"Right," said No Slacking, of the No Slacking Talent Agency, "Today I have a very important job for you boys!"

"Did you hear that Barry?" said Paul

"What?" Barry looked confused.

"He's got a very important job!"

"Yes, I know, he's our boss!"

"No you idiot, he's got an important job for us!"

"Yes, for us he's our boss."

"Oh do be quiet and listen." said No Slacking who was getting cross at this point.

The brothers listened intently.

"Today we're being visited by a singer who I am trying to sign up to my Talent Agency for to earn a lot of money!"

"Oh that's good you'll be able to buy a new suit." said Barry. No Slacking's suit was a bit old, but No Slacking clearly didn't want to hear this as he was going all red in the face now.

"Less talking, more doing. You need to look after the singer and make sure there are no SHENANIGANS – and remember: NO SLACKING! Look, here she is now!"
Paul and Barry turned around and were so surprised that their moustaches nearly jumped off their faces…