Note: This is NOT meant to be taken seriously. There IS NO PLOT. This is a random exercise in insanity that is ALL Timey's fault. It's an all-dialogue piece that keeps attacking and isn't done. No, it's not. There is no ending. There probably will never BE an ending. It's funny, and stupid, and please forgive me.

A.j. 11.21.02


Prologue: In which there is monkey-sex.


"Ooo.. mm. Move your hand..."





"Ahh... shift a bit. That way.. hn.."




"Hnn.. shit!"



"Lower! Lower!"


"Ass... hnnn.."


"Um... what was that?"



"Scoot me over!"



"Err... lout, that was my- ohhh..."


"Mmmmhmmm *gasp*"