gave a soundless yawn as a bright blue visor roved over his hiding place, the little red light on the side of his fellow Cassette's head signaling that he was recording. "Hey Blaster! Did you know that the chrysanthemum is one of the most prominent spring flowers in this particular area on Earth? Not only is it used for decoration, but the humans actually use the leafy portion for their food as well such as…"

Steeljaw settled down into the field of flowers as Rewind continued with his usual informational babble while Eject attempted to gaud both Blaster and Ramhorn into a quick game of Europe's version of football. He wasn't too worried about being found just yet—his fellow Cassettes had his back.

Prompt: Anticipation
Characters: Bluestreak, Sideswipe, Prowl, Jazz
Universe: G1
Word Count: 100
Summary: Breathe, aim, fire.

Deep inhale.

Steady hand.

Make sure the target was centered between the crosshairs.


Now fire!

Bluestreak stood up from his crouch as Sideswipe swung around in surprise, and a hearty laugh from Jazz could be heard through the room. The holograms broadcasted by the training simulator diminished in a burst of color, and Sideswipe flinched at the sight of Prowl straightening from where he had been hidden, right door-wing now splattered with paint.

Bluestreak waited, hands tightly clenched around the handle of his rifle, before a proud smile appeared at the small nod of approval from the older Praxian.