A nightmare at Duel academy

Amanda a new Obelisk duel academy student claims to have nightmares about a horribly burned man with a razors for fingers. When she discovers the gang are having nightmares too it is up to Alexis and Jaden to solve the mystery of this man before it is to late.

Chapter 1

Amandas dream

She stops as she comes to a door leading down a dark corridor of an old abandoned boiler room, breathing heavily knowing that there is nowhere else to go starts running as fast as she can looking around every so often to make sure that "He" is not chasing after her. As she runs she hears the quiet whispers echoing of the walls calling to her, "Amanda". She stops after the second time to get a good look around to find noone.

Amanda shrieks as she hears the bang of a heavy metal door forced open behind her and sees rodents running along the floor hearing the cackle of the man booming through the building and begins running again to try and find an escape route.

Dressed in a long white robe and ignoring the cold ground beneath her bare feet Amanda keeps running until she reaches a rusty metal stair case and is soon met with a maze of small narrow passages. Unaware of the eyes watching her. Amanda gasps turning around after hearing the harsh screeches of metal against metal, running again as she is met with the horribly burned man, taking a wrong turn and accidentally backing herself into a dead end she pants backing up further hoping he has not seen her, breathing a sigh of relief as he walks past but screams as he immediately appeared in front of her and made to slash at her as Amanda wakes up screaming in her bed.

End dream

Amanda screamed as she sat up in her bed in a cold sweat panting as she tried to take control of her breathing looking around to find herself back in her dorm room. She looked up at the door as she saw Alexis walk in.

"Amanda, I heard you scream are you okay". Amanda nodded and said "im fine, Just a bad dream" Alexis nodded and caught notice of Amandas shirt "Are you sure that tells me otherwise" Amanda followed her gaze and found four slash marks that ripped through her night gown. "you might want to cut your fingernails huh" she heard alexis say trying to laugh it off "goodnight". After Alexis left Amanda layed herself down and curled up under her blankets and tried to go back to sleep but she just kept thinking about the man with the razors on his hand.