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Chapter 20



I look in the mirror checking to make sure everything is in place. I was not going to wear a wedding dress; after all, Edward and I are already married. However, Edward said he would like to see me in one.

Finding this dress took the longest out of everything we've planned for today. I think since my own mom had passed away and I went dress shopping with my father – who was a great help – since everything looked amazing, made the selection process harder. Not to mention the constant mentioning of how I was his baby girl, oh, and the crying he did, too.

I love my father dearly, but after two weeks of trying on dresses and calming him down, I went out alone to find one, but still didn't come up with anything. It was five weeks ago there was a knock at my door, and there stood Sue, Esme, and Bree. The four of us went out and within the hour I found my dress.

The dress is white lace that has a soft light, white under-dress; there is a belt of silver around the waist. It's not a big princess dress, just a simple one that is elegant. I was so happy to have Bree there to give her opinion. She's doing so much better. She started to speak to someone and is starting to heal. She's also more relieved and feels safer now that the court case is out of the way. She has finally found a family she can trust in Esme and Carlisle.

"Baby girl, you look even more beautiful than I could imagine," my dad sniffs out.

I walk to him and hug him to me.

"Thank you," he says and I let him go giving him a puzzled look. "I know you and Edward are married already, but thank you for allowing me to do this."

I shake my head at him and fix his tie. "I have no idea what you're talking about old man," I say and he chuckles shaking his head at me.

"That's what he said."

"Isn't that supposed to come out as, she not he said?"

"No, that's what Edward said. He said, "I have no idea what you're talking about old man," as he fixed my tie. Just the same as you just did, quite odd."

"Dad, do you need to see Carlisle because you're not making much sense."

My dad rolls his eyes at me. "Fine, I'll drop it, but I know you two are already married."

"And when were we supposed to have pulled off this stunt of getting married before now?"

"Vegas! You know if you're going to keep fibbing about it, you really shouldn't leave your wedding certificate on the table."

I don't fall for his trap, because I know this never happened. "Dad, it's not nice to lie."

He hums at me as he narrows his eyes, but I know he has not seen it because we've got it in a locked safe. There's no way I would do all of this and leave that out for some inquisitive person to find.

"You ready for this, baby girl?"

I give my dad one last nod and the door opens and he walks me toward my future.

Five years later

The last five years seemed to have passed by quickly. Edward is back working as detective and I'm also stationed there as a liaison officer. My hours now are more nine to five, which is a good thing, with us having two children at home and one on the way.

Just like he said he would when our daughter Sophia was born three years ago, Edward took eight months leave. He had only returned back to work when I found out that I was expecting our second child. Our son was born at the precinct, almost in front of everyone one. Thankfully, Edward and Aro managed to get me into one of the offices just in time. We named him Aropostle Matthew, a little unusual but it fits him well, and honors the man that helped bring him into the world.

Today is a very special day as Bree has graduated from college. She's now a beautiful twenty-one-year-old, and she's dating a man now. Diego is a few—eight to be exact—years older than her, but I believe they are well-suited and he never pushes her beyond what she's able to give him. She still has some side effects from the abuse that Jacob put her through, but mostly she has healed and moved on.

We all stand and cheer as she walks on the stage. Diego is holding Sophia up in his arms so she can see and Edward has Aropostle. We sit down and clap when the other names are called out then watch as Bree makes her way to us.

"Mom, Dad," she says excitedly. She started calling Esme and Carlisle Mom and Dad after living with them for a year. She treats Edward like a brother and me like a sister and to our kids she's Aunt Bree. To her we are her true family. After she hugs each of us, she moves to Diego's arms, disappointing Sophia who wanted to keep him for herself.

"So, where are we off to?" Bree asks.

"It's your choice, Bree," Esme tells her and she smiles.

"Well, there is this haunted house I want to go to and look around. Do you think Papa Charlie will watch thing one and thing two?"

I nod while typing out a quick text to my father. I know Sue and he will take the kids, because they love spoiling them rotten.

"Are you sure about this Bella?"

"Yeah, come on, Edward, your dad will be there. What's the worst thing that can happen?" I say.

My inner voice yells, "Famous last words."

"Really, what could go wrong at a haunted house?" I say, as my water breaks and begins to trickle down my leg.

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