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Team of Heroes
Prompt: Hero
Characters: Heatwave, Chase, Boulder, Blades
Universe: Rescue Bots
Word Count: 1000

Heatwave huffed and rolled his eyes. Kade was being his usual haughty self as Huxley interviewed him about the team's latest rescue. Heatwave wanted to emphasize the team part; from the way Kade spoke, the average bystander would think the human had escorted all the humans to safety, kept the apartment building's structure from collapsing, redirected Mr. Harrison from the smoke, and put out the fire all by himself.

There was no team when it came to Kade. At least when he was in front of the camera.

Heatwave sighed again and turned to Chase. "Any casualties?"

Chase glanced over to where Chief Burns was speaking to some of the unfortunate families who had been rescued from the burning building. "All of the residents are accounted for and unharmed."

Heatwave nodded and examined what was left of the apartments. "Can't really say the same for the building."

"From what I have gathered, the fire was started by an accidental oil fire in the kitchen of apartment 2B." Chase gestured towards a woman whom Chief Burns appeared to need to comfort the most. "I would like to plan a small presentation on the protocol of handling such an emergency as a precautionary measure for the future."

"We'll talk to Chief Burns when we get back to the firehouse." Chase nodded and moved to join Chief Burns. Heatwave walked over to where Boulder stood scanning the burnt shell of the building. "Any idea why this place came down so quickly?"

"From my scans and the blueprints Graham found, this building was very old." Boulder showed Heatwave said blueprints. Heatwave nodded, pretending to understand the schematics he was shown. There was a reason why Boulder's specialty was engineering and not his. "One of the first to actually be built here on Griffon Rock. It wasn't as up to code as the landlord claimed it to be."

"We'll look in to that later." Heatwave clapped Boulder on the shoulder, earning a smile, before leaving the engineer to check on the last member of the team. Blades stood a little distance away from the crowd, aggressively wiping his arms. Heatwave came to a stop next to him and frowned. "I hate to ask this, but what are you doing?"

"The soot!" Blade used his fingers to scratch a particular spot on his elbow, and Heatwave finally noticed the black streaks that covered his arms and chest. "Dani made me fly right through the smoke to intercept Mr. Harrison, which is a good thing because whatever was coming from that building was not just smoke. Can you imagine what would have happened if Mr. Harrison got caught in that stuff? I'd have Doc Greene analyze this stuff if I were you."

"Good idea." Heatwave noticed that the same black streaks were on Blades's rotors as well and frowned. The substance looked practically caked on, and he didn't hesitate to reach out and begin scraping it off. "Did it cause any problems with your flying?"

"A little." Blades's rotors flickered under Heatwave's hand, and Blades angled his head to look behind him, eyes widening at the sight of the gunk caking his rotors. "It's there too!"

"Just a bit." Heatwave frowned at the layer of gunk that stuck to his finger and flicked it off. "Better to stick to the ground until we get this completely cleaned off."

Heatwave didn't expect any argument from the copter, and he actually smiled at the sigh of relief he heard. He scraped off a few more layers of the substance before Blades moved. He frowned when the copter refused to stand still. "Hold still."

"Uh." Blades pointed down by their feet. "I think we have company."

Heatwave stopped and followed the direction of Blades's finger. A little redheaded girl stared up at them, big green eyes opened wide and the gaps between teeth making her gaping mouth look even more comical. She gripped a doll in her hands, and Heatwave wasn't surprised to realize that it was an animatronic with bulbous eyes, long ears, and short spindly limbs. Knowing the residents of Griffin Rock, he wouldn't be too surprised to find out that the little girl had created it herself.

The little gave them a hesitant wave. "Um…"

Blades took the low hum as a signal to coo and crouch down to be closer to the girl. "Hi! Do you need help finding your guardian?"

The little girl blinked. She shook head when Blades patiently repeated the question, and her eyes kept darting between Heatwave and the animatronic in her hand. Heatwave sighed and flicked his hand to get rid of the black stuff he had scrapped off Blades's rotors. "I'm gonna drag Kade away from the camera so we can start on clean up. The faster we do this, the faster we can start rebuilding these people a safer home."


Heatwave didn't pause, assuming that the little girl was addressing Blades, who they all acknowledge had become the most approachable Rescue Bot with Boulder being a close second. He grunted when the girl appeared in front in him and quickly stepped aside to avoid harming her. She seemed unaware of her near escape and buried her face in the doll. Heatwave crouched down when he heard her mutter into it. "What?"

She lifted her face, her cheeks turning red. She held out her doll, which Heatwave now saw sported the black substance on Blades. "You saved Mr. Carrots…and my mama. Thank you."

Heatwave blinked, but the little girl was already running away to huddle next to the woman who had accidentally caused the fire. He immediately straightened when Blades giggled. "What?"

"Sounds like you have a fan." Blades giggled again despite Heatwave's glare. "This is totally going on the blog!"


"Nu uh, Mr. Hero." Blades hummed. "Maybe I'll start a fan blog for you too!"

Heatwave sighed. He was no hero: just the average Rescue Bot doing his job. His team made deserved all the praise…even Kade.

Keep on Survivin'
Prompt: Survival
Characters: OCs
Universe: Prime
Note: Set in my Drone universe
Words: 414

"I'm a survivor! I'm not gonna give up; I'm not gonna stop; I'm gonna work harder!" I flung my hands into the air and hit the top of the garage by accident. "I'm a survivor—what! I'm gonna make it; I will survive; keep on survivin'!"


I shrieked when Riley suddenly appeared in my vision. She shrieked when my hand came flying down to smash the tiny radio I had found and turned on out of boredom. She stared wide-eyed at the now smashed radio, still pathetically squeaking out the chorus of the song.

We sat there for a quick minute before Riley twisted around the cap on her head; the better for me to see her narrowed, but playful, brown eyes. "Were you just singing— "

"I was not!"

"You can't—"

"There are some things we don't talk about!"

Riley burst into a fit of laughter. "You sounded like a dying cat! My dad actually sent me out here to see if 'my' stray cat was having a heart attack."

Furball growled from the corner of the garage, and I swept my hand towards him, expertly hiding the crushed radio under a table in the process. "Well, as you can see, Furball has survived the heart attack. You can take the good news to dad."

Riley shook her head, but she spun around on her heel anyway and slowly walked back to the door. Good—it was too late for her to be out anyways. "O-kay. I see someone is a little sensitive about their voice."

"This is my alone time!" I huffed at her snickering. "You don't just walk in on a mech during his alone time!"

"Clearly." Riley was almost out the door before she turned back to me with a smirk. "I could've come in to hear you talking about how your anaconda don't."

I gasped and swatted a hand towards her, refusing to join in with Riley's laughter as she finally cleared the door. "How dare you! I may be living in a human's garage, but even I have more class than that."

I could hear Riley giggling all the way to the backdoor of the house, and I waited until the backdoor slammed shut behind her. I glanced down at Furball, who was—per usual—glaring at me. I tapped my fingers against the top of my knee and started to hum. "I'm a survivor—I've already made it. Just keep on surviving; keep on surviving…"

Prompt: Slice of Life
Characters: Bluestreak, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker
Universe: G1
Words: 984

"I don't think this is such a good idea…"

"Don't be such a wet blanket, Blue." Bluestreak jolted on his wheels as Sideswipe bumped into his bumper. Sunstreaker grunted across their open comm. link channel but didn't budge when Sideswipe did the same to him. "Me and Sunny's done this tons of time."

"Don't call me that."

"What does a wet blanket have to do with any of this?" Bluestreak slowly inched forward as the two brothers moved to sit side-by-side. He stopped when he was in line with them. "I don't even use a blanket."

"It's just a human expression, Blue." Sideswipe's engine growled, and Sunstreaker responded with a growl of his own. Bluestreak tried to answer them, but his engine sounded like a tiny mewl in comparison. "Means you're being a fun-sucker like Prowl."

Bluestreak stiffened. "I am not!"

"Prove it." Sideswipe's engine growled again, and Bluestreak put more power behind his mewl. It sounded a little better than before. "On your mark…get set…go!"

Bluestreak's wheels squealed as he took off. He pushed himself to keep up with the Twins. His engine rumbled as his speedometer reached speeds it never had before.

Sideswipe's red form suddenly swerved towards him, making him yelp and automatically slow down. "What the—Sunstreaker!"

"You're the one who wanted a race with no rules."

"That doesn't mean take out my side mirror!"

From his vantage point in the back, Bluestreak watched Sunstreaker swerve towards his brother again. He was surprised the mech would risk damaging his freshly waxed paintjob, but what did he know? Sunstreaker never minded his paint being scratched if it meant beating some 'Cons either.

The two brothers swerved away from each other, Sunstreaker cursing when he almost went off the road. Bluestreak took his chance and shot through the gap between the two. His spark erratically pulsed, and he couldn't help but release a little giggle when he zoomed into first.

He angled his rearview mirror and watched both of the Twins drastically slow down behind him. "Oh, come on! Don't just let me win!"


Another vehicle suddenly appeared on the road behind him, and Bluestreak's spark stopped before he even heard the siren that usually accompanied the flashing blue and red lights on top of the car. He jerked his wheels to the side and came to a skidding stop on the side of the road. "Sideswipe!"

"Just stay calm…"

"What do I do?" Bluestreak's engine turned over with a tiny whine as he waited for the human to step out of the car behind him. "I've never broken the human laws before! Am I going to get towed? Will I get the wheel boot? I don't want the boot!"


"Prowl's going to kill me!" Bluestreak had to lock his wheels to keep from taking off as the human finally stepped out of the car. "And then Jazz is going to kill me—and then Optimus will give me the Optics of Disappointment. I don't want the Optics of Disappointment!"

"Just chill, Blue!" The human was only a few steps away from his driver's window now. He couldn't just chill! "Just do as he says, and everything will be fine. Trust me—I've handled human cops long enough to know they're not nearly as uptight as Prowl."

Bluestreak didn't respond as the man came to a stop beside his window. He wanted to keep it closed, as if ignoring the officer would make the entire situation go away. He whimpered when both Sideswipe and Sunstreaker casually drove past them. They weren't even going to acknowledge they had been the reason for all of this!

The officer must have lost his patience because he knocked his knuckles against Bluestreak's tinted window. "I don't have all day for this. License and registration."

Bluestreak's spark dropped. What did he do? He didn't have either of those! However, obeying authority was too ingrained now for him to continue to ignore the officer, and he slowly lowered his window. "Umm, sir? I don't have those."

The man balked when he realized the driver's seat was empty, and he even leaned through the window to check the backseat. Bluestreak had to force himself to stay still until the officer spoke again. "Are you another one of them Autobots?"

Bluestreak responded without thinking. "Yes."

The officer's stern expression melted away into a smile, and Bluestreak jumped when the man smacked a hand against his roof. "Well, I'll be. Mind if I take a picture with you? My son loves you guys."

"Uh, sure."

Bluestreak remained silent as the officer went back to his car to pull out a tiny camera. The picture was taken, and the officer was all smiles when he spoke again. "I'll only give you a warning this time, but if you make it a habit of racing out here with those other speed demons, I'll have my captain contact your leader. It's dangerous to race out here even if the roads don't see a lot of traffic."

Bluestreak automatically agreed and went silent when he noticed Sideswipe driving towards them. Sideswipe slowed to a stop and rolled down his window. "Hey, Jerry! How's the kid?"

Jerry smiled and gave Sideswipe a wave. "He's doing good! Just started school again last week." His smile fell just as quickly as it had appeared. "What have I told you two about racing out here?"

"We were just having a having a little fun."

"Well, I hope that 'fun' was worth another twenty-four hours of community service."

"Jerry. C'mon."

Bluestreak received another pat on his roof. "Thanks for the picture! It was nice meeting you."

Bluestreak waited for the officer to return to his car and drive away. Sideswipe performed a quick U-turn to pull up beside Bluestreak. "See? I told you everything would be okay!"

"I'm never doing this again."

"We'll see about that."

Prompt: Triumph
Characters: Wheeljack, Ratchet
Universe: G1
Words: 263

They stared each other down. Wheeljack's blast mask made his face unreadable, and Ratchet's perpetual frown spoke of nothing but habitual annoyance. The med-bay they sat in was unusually quiet, even with First Aid sorting things on the far side of the room.

Wheeljack slowly raised his finger. "D-7."

Ratchet twitched, and Wheeljack immediately leaped to his feet. "I knew it! I win!"

Ratchet huffed and pushed away the patchwork game set that Wheeljack had burst into his med-bay with that morning. "It's a silly game anyway."

"You're just sour that I blew up your last ship." Wheeljack reached down to place a peg on the last little starship on Ratchet's side of the board.

Ratchet huffed again. "Why the humans would create a game based solely on luck in beyond me."

Wheeljack's face fins flashed a bright red, but Ratchet ignored them as he stood up. "That wasn't luck. I thought everything out carefully!"

"On your last shot." Ratchet turned his back on Wheeljack and headed towards First Aid. "It was luck."

Wheeljack huffed and picked up his little game set. "Jealousy doesn't look good on your Ratchet."

"And naivety looks less appealing on you." Ratchet paused and turned back to face the engineer, who was already halfway out the door. "Same time tomorrow?"

The fins on either side of Wheeljack's head flashed a happy blue. "Of course! I'm already halfway through making this game the humans call Operation. Thought you'd find some kind of appreciation for that."

Ratchet shook his head and ignored the soft laughter First Aid tried to stifle.


Prompt: Enormous (Adjective)
Characters: Alpha Trion, Orion Pax
Universe: Aligned
Word Count: 965


Alpha Trion paused, data-pad hovering mid-air. The soft pitter-patter of feet made him glance down from the high archive, and he quietly hummed when a tiny frame came into view. The red and blue youngling glanced around him, mouth agape and cobalt optics glistening.

The youngling reached out and ran the tips of his fingers along the edge of the data-pads on the lower shelves. The youngling carefully slid one of the data-pads out from its designated spot, and Alpha Trion finally spoke. "And who may you be?"

The youngling's shriek echoed throughout the large room, and he dropped the data-pad with a loud bang. The youngling immediately scrambled to pick it up, and he stuttered while Alpha Trion patiently climbed down from where he had been archiving.

"I—I'm sorry!" The youngling stared at Alpha Trion with wide optics as the elder mech approached him. Alpha Trion stopped in front of him, steepling his fingers as his dark optics watched the youngling. The youngling clenched the data-pad between his tiny fingers. "The door was open, and my friend told me to…I mean, I didn't mean to break anything."

Alpha Trion allowed a small smile to soften his severe expression. He held out his hand, and the youngling automatically handed over the data-pad. A quick once over found the data-pad to be no more worse for wear than usual, and Alpha Trion handed it back. His smile widened when the youngling automatically replaced it on the shelf. "The door was left open?"

"Yes." The youngling blinked rapidly and almost seemed to scowl around the word. Alpha Trion chuckled. "I've never been inside here before. Everybody says it's a secret place."

"Perhaps not secret, but access is limited." Alpha Trion gestured towards a set of chairs often used by the archivists. The youngling hesitated before obediently following, climbing into a chair that was obviously designed for larger mechs. Alpha Trion sat opposite of him. "What is your impression of the Archives, youngling?"

"It's huge." The youngling's head swiveled around to take in the towering cases and high windows. "No, no, no—it's enormous. And there's so many data-pads!"

Alpha Trion chuckled once more. "Yes, an entire history's worth. You have an interest in data-pads?" The youngling shifted in his seat before nodding. "What is your name, young one?"


"Orion…" Alpha Trion stood up. Orion watched him with the same wide, bright optics as he walked over to a particular shelf. With a hum, his fingers skimmed over the spines of the data-pads until he plucked one from the shelf. He tapped the screen and glided back over to his chair. "Orion…Pax? Sparked on the quartex of the twenty-third solar cycle of the thirteenth oribital cycle of 700 ano-cycle?"

Alpha Trion, though already confident in his knowledge, knew he was correct when Orion's mouth dropped open, and the youngling tried to lean over far enough to see the screen of the data-pad. "How did you know all that?"

Alpha Trion handed the data-pad to Orion and continued to smile when the youngling's optics devoured the contents of the screen. "The Hall of Records keeps track of every spark created on Cybertron. I suppose I should wish you well on your creation day."

The steady hum of little vents seemed louder than usual, and Orion must have noticed it because the humming grew louder. He ducked his chin to his chest and practically glued his optics to the screen. "Thank you…"

"Surely you have more important things to do on such a momentous day."

"Not really." Orion shifted on his chair. "I mean…I'm supposed to be at the training academy, but my friend said I should do something cool for my tenth vorn."

"And sneaking into the Archives is his version of 'cool'?"

There was no ignoring the high-pitched squeals of vents now. Orion couldn't even meet the sober elder's optics. "Yes, sir…"

"The door was not left open, was it?"

"I…" Orion slowly lifted his optics and clenched the data-pad in his hand. Alpha Trion waited patiently for an answer. "No, sir, it wasn't. Please don't get angry at Jazz! He was only helping me because I had always wanted to see the Archives, and if his sire finds out he's hacking keypads have to tell them it was my fault! I was the one who did everything."

Orion trailed off when a heavy hand landed on the top of his helm. Alpha Trion tried not to smile at the youngling's innocence during such a sober moment. "I see that you would go to great lengths to protect your friend. This was only a small infraction. Curiosity can only be contained for so long after all." Alpha Trion lifted his hand and used his finger to lift the youngling's chin so that their optics would meet. "But you should think your actions through more clearly the next time you feel such an urge to break the rules."

Orion's head frantically bobbed up and down, knocking against Alpha Trion's fingers before the mech had a chance to retract his hand. "I will—I promise!"

Alpha Trion nodded and stood, motioning for Orion to do the same. The youngling stared up at him with bright optics that shone with more awe than fear now. "Good. Now, I believe your friend may begin worrying about you if you take too long. He may even think you've been caught."

Orion easily understood and smiled at Alpha Trion before running towards the door, his little feet echoing in the library. Alpha Trion sighed when he caught another little youngling peeking through the door before Orion reached it, and he shook his head with a tiny smile when he heard the excited beeps and whistles that only younglings could understand.

Dr. Sideswipe, Ph.D.
Prompt: Phobia
Characters: Red Alert, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker
Universe: G1
Word Count: 506

Red Alert didn't like the rec-room.

He always sat in the same spot—the table in the farthest corner of the room, his back to the wall, and chair angled towards the door. His dark optics scanned every Autobot that entered the room, his gaze heavy enough that many mechs would swear up and down that Red Alert had some special optic lens that supported "x-ray vision." He was avoided by just about everyone except for a few mechs: Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Inferno.

And Sideswipe.

Sideswipe smiled at Red Alert's glare as he slipped into the empty chair across from the Security Director. Red Alert immediately shifted his chair to the side, affording him another clear view of the door. "How's it going, Red?"


"Good." Sideswipe sipped from the Energon cube he had brought with him. Red Alert's optics flickered between Sideswipe and the rest of the room's occupants. "You know, I might not say this a lot, but I'm really inspired by how you're able to overcome your condition every time you come out of the security hub."

Red Alert visibly twitched, and his optics significantly darkened when they fell back onto Sideswipe. His hand clenched around his cube. "Are you making fun of me?"

Sideswipe immediately put his hands in the air. "Of course not! I'm seriously impressed when someone with panophobia is brave enough to push themselves out of their comfort zone."

Red Alert twitched again. "Panophobia?"

"Yeah." Sideswipe took another casual sip and didn't comment when Red Alert's attention temporarily jumped to the loud group of Mini Bots in the middle of the room. "It takes a lot of mental and physical training to overcome such a crippling fear."

Red Alert's optics once more bore into Sideswipe. "How do you know I have that?"

"I had a friend who suffered from it." Sideswipe sighed and reached out to pat Red Alert on the forearm despite the other mech's visible flinch. "Just take it one day at a time, Red. You'll get through it."

With that Sideswipe picked up his cube and walked away. He could feel Red Alert's optics on him as he crossed the room and sat at another table. Sunstreaker's optics narrowed the moment he sat down. "Ratchet's seriously going to retrofit you into a dispenser this time."

"No, he won't. He loves this face too much to do it any harm."

Sunstreaker huffed and finished his own cube of Energon. "Prowl is going to limit your access to those human medical websites."

"Then I better make the best of it while I still can." Sideswipe's optics dimmed for a moment before he abruptly stood up, cube in hand. "I'm off to tell Mirage he has peniaphobia!" Sideswipe paused and pointed at his brother. "Don't forget, you have a very severe case of cacophobia. I'd advise routine exposure to rusted metal to overcome your condition."

Sunstreaker snorted and returned to his cube of Energon as his brother ran off to the table Mirage had just settled down at.

Lucky Black Cat
Transformers Flash Fic
Prompt: Superstition
Characters: Bulkhead, Miko
Universe: Prime
Word Count: 600

There wasn't much about Miko that surprised Bulkhead anymore. She was a spitfire prone to any number of actions in a given span of time. Sometimes she got herself into trouble—trouble that would make Bulkhead's spark drop—but it all worked out fine in the end.

Having her suddenly jump out of his moving form was one of those spark-dropping moments.


The young girl completely ignored him, sprinting across the empty street towards one of the more rundown buildings in Jasper. Bulkhead swung his form around to parallel park beside her and hummed his engine in an attempt to get her attention. "Miko?"

The buns on the top of her head bobbed when she reached into a dirty cardboard box he hadn't noticed before. There were tiny little squeaks from inside, and he revved his engine in surprise when the girl finally turned to face him.

Miko awkwardly cradled the three little, black bodies in her arms. She had to use her elbows to climb back into his cab after he automatically swung the door open. The little bodies continued to loudly squeak, and one tumbled out of her hold and onto his seats. Bulkhead tensed at the little pinpricks that dug into the leather. "Miko."

"I can't believe somebody would just abandon a bunch of kittens!"

Bulkhead paused the short admonishment he had thought to give the girl for just leaping out of his moving form. Her face had turned a shade of red he was unfamiliar with, and she held the little kittens close to her after catching the runaway. They were tiny compared to her—exceptionally tiny compared to him—and two of them continued to mewl while the third wiggled in Miko's hold. "How do you know they were abandoned?"

"Kittens plus cardboard box equals only one thing, Bulk." Miko adjusted her grasp on the wiggling kitten. It scrambled out of her lap before she could grab it again. "They didn't even leave any food, or, or a sign telling people there were kittens inside!"

"It's okay, Miko," Bulkhead said slowly. The third kitten escaped again, and Miko huffed when she scooped it up again. "You found them."

"Yeah because I just happened to look out the window at the right time." Miko released a heavy sigh and didn't bother to grab the troublesome kitten when it escaped again. The adventurous animal wobbled back and forth as it ventured forth into the unknown territory of the front seat. "I just can't believe someone would just abandon them like nothing ever happened."

"Nothing we can do about it now." Bulkhead almost wished he could grab the kitten himself when it wobbled to close to the edge of the seat. It certainly had no sense of fear or anxiety like the other two. "Maybe you could get Jack to help you find a home for them."

"Or." Bulkhead almost chuckled at the drawn out word. Except his spark did a little flip when the kitten lunged across the seat and almost flew over the edge. Tiny things putting themselves in peril didn't do his spark any good. "We could just, you know, keep them?"


"Black cats bring good luck!"

"I doubt Ratchet will buy that."

"I've already named this one Hibiki!"

"More like Miko, Jr."



Miko stuck her tongue out at his dashboard, and Bulkhead chuckled. Until Hibiki attempted another suicide lunge to catch whatever it was after. No, tiny things and his spark didn't go well together.

Prompt: Mask
Characters: Bluestreak
Universe: G1
Word Count: 226

Bluestreak smiled for everyone.

He smiled when Prowl assigned him to patrol with Huffer; he beamed when Optimus complimented his sniping; he laughed when Sideswipe dragged him into some prank; he grinned when Jazz grinned at him.

Bluestreak talked enough for everyone.

He talked when a broody Sunstreaker obviously tuned him out; he babbled while Ratchet patched a hole in his door-wing; he struck up a conversation when Wheeljack was working in the lab; he even managed to get a word or two in with the Dinobots until they ran him away.

Bluestreak only stopped when he was alone.

In his room by himself, he didn't smile. He quietly sat on his berth, falling into memories—memories of before the war, memories of the war beginning, recent memories of the war. When thinking became too much, he pulled out a simple puzzle game that Jazz had given him vorns ago.

Vorns? Perhaps longer—centuries. Many, many centuries.

Bluestreak didn't smile when he solved the puzzle; he didn't say a word as he stashed it away once more and stood to leave. Once the door to his hab-suite opened, he plastered a smile on his face and struck up a conversation with the first Autobot he encountered.

Bluestreak smiled and talked for everyone except himself.

Egg Catastrophe
Prompt: Plot Tropes
Characters: Bumblebee, Arcee, Bulkhead, Rafael
Universe: Prime
Word Count: 611

Bumblebee watched the egg with the trained finesse of an Autobot soldiers. When Bulkhead's heavy footsteps shook the platform, he tensed in preparation to keep the little orb from tumbling off the fluffy pillow it sat on. He noticed when the bunker's air unit kicked on, specifically timed to keep the children at a comfortable temperature, and he tucked a blanket around the egg when he decided it was too cold. He even gave Ratchet a little side look when the medic bumped into the platform nearby while showing Optimus something on the computer screen.

Bumblebee kept his optics on the egg, refusing to glance away for even a second.


Bumblebee whirred and quickly glanced at the femme that now stood beside him. He snapped his gaze back to the egg and nudged the pillow farther back onto the couch. He whirred again when he felt Arcee slightly move. "I can see that you're busy, I'm just wondering why you're busy."

Bumblebee beeped and gestured at the egg before falling silent again. Arcee sighed. "You're watching an egg?"

Bumblebee whirred.

"Rafael's school project? Why would he need you to watch an egg for a school project?"

Bumblebee released a series of beeps and whirrs, using his hands to pantomime cradling something in his hands and gently rocking them back and forth. Arcee's mouth twitched into a small smile. "Humans really pretend that something they eat is a baby?" Bumblebee nodded enthusiastically and honed back in on watching the egg. "Well, I'm sure nothing will happen to the egg if you take a little break. The kids should be back with June soon enough."

A low-pitched buzz escaped the scout, and Arcee reached up to pat him on the shoulder. "I promise. Now how about you come help me take inventory on the Energon we just got from the Decepticons?"

Arcee smiled at the sudden perk in Bumblebee's door-wings. She knew the mere mention of their latest victory—all thanks to a crafty maneuver on Bumblebee's part—would put the scout in a better mood. Bumblebee whistled and stepped away from the platform.

They were only a few steps away when Bulkhead shouted. "Watch out!"

Bumblebee screeched, and Arcee had barely turned around before a sudden crash rang through the room. Bumblebee's screech morphed into anguished beeps and whistles as he raced back to the platform where Bulkhead's lobbing ball had crushed most of the children's entertainment area.

Arcee winced when Bumblebee went silent, tossing the ball aside to assess the damage. She winced again when a pathetic drone escaped the scout. As Bumblebee pinched a piece of fabric in his hand, now stained with a little yellow spot, Bulkhead jogged up to stand beside her. "Sorry about that! Was just practicing a little…what's wrong with 'Bee?"

Arcee sighed as Bumblebee now frantically looked around the bunker for a way to save the smashed egg. "We may have just awakened the maternal side of Bumblebee."

Bulkhead's optics winked, but he didn't respond as the base's proximity alarm went off. Bumblebee froze and watched June's car casually rolled into the base. Miko was the first to pop out, stuffing fries in her mouth even as she waved at Bulkhead. Jack and June slid out of the front seats, and Rafael was the last to exit the car, holding his bag of food to his chest.

Bumblebee flinched back when the boy smiled at him. "Hey, 'Bee! We're finally back. Did you keep an eye on the egg?"

Arcee sighed as Bumblebee attempted to hide the graphic image of egg on the blanket. She wouldn't hear the end of this for a while.

AN: So some comments about a few things:

Team of Heroes: At the time I wrote this, I hadn't been able to see season 4 yet...and nearly 6 months later, I still haven't been able to watch it. XD But anyway, I had seen something floating around about Blades having a blog, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong (6 months later ;P).

Keep on Survivin': I'd like to think this is somehow canon to the Drone storyline. We can just pretend it was an untold moment that happened in A Drone Named Jeffrey. ;P

Lawbreaker: I've always wanted to write about an Autobot actually getting pulled over by the police because they were speeding. XD

D-7: This was written when I was having a not-so-great week during the semester, and Wheeljack always seems to be my go-to when I want to play around with something. Ratchet kinda just came along for the ride. :)

Archivist: I really have no idea where/how this idea spawned, but the thought of a tiny Orion wandering into the Hall of Records made me smile at the time. :D

Dr. Sideswipe, Ph.D: Since the prompt for this one was "Phobia," I chose three phobias from a list I found to incorporate into the fic:Panophobia: Fear of Everything (aka paranoia); Peniaphobia: Fear of Poverty/Poor People; Cacophobia: Fear of Rust. That being said, Ratchet does not approve. :3

Lucky Black Cat: Miko seems like such a neglected character, and I love her to pieces. XD

Smile: I went the figurative route for the prompt, mainly because Bluestreak always stuck out to me as being a complex character with a terrible past (before the IDW comics made it cool). Plus, Blue is one of my favorite characters (aside from Wheeljack...and now Mirage...and Rodimus...), so I always like to take opportunity to jump into their head when the mood strikes. :D

Egg Catastrophe: The idea of Bumblebee helping Rafael with one of those stupid "being a parent for a day" assignments just made me giggle. And of course, the egg had to go in the end because I'm just evil (and that's just how the trope goes). ;P

So there ya go! Hope you guys enjoyed all the flash fics (and maybe in the future I do better at actually cross-posting them here XD).