Are you really Optimus Prime?

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Summary: The war has been over for 10 years now. The Autobots all have lives of their own. Optimus lived on his own now as a retired Army General in a small town in the state of Texas. What happens when a young boy discovers his real identity?

It was an unusually cold day for the state of Texas in the country side of Fort Worth. A young, retired Army General of 32 by the name Orion "Ryan" Daniels was walking down a dirt road to the nearest town to get some groceries for he was dangerously low on his supplies. He tightened his hold on his black, army, winter coat as the biting wind blew across his already cold body.

Today he was wearing his long-johns with his work jeans and regular jeans over them. He had on all 3 of his long sleeve shirts he owned, 4 pairs of socks with his army issue boots. He wore 2 pairs of gloves on his hands, his beanie and cowboy hat on his head and he was still shivering, violently cold!

This was one of those times he missed being on the island of Diego Garcia with his men on the army base. There it was hot but he could cool down in many different ways like wading in the ocean or having a nice water fight with the other men. Here, he was having a hard time staying warm. The home he had was run down and had no air conditioner or heater.

He had to rely on firewood and matches if he was to live to see the spring. If only the government didn't threaten him to stay in his human form. He would have been able to turn on his heating systems if they were not so unhappy with him. He knew he was being punished. At least his men were living well. He was happy for that at least.

He smiled as he thought back on his time with his fellow Autobots. See, Ryan was no ordinary human. Actually, he wasn't human at all! His real name was Optimus Prime and he was an autonomous robotic organism from the now extinct planet of Cybertron. It was the battle of Chicago that got the the heads so mad at him. They blamed him for all of it.

It is not like he had planned for all that to happen! But, he knew it was his fault. This punishment of remaining in human form, not able to transform was the least of the punishment that he thought he deserved. His men did not know that he was living so poorly and he did not plan on telling them. He barely scraped a living making furniture or selling firewood.

He was still in contact with them and always told them he was doing well when in fact he had to fight just to survive. He strongly felt like that his medic and good friend Ratchet or Richard, his human name, knew that he was lying but never called him out on it and for that, he was grateful.

Ryan sighed heavily and kept walking, tightening the hold on his coat even more, trying to stay warm, the wind having picked up. He looked up at the sky that had darkened quickly and shook his head. A storm was coming, a bad one at that. That is something he definitely did NOT need!

He stopped for a moment to think if he should keep going or to turn back so he could get home before the downpour. He growled in defeat and turned around, heading home. Deciding to get groceries another day. What was one more missed meal? As he walked, a car was speeding past. As it did, it hit a bank next to him and splashed him with ice cold water, making him cry out.

He cursed loudly and flipped the retreating car a rude gesture, trying to shake off the water but not really doing a good job. He shivered violently as the wind picked up even harder, taking his hat with it. He so desperately wanted to sob his frustrations out but knew that would do nothing.

He walked and walked for two hours, getting caught in the heavy downpour before finally making it home. He went in, slammed the door then shrugged off his soaked clothes, leaving them in a pile by the door to deal with later. He grabbed a towel, wrapped himself up, still shivering violently as he tried desperately to start a fire. The whole time thinking; 'I deserve this, I deserve this...' over and over again in his mind so he would not forget.

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