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Chapter 1


I look at myself in the mirror making sure everything I have on is perfect. "You can do this Bella," I say out loud. I can hear faint sniggering, but I just ignore it. I'm twenty-one, and in just a month's time I'll be twenty-two. I've only been out of the police academy for three months now. Upon graduating in the top five of my class, I was assigned to The Molten Police Station, in Kent County, Washington. Even though I've been here for three months today, it's my first real day as a full-fledged officer of the law. I'm longer on probation or considered a probee.

I walk out of the changing room and head straight for the meeting room. I walk in quietly, not that anyone notices me anyway, and they're too busy talking away. I look around the room seeing Mike, Eric, James, Paul, Taylor and Sam. They are my fellow classmates, and we all came here together. They all seem to have settled in with the other officers here quickly, and already seem to be part of the team. I, on the other hand, feel I still need to prove myself to them. I don't think like that because I'm a girl, I just feel as if they don't respect me. I know they respect some female officers, because Rose, who's been here for six years, seems to be liked and respected. On the other hand, Rose is five-foot-ten, and is quite toned. She's not your typical girl, and most of the other officers here are afraid of her. She has a sharp tongue, and rumor has it she's caused a few of the male officers to cry.

Then there is me – I am five-foot-two, just barely at that. I've studied many self-defense arts and can take care of myself, but I look like I'm still in my teens. Even I would agree that I appear to be weaker than a blade of grass.

"All right, hush up, I need your attention." I turn looking at our Sergeant, Jasper Whitlock. He's extremely nice and has made me feel very welcome. He's one of those bosses that have his door open, and his policy is anyone can come to him for anything.

"I am going to pair you all up. You'll be working with your new partner for the next six months."

"Hey, you're not going to put us new guys with anyone else that's new, right?" Mike asks as he looks at me. He makes it quite clear who he doesn't want to be paired with.

"Newton, you'll be paired with whom I say you're paired with, and you will treat that person with the same respect as I expect from you, or we'll be having words. That goes for everyone in this room; is that completely understood?"

Everyone replies with a collective, "Yes, Sir." Sadly, most are glaring at me, like it's my fault Mike is a dickhead, who has foot-in-his-mouth problems. Jasper makes quick work of going through everyone, and at the end, I'm left confused to why I'm still sitting here without a partner.

"Sir?" I say as I approach him.

"Hey, Bella, we were one too many people, and the Detective Squad requested someone, so I thought of you."

I nod and smile, hearing a few grumbles. I turn to find Eric standing there.

"Sir, with all due respect, I had the highest passing rate at the academy. If anyone should be given the job of working with the Detective Squad, it should be me."

"Yorkie, did I misunderstand you? Are you telling me how to do my job?"

"No, Sir, but—"

"But nothing, Yorkie; get going. You have traffic directing duty today, I do believe." Eric gives me one more hostile glare and storms out of the room.

"So, who is it that I'll be working with?" I ask and Jasper motions his head for me to follow him. We walk up the stairs, and as soon as we get to the top we can hear yelling coming from an office.

"How fucking hard is it for you to do your fucking job right? A half-trained monkey could've done this better."

I swallow as I hear the clear voice of pissed-off Detective Edward Cullen rage.

"Bella?" I look to Jasper and who is frowning at me.

"Are you coming?"

I smile weakly as I notice I have stopped moving and am just standing on the last step.

"Don't worry, his bark is way worse than his bite – well, most of the time anyway."

"And where the hell is Jasper with the guy I requested? I fucking told him we need someone an hour ago?"

I close my eyes taking deep breath and start to move forward.

"I'm right here, Cullen, and it will do you good to remember I still outrank you."

"Yes, of course, oh great one. Now, cut the shit – do you have someone for me or not?"

I step forward and Edward's eyes go to me, then to Jasper and back to me again. "Her?" he says pointing at me.

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